12200 Ford Road, B425 Suite

Iii Metro Square

Dallas, TX 75234

  • 722 sqft~4 seats
  • $19 psf

Listing Details

  • Property TypeOffice
  • Lease TypeDirect Lease

III Metro Square is a professional office environment with recently upgraded lobby and covered walkways connecting the buildings. This building provides quality, affordable office space with great views of Dallas and Farmers Branch from each suite. Tenants will also enjoy access to on-site property management, leasing, elevator service, on-site security, on-site deli/catering, and free garage parking. Conveniently located in Farmers Branch, part of [North Dallas] (http://www.thesquarefoot.com/dallas/office-space/north-dallas), 2727 [LBJ Freeway] (http://www.thesquarefoot.com/dallas/office-space/lbj-freeway) provides easy access to I-635, I-35E, the [North Dallas] (http://www.thesquarefoot.com/dallas/office-space/north-dallas) Tollway, 2 miles to the Farmers Branch DART Station and within minutes to the DFW International Airport and Las Colinas.

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Building Details

  • Walk Score®57

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A302 Suite76sqft~ 1$20 psf
A190 Suite189sqft~ 1$19 psf
B324 Suite190sqft~ 1$14 psf
B326 Suite195sqft~ 1$18 psf
B170 Suite196sqft~ 1$19 psf
B155 Suite205sqft~ 1~$22 psf
B301 Suite250sqft~ 1$10 psf
B303 Suite250sqft~ 1~$22 psf
B302 Suite250sqft~ 1~$22 psf
B308 Suite275sqft~ 1~$22 psf
B307 Suite275sqft~ 1~$22 psf
B340 Suite282sqft~ 1$10 psf
B336 Suite282sqft~ 1~$22 psf
B332 Suite295sqft~ 1$13 psf
A193 Suite345sqft~ 2~$22 psf
A194 Suite346sqft~ 2~$22 psf
A195 Suite362sqft~ 2$18 psf
B175 Suite395sqft~ 2~$22 psf
B265 Suite437sqft~ 2$15 psf
A430 Suite445sqft~ 2$20 psf
A425 Suite447sqft~ 2$19 psf
B309 Suite450sqft~ 3~$22 psf
A432 Suite455sqft~ 3$18 psf
B185 Suite455sqft~ 3$18 psf
A401 Suite457sqft~ 3$18 psf
A434 Suite487sqft~ 3~$22 psf
B280 Suite550sqft~ 3$20 psf
B304 Suite550sqft~ 3$18 psf
A420 Suite555sqft~ 3$18 psf
A482 Suite584sqft~ 3~$22 psf
A191 Suite589sqft~ 3~$22 psf
B276 Suite590sqft~ 3$20 psf
A490 Suite590sqft~ 3~$22 psf
A405 Suite610sqft~ 4~$22 psf
B278 Suite621sqft~ 4$20 psf
A276 Suite672sqft~ 4~$22 psf
A115 Suite675sqft~ 4$18 psf
B430 Suite678sqft~ 4$20 psf
B305 Suite690sqft~ 4$19 psf
B310 Suite703sqft~ 4$10 psf
A278 Suite708sqft~ 4$12 psf
B290 Suite718sqft~ 4~$22 psf
B425 Suite722sqft~ 4$19 psf
A440 Suite734sqft~ 4$19 psf
B274 Suite739sqft~ 4$20 psf
A182 Suite745sqft~ 4~$22 psf
A180 Suite785sqft~ 5~$22 psf
B414 Suite826sqft~ 5~$22 psf
A415 Suite846sqft~ 5$17 psf
B427 Suite854sqft~ 5$19 psf
A118 Suite872sqft~ 5~$22 psf
B272 Suite876sqft~ 5$20 psf
B311 Suite880sqft~ 5~$22 psf
A478 Suite891sqft~ 5$19 psf
A474 Suite891sqft~ 5~$22 psf
B348 Suite972sqft~ 6~$22 psf
A472 Suite1,066sqft~ 7$19 psf
A236 Suite1,133sqft~ 7~$22 psf
B380 Suite1,138sqft~ 7$10 psf
B263 Suite1,141sqft~ 7~$22 psf
B122 Suite1,317sqft~ 8$18 psf
B405 Suite1,363sqft~ 9$17 psf
A400 Suite1,541sqft~ 10$17 psf
B285 Suite1,658sqft~ 11~$22 psf
A470 Suite1,683sqft~ 11$17 psf
A460 Suite1,890sqft~ 12~$22 psf
A470 Suite1,970sqft~ 13~$22 psf
A40002 Suite1,998sqft~ 13$17 psf
B270 Suite2,007sqft~ 13$19 psf
B428 Suite2,149sqft~ 14$10 psf
B135 Suite2,169sqft~ 14~$22 psf
B306 Suite2,178sqft~ 14$17 psf
A200 Suite2,232sqft~ 14~$22 psf
5B425.02 Suite2,254sqft~ 15$18 psf
A265 Suite2,386sqft~ 15~$22 psf
A44002 Suite2,417sqft~ 16$17 psf
B27202 Suite3,376sqft~ 22$17 psf
B30402 Suite3,418sqft~ 22$17 psf
A270 Suite3,421sqft~ 22~$22 psf
A100 Suite3,680sqft~ 24~$22 psf
B403 Suite3,830sqft~ 25~$22 psf
B265 Suite3,831sqft~ 25~$22 psf
B27002 Suite5,383sqft~ 35$18 psf
B270 Suite5,383sqft~ 35$18 psf


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