1021 Main Street, 15th Floor - Suite 1570

One City Centre

Houston, TX 77002

  • 3,428 sqft~ 22 seats
  • ~$40 psf

Listing Details

  • Property TypeOffice
  • Lease TypeDirect Lease

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Building Details

  • Walk Score®97

One City Centre is located in Houston’s Central Business District at 1021 Main Street. Completed in 1961 and designed by Skidmore, Owings, and Merrill, this thirty-two story tower was the first modern office building to be built downtown.

The lobby is covered with a mixture of green and black marble that occupies the wall with white and black marble on the floor.

The exterior of One City Centre is faced with a grid design in combination with glass panels in between. This building occupies an entire city block and provides tenants with easy access to Houston’s finest venues.

This property’s superior location allows tenants to utilize the Metro Light Rail in addition to the bus system. One City Centre has two parking garages that combine for an impressive 1,369 spaces.

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  • Availability

    12th Floor - Suite 1260707sqft~ 4~$40 psf
    19th Floor - Suite 1975828sqft~ 5~$40 psf
    Suite 1955828sqft~ 5$17 psf
    Suite 15801,332sqft~ 8$17 psf
    19th Floor - Suite 19401,708sqft~ 11$17 psf
    15th Floor - Suite 15901,764sqft~ 11$17 psf
    Suite 15901,764sqft~ 11$17 psf
    Suite 19601,866sqft~ 12$17 psf
    14th Floor - Suite 14451,920sqft~ 12~$40 psf
    Suite 19551,962sqft~ 13$17 psf
    12th Floor - Suite 12952,082sqft~ 13~$40 psf
    Suite 12952,082sqft~ 13$17 psf
    Suite 12932,082sqft~ 13$17 psf
    19th Floor - Suite 19452,172sqft~ 14~$40 psf
    Suite 12502,511sqft~ 16$17 psf
    Suite 23002,525sqft~ 16$17 psf
    23rd Floor - Suite 23002,525sqft~ 16~$40 psf
    Suite 19302,877sqft~ 19$17 psf
    B125 Suite3,150sqft~ 21$17 psf
    Blevel - B125 Suite3,150sqft~ 21$17 psf
    Basement3,150sqft~ 21$17 psf
    11th Floor - Suite 11753,248sqft~ 21~$40 psf
    15th Floor - Suite 15703,428sqft~ 22~$40 psf
    Suite 15703,428sqft~ 22$17 psf
    11th Floor - Suite 11004,959sqft~ 33Inquire for pricing
    Suite 1505,032sqft~ 33$17 psf
    15th Floor - Suite 15005,214sqft~ 34~$40 psf
    Suite 14305,273sqft~ 35$17 psf
    14th Floor - Suite 14255,524sqft~ 36~$40 psf
    11th Floor - Suite 11257,794sqft~ 51~$40 psf
    Suite 14508,244sqft~ 54$17 psf
    12th Floor - Suite 12009,625sqft~ 64~$40 psf
    Suite 115015,231sqft~ 101$17 psf
    10th Floor - Suite 100020,030sqft~ 133~$40 psf
    13th Floor - Suite 130020,189sqft~ 134~$40 psf
    Suite 130020,189sqft~ 134$17 psf
    Suite 110020,190sqft~ 134$17 psf
    2nd Floor - Suite 20020,411sqft~ 136~$40 psf
    Suite 240020,490sqft~ 136$17 psf
    24th Floor - Suite 240020,490sqft~ 136~$40 psf
    26th Floor20,526sqft~ 136Inquire for pricing
    Space20,533sqft~ 136~$40 psf
    Suite 140020,619sqft~ 137$17 psf
    21st Floor - Suite 210020,930sqft~ 139~$40 psf
    Suite 220020,930sqft~ 139$17 psf
    22nd Floor - Suite 220020,930sqft~ 139~$40 psf
    Suite 90021,030sqft~ 140$17 psf
    9th Floor - Suite 90021,030sqft~ 140~$40 psf
    9th Floor21,030sqft~ 140$17 psf
    3rd Floor - Suite 30021,032sqft~ 140~$40 psf
    4th Floor - Suite 40021,038sqft~ 140~$40 psf
    6th Floor - Suite 60021,038sqft~ 140~$40 psf
    7th Floor - Suite 70021,038sqft~ 140~$40 psf
    5th Floor - Suite 50021,038sqft~ 140~$40 psf
    8th Floor - Suite 80021,038sqft~ 140~$40 psf
    20th Floor - Suite 200021,260sqft~ 141~$40 psf
    17th Floor - Suite 170021,266sqft~ 141~$40 psf
    29th Floor - Suite 290021,557sqft~ 143~$40 psf
    Suite 250021,557sqft~ 143$17 psf
    25th Floor - Suite 250021,557sqft~ 143~$40 psf
    28th Floor21,557sqft~ 143Inquire for pricing
    27th Floor - Suite 270021,557sqft~ 143~$40 psf
    Space21,557sqft~ 143~$40 psf
    27th Floor - Suite 270021,577sqft~ 143~$40 psf
    29th Floor - Suite 290021,577sqft~ 143~$40 psf
    16th Floor21,666sqft~ 144Inquire for pricing
    Space21,666sqft~ 144~$40 psf
    18th Floor21,666sqft~ 144Inquire for pricing




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