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11525 Stonehollow Drive, Suite 200


~$0 monthly


9,845 sf

~65 employees

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Walk Score: 54


Stonehollow 2

11525 Stonehollow Drive, Austin, TX 78758



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North Austin

There has never been a better time to rent office space in North Austin. The ever-changing city of Austin, Texas, is a dream location for a new start-up or previously established brand to rent office space. North Austin is growing as a hub for technology and media as well as arts and culture, making it an ideal place to plant roots or spread your branches.

The city’s status as a high-tech center tends to draw crowds of similar businesses. Fortune 500 company Dell also has its headquarters in the area, so you can walk among a few industry giants in the city. Austin also focuses on the arts, and everyone can find a performance they will like at the annual Austin City Limits Festival or South By Southwest (SXSW).

Office Space – Lease Data & Trends

Current lease data indicates that office space in North Austin ranges from 500 square feet for small businesses to units with thousands of square feet of space for your business. Be aware, however, because a Class A office space in North Austin will cost more on average than a Class A office space anywhere else in the state of Texas.

Overall, even for Class B and Class C offices, commercial space for rent in North Austin will be higher than in other cities in Texas. The location and lively industry in the city make it a desirable location for many different types of businesses, so competition can get fierce when it comes to office space for rent. North Austin has an office vacancy rating of about 5.3%.

What Our Brokers Say About North Austin Office Space

Our brokers say that North Austin’s bustling city life is thriving and can be a great place to begin a business or expand an existing company. As the city continues to grow in its size and culture, it will become more challenging to secure office space in favorable locations. Act fast for any office space you find in the North Austin area that interests you.

The area is particularly impressive for companies in the tech or software industry; however, there are plenty of opportunities in Austin, TX, even for other businesses. Along with technological leaders such as Apple, Amazon, and Intel operating in Austin, the city is home to pioneers in the pharmaceutical and biotechnology industries as well.

Top Commercial Buildings in North Austin

11525 Stonehollow Drive, Suite 220 – For companies that need a lot of room to grow into or need to expand for a more extensive operation, this property offers 10,000 square feet of space to do so. Other suites on this property range from 5,000 to 15,000 square feet. This Stonehollow Drive suite is up as a direct lease property.

4616 West Howard Lane, Suite 875 – This large commercial building on West Howard Lane has a suite available with 8,946 square feet of room that any business would do well in. Suite 875 is also a direct lease property.

1100 East Howard Lane, Suite 100 – East Howard Lane offers companies expansive suites. The spacious Suite 100 hosts 51,200 square feet of office space to house your daily business. This size pales in comparison to the massive 153,000 square feet of Suite 500 at the same property.

2101 Donley Drive, Suite 101 – A direct lease for Suite 101 on Donley Drive gets your business 4,509 square feet of office space in North Austin. A mid-range Walking Score ensures that your staff will be able to find some food and necessities within walking distance from the office.

Get To Know North Austin

While Central Austin likes to “stay weird,” North Austin has a constant change in growing industries. However, you can still find a little taste of Austin quirkiness in the North, too. North Austin hosts exciting restaurants like Garbo’s, Z’Tejas, and Thai Kun. The Arboretum is also a wonderful place to stop and shop during time away from the office.

Areas like St. Edwards Park are the perfect places to wind down as well. There, you can find trails to hike, small areas for a quick dip in the water, and plenty of shade for a quiet afternoon read. You can also quickly get around the northern part of the city via the Capital Metro light rail.

Why Rent Office Space in North Austin

Austin is a huge center for many different business types and is also home to a diverse range of people. No matter who your company’s products are for, you can find inspiration from all walks of life in Austin, Texas. The city’s recent past shows significant signs of growth and this rapid development trends toward a positive correlation for new and expanding companies.

For businesses with innovative or non-traditional values and operations, the city may open its arms to you. Austin’s populace has a flair for the strange and is receptive to different ideas and ways of thinking. This mentality is the fuel for the area’s artistic culture but can also be beneficial for businesses.

Nearby Neighborhoods To Set Up Office Space

Georgetown – This area serves as Williamson County’s county seat and is one of the top growing areas in the United States. With notable features like “the most beautiful town square in Texas,” you’ll find great dining locations and live music to enjoy after office hours.

Round Rock – Round Rock is the home of the major technology company, Dell, and boasts a good quality of life for both companies and individuals. The area is an educational center, too, with Austin Community College, Texas State University, and a few other institutions.

Pflugerville – This is a green area around North Austin that contains nearly 30 different parks and trails that add up to a cumulative 40 square miles. The area has a deep German heritage and even earns its name from the German word for “plowman.” Lake Pflugerville also provides opportunities for recreation on the water during your time away from the office.