24 Greenway Plaza, 17th Floor - Suite 1707

Weslayan Tower

Houston, TX 77027

  • 2,311 sqft~ 15 seats
  • $34 psf

Listing Details

  • Property TypeOffice
  • Lease TypeDirect Lease
  • Lease TermFlexible

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Building Details

24 Greenway Plaza, Houston, TX, known as the Weslayan Tower, is an impressive 20-story tower in The Greenway. The building was erected in 1981 but received a complete upgrade in 1996 for a mixed-use community that includes ten office towers. The fully outfitted building includes uniformed security around the clock and easy access from US 59, I-610, I-10, and I-45.

The Class A building is 509,997 square feet of office space as part of The Greenway and close to Downtown Houston, Upper Kirby, River Oaks, and all major airports. The Weslayan Tower also delivers a long list of amenities, including an onsite fitness center, café and catering spot, banking, and conference center. Employees, guests, and other visits may access over 1500 parking spaces and a newly renovated lobby with classic design features.

Visitors can choose one of three elevators to the destination floor, and every office space and suite design has both efficiency and aesthetics in mind. It is also an Energy Star-rated building, recognized as a LEED-certified building for its energy efficiency. An onsite management team also oversees 24 Greenway Plaza’s recycling program.

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  • Availability

    1st Floor - Suite 12023sqft~ 0~$34 psf
    11th Floor - Suite 11151,022sqft~ 6$34 psf
    17th Floor - Suite 17251,066sqft~ 7$34 psf
    5th Floor - Suite 5451,070sqft~ 7$34 psf
    8th Floor - Suite 8061,188sqft~ 7$34 psf
    5th Floor - Suite 5421,284sqft~ 8$34 psf
    9th Floor - Suite 9601,447sqft~ 9$34 psf
    12th Floor - Suite 12031,608sqft~ 10$34 psf
    15th Floor - Suite 15071,631sqft~ 10$34 psf
    4th Floor - Suite 4031,640sqft~ 10$34 psf
    15th Floor - Suite 15061,731sqft~ 11$34 psf
    5th Floor - Suite 5551,765sqft~ 11$34 psf
    Space1,861sqft~ 12~$34 psf
    Suite 8601,906sqft~ 12~$34 psf
    8th Floor - Suite 8601,906sqft~ 12$34 psf
    17th Floor - Suite 17021,928sqft~ 12$34 psf
    17th Floor - Suite 17011,928sqft~ 12$34 psf
    4th Floor - Suite 4042,068sqft~ 13$34 psf
    Suite 11102,108sqft~ 14~$34 psf
    17th Floor - Suite 17072,311sqft~ 15$34 psf
    17th Floor - Suite 17002,344sqft~ 15$34 psf
    13th Floor - Suite 13092,348sqft~ 15Inquire for pricing
    Suite 5452,354sqft~ 15~$34 psf
    4th Floor - Suite 4062,460sqft~ 16$34 psf
    10th Floor - Suite 10252,552sqft~ 17$34 psf
    4th Floor - Suite 4072,830sqft~ 18~$34 psf
    4th Floor - Suite 4022,867sqft~ 19$34 psf
    17th Floor - Suite 17072,931sqft~ 19$34 psf
    17th Floor - Suite 17122,931sqft~ 19$34 psf
    4th Floor - Suite 4012,983sqft~ 19$34 psf
    Space3,097sqft~ 20~$34 psf
    15th Floor - Suite 15053,187sqft~ 21$34 psf
    5th Floor - Suite 5253,380sqft~ 22$34 psf
    Suite 17003,410sqft~ 22~$34 psf
    Suite 13003,459sqft~ 23~$34 psf
    13th Floor - Suite 13203,484sqft~ 23$24 psf
    13th Floor - Suite 1300BROKER INSIGHT3,494sqft~ 23$34 psf
    Suite 13153,736sqft~ 24~$34 psf
    Suite 11503,872sqft~ 25~$34 psf
    3rd Floor - Suite 3503,894sqft~ 25$34 psf
    4th Floor - Suite 4074,830sqft~ 32$34 psf
    12th Floor - Suite 12114,923sqft~ 32$34 psf
    Suite 12005,468sqft~ 36~$34 psf
    12th Floor - Suite 12005,468sqft~ 36$34 psf
    Suite 10255,643sqft~ 37~$34 psf
    4th Floor - 401-402 Suite5,850sqft~ 39$34 psf
    Suite 17066,029sqft~ 40~$34 psf
    17th Floor - Suite 17066,029sqft~ 40$34 psf
    9th Floor - Suite 9506,100sqft~ 40$34 psf
    4th Floor - Suite 4086,180sqft~ 41$34 psf
    6th Floor7,030sqft~ 46Inquire for pricing
    Space7,089sqft~ 47~$34 psf
    Suite 7007,664sqft~ 51~$34 psf
    Space7,756sqft~ 51~$34 psf
    Suite 6058,311sqft~ 55~$34 psf
    8th Floor - Suite 8008,521sqft~ 56$34 psf
    4th Floor - Suite 4509,559sqft~ 63$34 psf
    10th Floor11,044sqft~ 73Inquire for pricing
    5th Floor - Suite 50112,340sqft~ 82$34 psf
    Suite 121212,487sqft~ 83~$34 psf
    Suite 60012,786sqft~ 85~$34 psf
    4th Floor - Suite 40512,958sqft~ 86$34 psf
    Suite 145014,398sqft~ 95~$34 psf
    9th Floor - Suite 90014,932sqft~ 99$34 psf
    1200/1211/1215 Suite20,943sqft~ 139$34 psf
    Space28,353sqft~ 189~$34 psf
    18th Floor - Suite 180029,536sqft~ 196$34 psf
    Suite 160029,539sqft~ 196~$34 psf



    Greenway Plaza

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