2600 South Loop West Freeway, Suite 691

Houston Tri Atrium

Houston, TX 77054

  • 326 sqft~1 seats
  • $19 psf

Listing Details

  • Property TypeOffice
  • Lease TypeDirect Lease
  • Office ClassC

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Building Details

  • Floors6
  • ArchitectAllison-Walker Interests
  • Walk Score®52
  • Year Built1979

The NRG Office Complex, located at 2600 South Loop West Freeway, is a six-story office building. The average floor size is 13,502 square feet and the entire building’s square footage clocks in at just over 81,000. Currently, 2,572 square feet of office space are available at $16.5 to $18.5 per square foot per year.

Situated in the South Main neighborhood of Houston, Texas, 2600 South Loop West Freeway offers convenient access to both the Texas Medical Center and the William P. Hobby International Airport, as well as plenty of restaurants, hotels, and the Metro bus line. The building interior provides amenities such as Lone Star, FedEx, UPS, and DHL drop boxes, a deli, and an ATM in the lobby.

Constructed in 1979, 2600 South Loop West Freeway was renovated in 2000. The building’s notable architectural features include a large atrium-style lobby, 10-foot ceilings, plenty of windows, and 190 surface parking spaces.

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595I Suite56sqft~ 1$22 psf
595G Suite166sqft~ 1$17 psf
595H Suite184sqft~ 1$17 psf
Suite 293199sqft~ 1$19 psf
Suite 300200sqft~ 1$20 psf
300S Suite200sqft~ 1$20 psf
300J Suite203sqft~ 1$20 psf
475A Suite245sqft~ 1$19 psf
475B Suite261sqft~ 1~$20 psf
595D Suite272sqft~ 1~$20 psf
Suite 692276sqft~ 1$20 psf
Suite 699279sqft~ 1$16 psf
300D Suite307sqft~ 1$20 psf
300C Suite325sqft~ 1$17 psf
Suite 691326sqft~ 1$19 psf
300H Suite340sqft~ 1$18 psf
595E Suite342sqft~ 1$15 psf
300F Suite347sqft~ 1$20 psf
300M Suite354sqft~ 1$18 psf
300I Suite356sqft~ 1$14 psf
300K Suite360sqft~ 1$20 psf
Suite 275370sqft~ 1$19 psf
300P Suite404sqft~ 1$17 psf
300G Suite416sqft~ 1$17 psf
Suite 300426sqft~ 1$18 psf
300U Suite426sqft~ 1$19 psf
595B Suite431sqft~ 1~$20 psf
300A Suite445sqft~ 1$13 psf
Suite 300445sqft~ 1$18 psf
Suite 289447sqft~ 1$20 psf
Suite 200449sqft~ 1$19 psf
Suite 694450sqft~ 1$19 psf
Suite 650471sqft~ 1$19 psf
300N Suite492sqft~ 1~$20 psf
Suite 415541sqft~ 2$19 psf
Suite 340566sqft~ 2$18 psf
Suite 306574sqft~ 2$19 psf
Suite 206647sqft~ 2$19 psf
Suite 160662sqft~ 2$18 psf
Suite 208700sqft~ 2$20 psf
475M Suite710sqft~ 2$18 psf
Suite 505825sqft~ 3$18 psf
Suite 480833sqft~ 3$18 psf
Suite 271846sqft~ 3$18 psf
Suite 420903sqft~ 3$16 psf
Suite 648941sqft~ 3$19 psf
Suite 640952sqft~ 3$19 psf
Suite 1501,117sqft~ 4$19 psf
Suite 2851,605sqft~ 6$17 psf
Suite 4451,723sqft~ 6$18 psf
Suite 4351,755sqft~ 7$19 psf
Suite 1551,804sqft~ 7$19 psf
Suite 6452,167sqft~ 8$18 psf
Suite 415022,296sqft~ 9$19 psf
Suite 3202,391sqft~ 9$17 psf
Suite 271022,451sqft~ 9$17 psf
Suite 420022,658sqft~ 10$19 psf
Suite 320022,957sqft~ 11$17 psf
Suite 640023,119sqft~ 12$17 psf



Medical Center

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