711 Louisiana Street, 32nd Floor

Pennzoil Place South

Houston, TX 77002

  • 16,605 sqft~66 seats
  • $40 psf

Listing Details

  • Property TypeOffice
  • Lease TypeDirect Lease
  • Lease TermFlexible

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Building Details

  • Owner/Leasing ManagerHines Interests
  • Floors36
  • Height495
  • ArchitectPhilip Johnson and John Burgee
  • Walk Score®100
  • Year Built1975
  • Notable TenantsGrant Thorton; Pennzoil

Pennzoil Place is located at 700 Louisiana in central [Downtown Houston] (http://www.thesquarefoot.com/houston/office-space/downtown-houston). It is actually made up of two towers and is owned by Hines Interests.

The two towers are actually mirror images of each other and placed 10 feet apart to create an optical illusion. It can look very different when being viewed from different perspectives. It’s exterior features a dark bronze and aluminum finish and is ground breaking for its modernist glass box design. Pennzoil Place was named “Building of the Decade” by the New York Times in 1975. This was the only time a [Houston office building] (http://www.thesquarefoot.com/houston/office-space/) had ever won that award.

Arthur Anderson leased about 300,000 square feet of Pennzoil Place until it imploded after the Enron scandal in 2002. When Pennzoil Place was originally built, Houston was the headquarters of Shell Oil Company. After Shell Oil moved to Houston, Pennzoil wanted to follow suit, but did not want to be in the same boring gray building as Shell and chose this extremely unique building.

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Lower Lobby - Suite 2750sqft~ 3$40 psf
Space832sqft~ 3~$40 psf
Lobby - Suite 8832sqft~ 3$40 psf
Suite 10832sqft~ 3~$40 psf
Lobby - Suite 10832sqft~ 3~$40 psf
Suite 71,222sqft~ 4~$40 psf
Space1,222sqft~ 4~$40 psf
Lobby - Suite 71,222sqft~ 4~$40 psf
Space1,443sqft~ 5~$40 psf
13th Floor1,443sqft~ 5$40 psf
Lower Lobby - Suite 131,695sqft~ 6$40 psf
Space3,805sqft~ 15~$40 psf
Suite 33,805sqft~ 15~$40 psf
Lobby - Suite 33,805sqft~ 15~$40 psf
Space4,480sqft~ 17~$40 psf
17th Floor4,480sqft~ 17$40 psf
Lobby - Suite 54,801sqft~ 19~$40 psf
Suite 44,801sqft~ 19~$40 psf
Space4,801sqft~ 19~$40 psf
Space5,185sqft~ 20~$40 psf
18th Floor - Suite 18705,214sqft~ 20$40 psf
Lobby - Suite 15,301sqft~ 21$40 psf
18th Floor - Suite 18706,378sqft~ 25~$40 psf
Space9,144sqft~ 36~$40 psf
16th Floor9,144sqft~ 36$40 psf
11th Floor10,538sqft~ 42$40 psf
Space10,592sqft~ 42~$40 psf
11th Floor10,592sqft~ 42~$40 psf
11th Floor10,597sqft~ 42$40 psf
Space10,746sqft~ 42~$40 psf
11th Floor10,746sqft~ 42~$40 psf
11th Floor10,800sqft~ 43$40 psf
Space14,011sqft~ 56$29 psf
19th Floor - Suite 195014,011sqft~ 56$40 psf
12th Floor15,162sqft~ 60~$40 psf
Space16,605sqft~ 66~$40 psf
32nd Floor16,605sqft~ 66$40 psf
Space20,346sqft~ 81~$40 psf
10th Floor20,346sqft~ 81$40 psf
5th Floor20,429sqft~ 81$40 psf
Space20,429sqft~ 81~$40 psf
3rd Floor20,429sqft~ 81$40 psf
4th Floor20,429sqft~ 81$40 psf
7th Floor20,429sqft~ 81$40 psf
6th Floor20,429sqft~ 81$40 psf
Space20,435sqft~ 81~$40 psf
25th Floor20,435sqft~ 81$40 psf
9th Floor20,484sqft~ 81$40 psf
Space20,484sqft~ 81~$40 psf
Space20,531sqft~ 82~$40 psf
8th Floor20,531sqft~ 82$40 psf
Space20,873sqft~ 83~$40 psf
20th Floor20,873sqft~ 83$40 psf
19th Floor - Suite 195020,873sqft~ 83~$40 psf
Space21,107sqft~ 84~$40 psf
12th Floor21,107sqft~ 84$40 psf




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