333 Clay Street, 6th Floor - Suite 600

Three Allen Center

Houston, TX 77002

  • 23,354 sqft~ 155 seats
  • $43 psf

Listing Details

  • Property TypeOffice
  • Lease TypeDirect Lease
  • Lease TermFlexible

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Building Details

  • Owner/Leasing ManagerBrookfield Properties
  • Floors50
  • Height685
  • ArchitectLloyd Jones Brewer & Associates
  • Walk Score®94
  • Year Built1980
  • LEED® CertificationGold

The Allen Center in Houston is a skyscraper complex consisting of three structures in Downtown Houston addressed at 500 Dallas Street, 1200 Smith Street and 333 Clay Street. Construction of the complex was finished in 1972. Originally designed by William Morris Crain & Anderson, current renovations are being led Brookfield Properties and designed by Ziegler Cooper.

The Allen Center offers a food court with over a dozen food choices, a Doubletree Hotel location, multiple banking locations, adjacent parking garages and a bike storage facility. Current Allen Center tenants include Riverbed Permian, Texas Natural Gas Company and ARD Operating.

The complex’s lobby is a two story atrium with a glass and steel cube base facing the street. Escalators lead up to the space’s second floor. When the ongoing fifty million dollar Brookfield Properties renovation is completed the base of the building will be a wrap around glass enclosure. The plaza to the side of the building will also be beautified with tidy rows of trees, landscaping and grass sitting areas.

The Allen Center’s location is only two blocks from the I-45 corridor, providing easy access for commuters that drive. Furthermore, the building’s location in the heart of Houston’s business center gives tenants the added benefit of walking distance access to the other skyscrapers in Downtown Houston.

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  • Availability

    44th Floor - Suite 44801,129sqft~ 7$44 psf
    Suite 28353,413sqft~ 22Inquire for pricing
    Suite 35503,829sqft~ 25~$40 psf
    Suite 44905,021sqft~ 33$28 psf
    43rd Floor - Suite 43005,180sqft~ 34~$40 psf
    Suite 44955,238sqft~ 34Inquire for pricing
    48th Floor - Suite 48905,245sqft~ 34$44 psf
    48th Floor - Suite 48255,245sqft~ 34$44 psf
    47th Floor - Suite 47505,526sqft~ 36$43 psf
    45th Floor - C Suite5,690sqft~ 37Inquire for pricing
    Suite 36365,713sqft~ 38~$40 psf
    36th Floor - Suite 36505,744sqft~ 38~$40 psf
    45th Floor - Suite 45806,155sqft~ 41$44 psf
    45th Floor - Suite 45806,187sqft~ 41~$40 psf
    28th Floor - Suite 28006,303sqft~ 42$44 psf
    39th Floor - Suite 39506,329sqft~ 42~$40 psf
    39th Floor6,329sqft~ 42Inquire for pricing
    Suite 28006,592sqft~ 43$44 psf
    Space6,963sqft~ 46~$40 psf
    Suite 40507,017sqft~ 46Inquire for pricing
    24th Floor - Suite 24507,496sqft~ 49$43 psf
    37th Floor - Suite 37507,893sqft~ 52$44 psf
    36th Floor - Suite 36507,893sqft~ 52$44 psf
    28th Floor - Suite 28208,003sqft~ 53$43 psf
    Suite 40609,801sqft~ 65~$40 psf
    44th Floor - Suite 440010,583sqft~ 70$43 psf
    41st Floor - Suite 415010,583sqft~ 70$44 psf
    Space10,599sqft~ 70~$40 psf
    41st Floor - Suite 415010,760sqft~ 71~$40 psf
    41st Floor - Suite 415010,786sqft~ 71$44 psf
    36th Floor - Suite 360012,303sqft~ 82$44 psf
    41st Floor - Suite 410013,555sqft~ 90~$40 psf
    Suite 410013,587sqft~ 90Inquire for pricing
    Partial Floor 1 Suite13,640sqft~ 90$44 psf
    37th Floor - Suite 370014,578sqft~ 97$43 psf
    37th Floor - Suite 370014,606sqft~ 97~$40 psf
    45th Floor - Suite 455014,895sqft~ 99~$40 psf
    40th Floor - Suite 400017,409sqft~ 116$44 psf
    Entire Floor 3 Suite18,697sqft~ 124$44 psf
    Space18,697sqft~ 124$44 psf
    3rd Floor - Suite 30018,697sqft~ 124$44 psf
    Entire Floor 4 Suite19,309sqft~ 128$44 psf
    47th Floor - Suite 470019,908sqft~ 132$43 psf
    8th Floor - Suite 80022,839sqft~ 152$43 psf
    9th Floor - Suite 90022,903sqft~ 152$43 psf
    Entire Floor 5 Suite23,248sqft~ 154~$40 psf
    Entire Floor 6 Suite23,254sqft~ 155~$40 psf
    Space23,254sqft~ 155~$40 psf
    6th Floor - Suite 60023,354sqft~ 155$43 psf
    7th Floor - Suite 70023,357sqft~ 155$43 psf
    Suite 210023,441sqft~ 156Inquire for pricing
    26th Floor - Suite 260024,260sqft~ 161$43 psf
    41st Floor - Suite 410024,315sqft~ 162~$40 psf
    27th Floor - Suite 270024,341sqft~ 162$43 psf
    26th Floor - Suite 260024,386sqft~ 162~$40 psf
    38th Floor24,945sqft~ 166Inquire for pricing
    3rd Floor - C Suite84,508sqft~ 563~$40 psf
    Space1,194,719sqft~ 7,964~$40 psf




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