2665 Villa Creek Drive, B126 Suite

Preston Hollow

Dallas, TX 75234

  • 128 sqft~1 seats
  • $10 psf

Listing Details

  • Property TypeOffice
  • Lease TypeDirect Lease

Two Metro Square is located on the north side of LBJ Freeway at Josey Lane. This 2-story building has a beautifully landscaped courtyard with flowing brooks. The building is conveniently located off of LBJ Freeway close to many banks, restaurants and shopping centers.

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Building Details

  • Walk Score®69

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B124 Suite74sqft~ 1$12 psf
A113 Suite78sqft~ 1$15 psf
A262 Suite94sqft~ 1$10 psf
B126 Suite128sqft~ 1$10 psf
A258 Suite135sqft~ 1$15 psf
A253 Suite157sqft~ 1$11 psf
A252 Suite157sqft~ 1$10 psf
A256 Suite165sqft~ 1$10 psf
A104-6 Suite182sqft~ 1$15 psf
A257 Suite195sqft~ 1$10 psf
A104-1 Suite216sqft~ 1$15 psf
B112 Suite229sqft~ 1$15 psf
A-284 Suite245sqft~ 1$15 psf
A-280 Suite245sqft~ 1$15 psf
A-282 Suite245sqft~ 1$15 psf
B114 Suite248sqft~ 1$10 psf
A-268 Suite250sqft~ 1$15 psf
B116 Suite253sqft~ 1$10 psf
A261 Suite258sqft~ 1$10 psf
A-285 Suite271sqft~ 1$15 psf
A-265 Suite297sqft~ 1$15 psf
A-295 Suite306sqft~ 2$15 psf
B-125 Suite319sqft~ 2$15 psf
A-292 Suite324sqft~ 2$15 psf
A110 Suite463sqft~ 3$14 psf
A130 Suite494sqft~ 3$15 psf
A208 Suite497sqft~ 3$15 psf
B225 Suite624sqft~ 4$15 psf
B-290 Suite628sqft~ 4$15 psf
B-272 Suite682sqft~ 4$15 psf
A250 Suite704sqft~ 4$14 psf
B-120 Suite705sqft~ 4$15 psf
A102 Suite708sqft~ 4$15 psf
B-219 Suite748sqft~ 4$15 psf
B147 Suite750sqft~ 5$10 psf
A123 Suite833sqft~ 5$10 psf
A129 Suite883sqft~ 5$10 psf
A120 Suite886sqft~ 5$10 psf
A220 Suite1,015sqft~ 6$10 psf
A125 Suite1,072sqft~ 7$15 psf
A203 Suite1,085sqft~ 7$15 psf
B-275 Suite1,154sqft~ 7$15 psf
A127 Suite1,154sqft~ 7$15 psf
A-150 Suite1,167sqft~ 7$15 psf
B-260 Suite1,248sqft~ 8$15 psf
B104 Suite1,256sqft~ 8$15 psf
A202 Suite1,278sqft~ 8$14 psf
A222 Suite1,340sqft~ 8$14 psf
B-270 Suite1,366sqft~ 9$15 psf
A-145 Suite1,413sqft~ 9$15 psf
A107 Suite1,429sqft~ 9$15 psf
A247 Suite1,576sqft~ 10$15 psf
B275 Suite1,601sqft~ 10$15 psf
A12002 Suite1,719sqft~ 11$10 psf
B-230 Suite1,864sqft~ 12$15 psf
B-26002 Suite1,876sqft~ 12$15 psf
B207 Suite2,152sqft~ 14$15 psf
A-140 Suite2,161sqft~ 14$15 psf
B155 Suite2,794sqft~ 18$11 psf
B-140 Suite3,055sqft~ 20$15 psf
A12502 Suite3,109sqft~ 20$15 psf
A105 Suite3,137sqft~ 20$10 psf
B27002 Suite3,202sqft~ 21$12 psf
A12502 Suite3,603sqft~ 24$15 psf
A20202 Suite3,633sqft~ 24$12 psf
B-190 Suite6,530sqft~ 43$15 psf


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