550 Westcott Street, Suite 415


Houston, TX 77007

  • 2,248 sqft~ 14 seats
  • $32 psf

Listing Details

  • Property TypeOffice
  • Lease TypeDirect Lease
  • Lease TermFlexible

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  • Walk Score®63
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  • Availability

    2nd Floor627sqft~ 4~$33 psf
    3rd Floor - Suite 355724sqft~ 4$32 psf
    Suite 530758sqft~ 5$22 psf
    5th Floor - Suite 530758sqft~ 5$32 psf
    Suite 410796sqft~ 5~$33 psf
    Space832sqft~ 5~$33 psf
    Suite 449832sqft~ 5~$33 psf
    2nd Floor - Suite 210879sqft~ 5$17 psf
    Suite 375974sqft~ 6~$33 psf
    5th Floor - Suite 5401,051sqft~ 7$32 psf
    Suite 5401,051sqft~ 7~$33 psf
    Space1,051sqft~ 7~$33 psf
    Suite 4401,066sqft~ 7$32 psf
    Space1,093sqft~ 7~$33 psf
    Suite 4451,093sqft~ 7~$33 psf
    4th Floor1,135sqft~ 7~$33 psf
    2nd Floor - Suite 2001,320sqft~ 8$32 psf
    Suite 2001,320sqft~ 8$22 psf
    Suite 4001,402sqft~ 9~$33 psf
    Space1,402sqft~ 9~$33 psf
    4th Floor - Suite 4001,402sqft~ 9$30 psf
    4th Floor - Suite 4401,413sqft~ 9$32 psf
    Suite 4401,413sqft~ 9~$33 psf
    Space1,413sqft~ 9~$33 psf
    3rd Floor - Suite 3101,524sqft~ 10$32 psf
    Suite 3101,524sqft~ 10$22 psf
    2nd Floor1,626sqft~ 10~$33 psf
    3rd Floor - Suite 3201,671sqft~ 11$32 psf
    Suite 3201,671sqft~ 11$22 psf
    Suite 4701,689sqft~ 11~$33 psf
    Space1,689sqft~ 11~$33 psf
    Suite 5751,860sqft~ 12$25 psf
    Suite 4501,947sqft~ 12~$33 psf
    Space1,947sqft~ 12~$33 psf
    4th Floor - Suite 4501,947sqft~ 12$32 psf
    Suite 2052,017sqft~ 13$32 psf
    2nd Floor2,071sqft~ 13~$33 psf
    3rd Floor - Suite 3002,072sqft~ 13$32 psf
    Suite 3002,072sqft~ 13$22 psf
    Suite 4302,112sqft~ 14~$33 psf
    Space2,112sqft~ 14~$33 psf
    Space2,142sqft~ 14~$33 psf
    Suite 2202,142sqft~ 14~$33 psf
    Suite 3502,147sqft~ 14~$33 psf
    3rd Floor - Suite 3502,147sqft~ 14$17 psf
    3rd Floor - Suite 3702,147sqft~ 14$30 psf
    Space2,147sqft~ 14~$33 psf
    2nd Floor2,243sqft~ 14~$33 psf
    Suite 4492,245sqft~ 14~$33 psf
    Suite 4402,245sqft~ 14~$33 psf
    Suite 4152,248sqft~ 14$32 psf
    3rd Floor - Suite 3952,317sqft~ 15$32 psf
    Suite 5502,621sqft~ 17~$33 psf
    5th Floor - Suite 5502,622sqft~ 17$32 psf
    Suite 5502,622sqft~ 17~$33 psf
    Space2,622sqft~ 17~$33 psf
    2nd Floor2,832sqft~ 18~$33 psf
    Suite 5902,836sqft~ 18~$33 psf
    Space2,836sqft~ 18~$33 psf
    Suite 3053,008sqft~ 20~$33 psf
    2nd Floor - Suite 2003,053sqft~ 20$32 psf
    2nd Floor - Suite 2603,261sqft~ 21$17 psf
    3rd Floor3,368sqft~ 22Inquire for pricing
    4th Floor - Suite 4603,498sqft~ 23$32 psf
    Suite 4603,498sqft~ 23~$33 psf
    Space3,498sqft~ 23~$33 psf
    Suite 4605,445sqft~ 36$22 psf
    Suite 4505,445sqft~ 36$22 psf
    4th Floor - 450-460 Suite5,445sqft~ 36$32 psf
    Suite 2509,505sqft~ 63$32 psf




    Midtown Houston Office Space for Rent

    You can find office space right in the heart of Houston if you look for Midtown Houston office space for rent. Midtown is very close to Downtown; in fact, only a portion of I-45 separates the two areas of the city.

    You can get around the Midtown area by using the METRORail Red Line or driving down Main Street. Surrounding areas of the city include the Museum District and Neartown (also called Montrose). While Midtown only spans around 325 blocks, approximately 8,600 people call the area home.

    The area includes commercial properties and places of cultural note, such as the Museum of African-American Culture and the Buffalo Soldiers Museum. Visit these locations and more to find an office space for lease in Midtown Houston that’s right for your business.

    Midtown Houston Office Space – Lease Data & Trends

    Around 414,000 square feet of new commercial property was under construction in the greater Montrose area in Q2 2021. Midtown falls into the Montrose area when breaking down neighborhoods throughout Houston.

    The Montrose area has one of the higher average asking rents in the Houston area, at $35.14 per square foot. However, overall rent levels have been low for most of the past two years. Most of the pressure keeping rents low comes from the continued impact of the COVID-19 pandemic.

    While we saw no completed commercial construction in Houston in Q2, the Montrose area represents one of the few portions of the city with upcoming construction. You can look for office space for lease in Midtown Houston at previously constructed buildings or these new facilities.

    What Our Brokers Say About Midtown Houston Office Space

    The Midtown area represents a relatively small area within Houston. However, even in this small area, we see many thriving businesses. Spec’s Wine, Spirits & Finer Foods has its headquarters in the Midtown area, demonstrating the area’s economic strength.

    You can find several educational institutions in the Midtown area, including the Central Campus of the Houston Community College System. You can also easily reach other colleges, like Rice University and Texas Southern University, from the area, though their location is outside of Midtown.

    Midtown Houston office space can also allow you to get out and enjoy the sites at lunch or after work. You can visit the beautiful and green Midtown Park or Elizabeth Baldwin Park to stretch your legs, get some fresh air, and unwind.

    Top Commercial Buildings in Midtown Houston

    50 Briar Hollow Lane West: Located close to the Galleria, one of the largest malls in the U.S., this property puts you in the path of many visitors to Midtown. Around 35 million people visit the Galleria every year, and you can attract their attention with this 8,284 square foot space.

    230 Westcott Street: Interested in Class B commercial space here in Midtown? 230 Westcott Street offers covered parking spaces and a two-story building renovated in 2012. You can easily reach the William P. Hobby Airport from this location, which offers 1,893 square feet of space for your office.

    515 Post Oak Boulevard: Originally built in 1980, 515 Post Oak Boulevard underwent renovations in 2018. The building offers Class A retail space, an atrium, a fitness center, a conferencing facility, and other benefits. Discuss your options for leasing up to 37,133 square feet in the building by contacting our team today.

    Get to Know Midtown Houston, TX

    Midtown offers a range of opportunities if you’re looking for a place to eat after work. You can visit Weights & Measures or the Gypsy Poet to find a range of food choices and drinks. You can focus on American cuisine or explore the options by trying Portuguese dishes at Oporto Fooding House & Wine.

    After eating, you can also visit Peggy’s Point Plaza Park to exercise your First Amendment rights during park hours. You may find more to do by visiting the Ensemble Theater, which stands as the largest theater company in the U.S. to feature an African American cast and crew.

    You can get around Midtown with the Allen Parkway and I-45. Driving south on I-69 allows you to reach the Houston Zoo or the Texas Medical Center. Learn more about the area by contacting members of our team now.

    Why Rent Office Space in Midtown Houston?

    Midtown office space allows you to set up your business close to the heart of Houston. As one of the largest cities in America, Houston has a healthy and thriving economy that can support many commercial endeavors.

    You can easily access streets like I-69 and I-45 from the Midtown area. You also have access to Houston’s public transportation options, making it easy to get around even if you prefer not to drive your vehicle.

    Major highways make it easy for you to reach the local airport if you need to travel for work or if you want to allow your customers to reach your business from out of the country. You can also head out on the weekends to enjoy the city by visiting NRG Stadium or the Museum of Fine Arts. You can stand out from the crowd by leasing office space in Midtown Houston.

    Nearby Neighborhoods to Set Up Office Space

    You can get a better idea about your options for office space by considering some nearby neighborhoods, such as:

    Bellaire: Bellaire represents a very small area in Houston. In fact, only 2% of the rental area in Houston can be found in Bellaire, and the area is also primarily residential properties. However, you can find commercial spaces for medical use and other industries in Bellaire.

    Downtown Houston: Located close to Midtown, you can explore the Downtown area to find more rental options. However, this area has the highest rental prices in the city.

    Explore all of your available options for office space for lease in Midtown Houston with the help of SquareFoot.

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