1213 Hermann Drive

Museum Medical Tower

Houston, TX 77004

  • 285 - 16,921 sqft~ 1 - 112 seats
  • inquire for pricing

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Building Details

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1213 Hermann Drive is an eight-story building centrally located within the Texas Medical Center area. The Museum Medical Tower at 1213 Hermann Drive stands adjacent to the Park Plaza Hospital through a convenient tunnel connection. It offers easy access to Texas Medical Center hospitals and a position on the light rail line.

The building is on the northern end of the Texas Medical Center, close to the fascinating Museum District. The area is also home to an impressive twenty-one hospitals, four medical schools, seven nursing schools, a dental school, and eight research centers.

A full basement level and attached five-story parking deck outfit the building at 1213 Hermann Drive, with Energy Star label awards for operating efficiency earned in 2009, 2010, 2011, and 2012. Garage spaces are an option for tenants at an additional monthly fee as an alternative to ample metered street parking. The building’s first floor has a florist and deli, and residents have 24-hour access to the property.

The 1213 Hermann Drive building also has an onsite property manager and concierge service.

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  • Availability

    Suite 285285sqft~ 1$28 psf
    Space285sqft~ 1~$20 psf
    Suite 125596sqft~ 3$30 psf
    Suite 710645sqft~ 4$28 psf
    Space645sqft~ 4~$20 psf
    2nd Floor714sqft~ 4~$20 psf
    2nd Floor766sqft~ 5~$20 psf
    3rd Floor790sqft~ 5~$20 psf
    Suite 338913sqft~ 6~$20 psf
    Space965sqft~ 6~$20 psf
    Suite 265965sqft~ 6$28 psf
    2nd Floor965sqft~ 6~$20 psf
    Suite 3351,027sqft~ 6~$20 psf
    Suite 8801,153sqft~ 7$28 psf
    Suite 5151,216sqft~ 8$28 psf
    Space1,216sqft~ 8~$20 psf
    Suite 5251,398sqft~ 9$28 psf
    Space1,411sqft~ 9~$20 psf
    Suite 2401,411sqft~ 9~$20 psf
    Space1,464sqft~ 9~$20 psf
    Suite 7151,464sqft~ 9~$20 psf
    Suite 2401,522sqft~ 10$28 psf
    Space1,612sqft~ 10~$20 psf
    Suite 5101,612sqft~ 10$28 psf
    Space1,648sqft~ 10~$20 psf
    Suite 7301,648sqft~ 10$28 psf
    Suite 1501,665sqft~ 11$28 psf
    Suite 1101,739sqft~ 11$28 psf
    Suite 5401,792sqft~ 11$28 psf
    Suite 2301,864sqft~ 12$28 psf
    Space1,864sqft~ 12~$20 psf
    Space1,881sqft~ 12~$20 psf
    Suite 8401,881sqft~ 12~$20 psf
    Suite 5601,894sqft~ 12~$20 psf
    Space1,894sqft~ 12~$20 psf
    Suite 3501,909sqft~ 12$30 psf
    Space2,024sqft~ 13~$20 psf
    Suite 2502,024sqft~ 13$30 psf
    Space2,037sqft~ 13~$20 psf
    Suite 1552,037sqft~ 13~$20 psf
    Space2,107sqft~ 14~$20 psf
    Suite 5302,107sqft~ 14$28 psf
    Suite 2502,135sqft~ 14~$20 psf
    Space2,135sqft~ 14~$20 psf
    Suite 3602,164sqft~ 14$30 psf
    Suite 6202,168sqft~ 14$28 psf
    Suite 6302,171sqft~ 14$28 psf
    Space2,254sqft~ 15~$20 psf
    Suite 2782,254sqft~ 15~$20 psf
    Space2,377sqft~ 15~$20 psf
    Suite 6102,377sqft~ 15$30 psf
    Suite 7202,447sqft~ 16$28 psf
    Space2,447sqft~ 16~$20 psf
    2nd Floor2,751sqft~ 18~$20 psf
    Space2,908sqft~ 19~$20 psf
    Suite 3402,908sqft~ 19~$20 psf
    2nd Floor2,917sqft~ 19~$20 psf
    Suite 5703,121sqft~ 20$28 psf
    Space3,178sqft~ 21~$20 psf
    Lower Level - Suite 1503,178sqft~ 21~$20 psf
    Lower Lobby - Suite 1503,178sqft~ 21$26 psf
    Suite 1203,179sqft~ 21~$20 psf
    Suite 3504,073sqft~ 27$28 psf
    Space4,073sqft~ 27~$20 psf
    Suite 7504,321sqft~ 28$28 psf
    Suite 6705,100sqft~ 34$28 psf
    6th Floor6,128sqft~ 40~$20 psf
    Suite 8206,820sqft~ 45~$20 psf
    Space6,820sqft~ 45~$20 psf
    Suite 7506,934sqft~ 46~$20 psf
    Space6,934sqft~ 46~$20 psf
    3rd Floor8,887sqft~ 59~$20 psf
    Lower Lobby - Suite 15016,678sqft~ 111$26 psf
    Space16,921sqft~ 112~$20 psf
    Lower Level - Suite 10016,921sqft~ 112~$20 psf
    Lower Lobby - Suite 10016,921sqft~ 112$26 psf



    Medical Center

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