1415 Louisiana Street, Suite 3000

Wedge International Tower

Houston, TX 77002

  • 15,625 sqft~62 seats
  • ~$40 psf

Listing Details

  • Property TypeOffice
  • Lease TypeDirect Lease
  • Lease TermFlexible

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Building Details

  • Walk Score®85

Located at Bell and Louisiana in Houston’s Central Business District, the Wedge International Tower stands at forty-three stories. 1415 Louisiana was designed by Nas Penton & Associates and 3D International and was completed in 1983.

The building’s notable four setbacks allow the tower to soak in as much natural light as possible while maintaining a classic look. Wedge International Tower setbacks divide the building into three zones. The lowest zone is from the ground to the thirteenth floor, which consists of the parking garage. The next zone stops at the twenty-eighth floor and consists of office space. The last zone runs the length of the building to the forty-third floor and is comprised of more office space and the top floor which is occupied by the 43rd Restaurant and Lounge.

The entry way has been recently redone with a canopy and custom glass artwork in the lobby. The building now has direct access to the pedestrian tunnel system.

Wedge International Tower has a score of amenities that separate this tower from others such as twenty-four-seven security, key card access, and an in-house dental service space. The surrounding neighborhood is very accommodating with access to athletic facilities in the YMCA as well as hotels such as the Hyatt and Doubletree.

For commuters this property allows them many different ways to arrive at the office. There is easy access to I-10, I-45, and I-59. Wedge International is linked to the South Louisiana Tunnel, and there is reserved parking on the street in addition to the 391 space parking garage.

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Suite 4175~ 0sqft~ 1~$40 psf
41st Floor - Suite 41501,580sqft~ 6$33 psf
Suite 41501,580sqft~ 6~$40 psf
Suite 41751,620sqft~ 6~$40 psf
Suite 39251,998sqft~ 7~$40 psf
Suite 21202,720sqft~ 10~$40 psf
21st Floor - Suite 21202,720sqft~ 10$33 psf
35th Floor - Suite 35002,822sqft~ 11$33 psf
Suite 23752,955sqft~ 11$33 psf
23rd Floor - 2300B Suite2,980sqft~ 11$33 psf
34th Floor - Suite 34553,004sqft~ 12$34 psf
Suite 34103,009sqft~ 12~$40 psf
Suite 23253,377sqft~ 13~$40 psf
23rd Floor - 2300D Suite3,430sqft~ 13$33 psf
Suite 34603,750sqft~ 15~$40 psf
Suite 41113,888sqft~ 15Inquire for pricing
38th Floor - Suite 393,950sqft~ 15$4,473 psf
Suite 39504,473sqft~ 17$33 psf
39th Floor - Suite 39504,473sqft~ 17$19 psf
23rd Floor - 2300C Suite5,260sqft~ 21$33 psf
Suite 34005,519sqft~ 22$33 psf
Suite 23505,634sqft~ 22~$40 psf
23rd Floor - 2300B Suite5,740sqft~ 22$20 psf
23rd Floor - 2300A Suite5,740sqft~ 22$33 psf
Suite 33006,235sqft~ 24~$40 psf
33rd Floor - Suite 33006,235sqft~ 24$33 psf
4th Floor - Suite 4006,824sqft~ 27$33 psf
17th Floor - Suite 17508,296sqft~ 33$33 psf
Suite 17508,296sqft~ 33~$40 psf
Suite 20109,091sqft~ 36$33 psf
Suite 33259,285sqft~ 37~$40 psf
35th Floor - Suite 35009,643sqft~ 38Inquire for pricing
38th Floor - Suite 380011,423sqft~ 45$33 psf
Suite 420011,661sqft~ 46~$40 psf
Suite 140012,067sqft~ 48~$40 psf
14th Floor - Suite 140012,067sqft~ 48$33 psf
Suite 320014,724sqft~ 58~$40 psf
Suite 310014,977sqft~ 59~$40 psf
Suite 300015,625sqft~ 62~$40 psf
Entire Floor 29 Suite15,860sqft~ 63~$40 psf
Suite 116,703sqft~ 66~$40 psf
Suite 370016,703sqft~ 66~$40 psf
37th Floor - Suite 370016,703sqft~ 66$33 psf
25th Floor - Suite 250017,410sqft~ 69$33 psf
19th Floor - Suite 190018,111sqft~ 72~$40 psf
Suite 250018,324sqft~ 73$33 psf
Entire Floor 23 Suite18,375sqft~ 73~$40 psf
Suite 190018,380sqft~ 73$33 psf
Suite 180018,380sqft~ 73~$40 psf
Suite 170018,380sqft~ 73~$40 psf
18th Floor - Suite 180018,380sqft~ 73$33 psf
26th Floor - Suite 260018,686sqft~ 74$33 psf
28th Floor - Suite 280018,686sqft~ 74$33 psf
Suite 260018,686sqft~ 74~$40 psf
Suite 280018,686sqft~ 74~$40 psf
Suite 270018,686sqft~ 74~$40 psf
27th Floor - Suite 270018,686sqft~ 74$33 psf
23rd Floor - C Suite34,235sqft~ 136~$40 psf
7th Floor - Suite 70052,174sqft~ 208Inquire for pricing




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