1000 Louisiana Street, 34th Floor - Suite 3400

Wells Fargo Plaza

Houston, TX 77002

  • 6,129 sqft~24 seats
  • ~$40 psf

Listing Details

  • Property TypeOffice
  • Lease TypeDirect Lease
  • Lease TermFlexible

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Building Details

  • Attended Lobby✔︎
  • 24/7 Access✔︎
  • Floors71
  • Height992
  • ArchitectSkidmore, Owings & Merrill LLP
  • Walk Score®97
  • Year Built1983
  • Notable TenantsDynegy; Wells Fargo; Targa Resources

1000 Louisiana Street in Houston, TX, is located on the corner of Lamar Street and Smith Street in the heart of Downtown Houston. Built in 1982, this 71-story luxury office building was designed by Richard Keating and rises 992 feet above street level.The structure is a sleek skyscraper consisting of two quarter circular shaped cylinders made of steel and aqua blue glass. Four of the floors that make up 1000 Louisiana Street are underground. This makes it the 20th tallest building in the United States and the second tallest in Houston. This luxurious office building boasts a whopping 1,833,760 square feet of interior space.

The eye-grabbing glass tower features anything a tenant could need. There’s direct underground access to the metro/subway and dining available in the “Adair Downtown” tunnel level. Moving to the street, valet parking is available. Aside from the elegant ground floor lobby, there are chic lobbies on the 34th and 58th floors, which offer incredible city views. The building’s features also include an auditorium, fitness center, and a 58th-floor “Sky Board Room.”

The building located at Wells Fargo Plaza was designed and executed by Skidmore, Owings & Merrill. The Wells Fargo Plaza offers high-tech features, like valet parking apps that allow tenants to have their cars brought out at just the right time. Double-decker elevators serve the building’s tenants to keep things moving, too.

The building’s tenants include PricewaterhouseCoopers, Morgan Lewis as well as the building’s namesake. The Wells Fargo Plaza is situated above the Houston Tunnel System and tenants can use this network to move freely around the Downtown area for meetings and lunch runs all while avoiding the oppressive heat outside.

The building is surrounded by Houston’s only sunken plaza which is a pleasant gathering spot for tenants. High above the plaza two beautifully designed sky lobbies with marble floors offer terrific views of the Downtown and the city’s surrounding areas.

Along with the building’s access to the Houston Tunnel System it is also conveniently located near I-49 for tenants that may commute by car.

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Suite 69751,880sqft~ 7$33 psf
37th Floor - Suite 37501,966sqft~ 7$33 psf
37th Floor - Suite 37702,291sqft~ 9$33 psf
6th Floor - Suite 6252,357sqft~ 9$33 psf
69th Floor - Suite 69503,582sqft~ 14$33 psf
Suite 69503,665sqft~ 14~$40 psf
36th Floor - Suite 36005,049sqft~ 20$33 psf
36th Floor - Suite 36105,059sqft~ 20~$40 psf
Suite 36105,183sqft~ 20~$40 psf
14th Floor - Suite 14005,602sqft~ 22$33 psf
Suite 14005,749sqft~ 22~$40 psf
34th Floor - Suite 34006,129sqft~ 24~$40 psf
35th Floor - Suite 35006,792sqft~ 27~$40 psf
33rd Floor - Suite 34007,029sqft~ 28~$40 psf
Suite 69258,070sqft~ 32~$40 psf
Suite 36108,173sqft~ 32$29 psf
Suite 65508,261sqft~ 33~$40 psf
Suite 37008,574sqft~ 34$29 psf
37th Floor - Suite 37008,646sqft~ 34~$40 psf
2nd Floor - Suite 2008,785sqft~ 35~$40 psf
11th Floor - Suite 11759,546sqft~ 38~$40 psf
Suite 710010,048sqft~ 40$33 psf
Partial Floor 71 Suite10,048sqft~ 40~$40 psf
Suite 710010,050sqft~ 40~$40 psf
11th Floor - Suite 117510,277sqft~ 41~$40 psf
65th Floor - Suite 655010,480sqft~ 41$33 psf
69th Floor - Suite 690011,291sqft~ 45$33 psf
62nd Floor - Suite 625011,360sqft~ 45~$40 psf
65th Floor - Suite 625011,360sqft~ 45~$40 psf
37th Floor - 3720-3750 Suite11,574sqft~ 46$33 psf
36th Floor - 3720-3750 Suite11,574sqft~ 46$44 psf
Suite 690511,935sqft~ 47~$40 psf
Suite 295012,252sqft~ 49~$40 psf
66th Floor - Suite 660012,318sqft~ 49~$40 psf
Suite 660012,341sqft~ 49~$40 psf
38th Floor - Suite 385012,708sqft~ 50~$40 psf
36th Floor - Suite 360012,922sqft~ 51~$40 psf
Suite 360013,303sqft~ 53~$40 psf
19th Floor - Suite 195015,226sqft~ 60~$40 psf
19th Floor - Suite 195015,380sqft~ 61~$40 psf
Suite 195015,380sqft~ 61~$40 psf
37th Floor - Suite 375016,021sqft~ 64~$40 psf
Suite 375016,043sqft~ 64~$40 psf
2nd Floor - Suite 20020,626sqft~ 82~$40 psf
5th Floor - Suite 50024,476sqft~ 97~$40 psf
5th Floor - Suite 50024,758sqft~ 99~$40 psf
3rd Floor - Suite 30024,758sqft~ 99~$40 psf
46th Floor - Suite 460025,104sqft~ 100~$40 psf
18th Floor - Suite 180025,128sqft~ 100~$40 psf
17th Floor - Suite 170025,128sqft~ 100~$40 psf
15th Floor - Suite 150025,128sqft~ 100~$40 psf
15th Floor - Suite 150025,129sqft~ 100~$40 psf
17th Floor - Suite 170025,129sqft~ 100~$40 psf
18th Floor - Suite 180025,129sqft~ 100~$40 psf
Suite 280025,172sqft~ 100~$40 psf
30th Floor - Suite 300025,174sqft~ 100~$40 psf
33rd Floor - Suite 330025,174sqft~ 100~$40 psf
31st Floor - Suite 310025,174sqft~ 100~$40 psf
32nd Floor - Suite 320025,174sqft~ 100~$40 psf
44th Floor - Suite 440025,483sqft~ 101~$40 psf
43rd Floor - Suite 430025,582sqft~ 102~$40 psf
45th Floor - Suite 450025,604sqft~ 102~$40 psf
57th Floor25,648sqft~ 102Inquire for pricing
56th Floor25,648sqft~ 102Inquire for pricing
53rd Floor - Suite 530025,648sqft~ 102~$40 psf
58th Floor25,648sqft~ 102Inquire for pricing
Suite 690025,995sqft~ 103~$40 psf
Suite 630026,094sqft~ 104~$40 psf
Suite 290026,112sqft~ 104$33 psf
Suite 690026,112sqft~ 104$33 psf




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