901 Main Street, 49th Floor - Suite 4970

Bank Of America Plaza

Dallas, TX 75202

  • 29,043 sqft~ 193 seats
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  • Property TypeOffice
  • Lease TypeUnknown

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The Bank of America Plaza, addressed at 901 Main Street and located on the border of West End and Downtown Dallas, is Dallas’ tallest building, standing at seventy two stories. The skyscraper was designed by JPJ Architects and opened in 1985.

The exterior of the skyscraper is constructed of blue glass and steel. The building’s shape resembles a modern and enlarged version of a classic 1930s skyscraper, with a distinct rectangular summit . At night, the building is outlined in almost two miles of argon green LED lighting. The structure also holds a LEED gold sustainability certification and current tenants include booking.com and the GM Wealth Group.

At the base of the building is a sunken plaza that is built into the structure’s basement. The lobby has several entrances and is enclosed in glass on all sides. A canopy extends from the exterior of the lobby’s entrance, providing a shelter from both inclement weather and the oppressive sun.

This building provides tenants with easy access to all of Dallas’s public transportation and the the extensive tunnel systems below. The Bank of America Plaza is a quick walk from the Dallas Area Rapid Transit Transit Mall and for tenants that commute by car, the building’s main street garage has more than fourteen hundred parking spaces.

The Bank of America Plaza offers tenants a conference and lounge center, auto detailing services, corporate concierge, fitness club, retail locations, restaurant options, dry cleaner and an observatory deck.

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  • Availability

    C111 Suite198sqft~ 1Inquire for pricing
    62nd Floor - Suite 6240430sqft~ 2~$27 psf
    C129 Suite460sqft~ 3Inquire for pricing
    C110 Suite934sqft~ 6Inquire for pricing
    C108 Suite1,076sqft~ 7Inquire for pricing
    C108B Suite1,076sqft~ 7Inquire for pricing
    C108B Suite1,076sqft~ 7Inquire for pricing
    62nd Floor - Suite 62401,157sqft~ 7$24 psf
    Suite 65051,515sqft~ 10Inquire for pricing
    C101-102 Suite1,729sqft~ 11Inquire for pricing
    C101/102 Suite1,729sqft~ 11Inquire for pricing
    Suite 53092,082sqft~ 13Inquire for pricing
    Suite 65102,096sqft~ 13Inquire for pricing
    50th Floor2,246sqft~ 14Inquire for pricing
    Suite 65302,267sqft~ 15Inquire for pricing
    Suite 65702,272sqft~ 15Inquire for pricing
    Suite 6302,408sqft~ 16Inquire for pricing
    Suite 6202,623sqft~ 17Inquire for pricing
    Suite 46602,665sqft~ 17Inquire for pricing
    Suite 34303,148sqft~ 20Inquire for pricing
    65th Floor - Suite 65403,314sqft~ 22~$27 psf
    Suite 36603,513sqft~ 23Inquire for pricing
    49th Floor - Suite 49403,885sqft~ 25$24 psf
    Suite 36124,376sqft~ 29Inquire for pricing
    Suite 46014,560sqft~ 30Inquire for pricing
    C119 Suite5,147sqft~ 34Inquire for pricing
    Suite 36705,418sqft~ 36Inquire for pricing
    36th Floor5,469sqft~ 36Inquire for pricing
    41st Floor5,664sqft~ 37Inquire for pricing
    Suite 41305,789sqft~ 38Inquire for pricing
    50th Floor - Suite 50107,027sqft~ 46~$27 psf
    36th Floor - Suite 36408,214sqft~ 54Inquire for pricing
    36th Floor - Suite 36608,214sqft~ 54Inquire for pricing
    6th Floor8,540sqft~ 56Inquire for pricing
    46th Floor - Suite 46608,585sqft~ 57Inquire for pricing
    36th Floor9,646sqft~ 64Inquire for pricing
    Suite 60011,459sqft~ 76Inquire for pricing
    6th Floor11,738sqft~ 78Inquire for pricing
    1st Floor13,033sqft~ 86Inquire for pricing
    5th Floor13,037sqft~ 86Inquire for pricing
    Suite 700013,762sqft~ 91Inquire for pricing
    70th Floor - Suite 700013,762sqft~ 91$24 psf
    63rd Floor - Suite 630013,914sqft~ 92Inquire for pricing
    71st Floor - Suite 710013,925sqft~ 92Inquire for pricing
    49th Floor - Suite 490014,244sqft~ 94$24 psf
    6th Floor - Suite 62014,361sqft~ 95Inquire for pricing
    6th Floor - Suite 60014,361sqft~ 95Inquire for pricing
    38th Floor - Suite 380014,532sqft~ 96$24 psf
    70th Floor14,881sqft~ 99Inquire for pricing
    26th Floor - Suite 266014,960sqft~ 99~$27 psf
    Suite 410015,318sqft~ 102Inquire for pricing
    38th Floor15,413sqft~ 102Inquire for pricing
    Suite 502016,343sqft~ 108Inquire for pricing
    Suite 536018,387sqft~ 122Inquire for pricing
    Suite 534020,469sqft~ 136Inquire for pricing
    Suite 460021,380sqft~ 142Inquire for pricing
    Suite 280023,875sqft~ 159Inquire for pricing
    Suite 220026,954sqft~ 179Inquire for pricing
    19th Floor - Suite 190026,954sqft~ 179$24 psf
    25th Floor27,236sqft~ 181Inquire for pricing
    Suite 240027,251sqft~ 181Inquire for pricing
    Suite 250027,333sqft~ 182Inquire for pricing
    Suite 210027,398sqft~ 182Inquire for pricing
    42nd Floor27,622sqft~ 184Inquire for pricing
    Suite 430027,656sqft~ 184Inquire for pricing
    Suite 320027,675sqft~ 184Inquire for pricing
    Suite 300027,675sqft~ 184Inquire for pricing
    Suite 270027,675sqft~ 184Inquire for pricing
    Suite 230027,695sqft~ 184Inquire for pricing
    30th Floor27,728sqft~ 184Inquire for pricing
    32nd Floor27,746sqft~ 184Inquire for pricing
    Suite 290028,119sqft~ 187Inquire for pricing
    31st Floor28,185sqft~ 187Inquire for pricing
    29th Floor28,185sqft~ 187Inquire for pricing
    Suite 590028,366sqft~ 189Inquire for pricing
    Suite 520028,605sqft~ 190Inquire for pricing
    Suite 540028,605sqft~ 190Inquire for pricing
    44th Floor - Suite 440028,605sqft~ 190~$27 psf
    49th Floor - Suite 497029,043sqft~ 193Inquire for pricing
    49th Floor - Suite 495029,043sqft~ 193Inquire for pricing
    Suite 490029,043sqft~ 193Inquire for pricing
    Suite 510029,043sqft~ 193Inquire for pricing
    Suite 450029,043sqft~ 193Inquire for pricing
    49th Floor - Suite 496029,043sqft~ 193Inquire for pricing
    49th Floor - Suite 494029,043sqft~ 193Inquire for pricing
    49th Floor - Suite 490029,043sqft~ 193Inquire for pricing
    50th Floor - Suite 501060,270sqft~ 401Inquire for pricing
    50th Floor - Suite 503060,270sqft~ 401Inquire for pricing
    45th Floor - Suite 450085,304sqft~ 568Inquire for pricing
    32nd Floor - Suite 3200314,729sqft~ 2,098Inquire for pricing
    30th Floor - Suite 3000314,729sqft~ 2,098Inquire for pricing
    31st Floor - Suite 3100314,729sqft~ 2,098Inquire for pricing
    25th Floor - Suite 2500314,729sqft~ 2,098Inquire for pricing
    29th Floor - Suite 2900314,729sqft~ 2,098Inquire for pricing
    21st Floor - Suite 2100314,729sqft~ 2,098Inquire for pricing
    22nd Floor - Suite 2200314,729sqft~ 2,098Inquire for pricing
    23rd Floor - Suite 2300314,729sqft~ 2,098Inquire for pricing
    24th Floor - Suite 2400314,729sqft~ 2,098Inquire for pricing
    26th Floor - Suite 2660314,729sqft~ 2,098Inquire for pricing
    27th Floor - Suite 2700314,729sqft~ 2,098Inquire for pricing


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