7324 Southwest Freeway

Arena Place

Houston, TX 77074

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The Arena Towers, with an address of 7324 Southwest Freeway in the neighborhood of Sharpstown on the West Side of Houston, is an office complex comprise of two twin twenty story high-rises, a circular theater and two adjacent nine story parking lots.

The Arena Towers were built by Houston developer Melvin Powers and opened in 1983. The complex was renovated in 2000. Its current tenants include Adit, American Surgical Holdings Inc. and JBS Marketing.

The Arena Towers I & II have facades constructed of black and bronze paneled glass. The strong modern structures are shaped like upright rectangular prism with a mixture of curved and right angled edges.

The building’s lobbies are skylit atriums, that feature tiled marble floors, a common space for visitors and a bank of elevators with glass exteriors that offer views of the atrium.

In addition to the complex’s twin parking structures and nearly three thousand seat theater, the Arena Towers also offers a childcare facility, restaurant options, mail services and a helipad.

The Arena Towers complex’s location is located near Interstate 69 which eases commutes for tenants.

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1-1111 Suite107sqft~ 1Inquire for pricing
1-0630m Suite163sqft~ 1Inquire for pricing
1-1173 Suite167sqft~ 1Inquire for pricing
1-1113 Suite174sqft~ 1Inquire for pricing
2 0460s Suite251sqft~ 1Inquire for pricing
1-1134 Suite287sqft~ 1Inquire for pricing
2-1050n Suite325sqft~ 1Inquire for pricing
2 1482 Suite332sqft~ 1Inquire for pricing
2 1050r Suite350sqft~ 1Inquire for pricing
1-1192 Suite377sqft~ 1Inquire for pricing
2 1050k Suite401sqft~ 1Inquire for pricing
2 0460g Suite408sqft~ 1Inquire for pricing
2 1050c Suite411sqft~ 1Inquire for pricing
2 1404 Suite415sqft~ 1Inquire for pricing
2 1440 Suite437sqft~ 1Inquire for pricing
2-1480 Suite448sqft~ 1Inquire for pricing
2-0615 Suite468sqft~ 1Inquire for pricing
2-0620 Suite476sqft~ 1Inquire for pricing
1-0720 Suite484sqft~ 1Inquire for pricing
2 1802 Suite494sqft~ 1Inquire for pricing
2 1460 Suite515sqft~ 2Inquire for pricing
1-1160 Suite555sqft~ 2Inquire for pricing
2 0236 Suite573sqft~ 2Inquire for pricing
2-0320 Suite590sqft~ 2Inquire for pricing
2-0505 Suite610sqft~ 2Inquire for pricing
2 0515 Suite620sqft~ 2Inquire for pricing
1-0630d Suite631sqft~ 2Inquire for pricing
1-0630k Suite634sqft~ 2Inquire for pricing
2 1050a Suite665sqft~ 2Inquire for pricing
1-0886 Suite669sqft~ 2Inquire for pricing
1-0804 Suite673sqft~ 2Inquire for pricing
2-1460 Suite712sqft~ 2Inquire for pricing
2 0650 Suite750sqft~ 3Inquire for pricing
1 1055 Suite755sqft~ 3Inquire for pricing
2-0520 Suite765sqft~ 3Inquire for pricing
1-0828 Suite766sqft~ 3Inquire for pricing
2 0222 Suite823sqft~ 3Inquire for pricing
2 0238 Suite836sqft~ 3Inquire for pricing
2-1015 Suite965sqft~ 3Inquire for pricing
2 0670 Suite978sqft~ 3Inquire for pricing
2 0988 Suite1,050sqft~ 4Inquire for pricing
1 0660 Suite1,063sqft~ 4Inquire for pricing
1-1940 Suite1,100sqft~ 4Inquire for pricing
2 0460s 02 Suite1,125sqft~ 4Inquire for pricing
2-0995 Suite1,154sqft~ 4Inquire for pricing
2-0977 Suite1,159sqft~ 4Inquire for pricing
2 1045 Suite1,182sqft~ 4Inquire for pricing
1 1968 Suite1,283sqft~ 5Inquire for pricing
2 0840 Suite1,359sqft~ 5Inquire for pricing
1-0800 Suite1,460sqft~ 5Inquire for pricing
1-0780 Suite1,637sqft~ 6Inquire for pricing
2-0635 Suite1,733sqft~ 6Inquire for pricing
2 0665 02 Suite1,836sqft~ 7Inquire for pricing
2 0545 Suite1,860sqft~ 7Inquire for pricing
2-0505.02 Suite1,865sqft~ 7Inquire for pricing
2-0995 Suite1,880sqft~ 7Inquire for pricing
1-0690 Suite2,013sqft~ 8Inquire for pricing
1 2070 Suite2,020sqft~ 8Inquire for pricing
2 1450 02 Suite2,075sqft~ 8Inquire for pricing
2-0460I.02 Suite2,081sqft~ 8Inquire for pricing
2 0440 Suite2,103sqft~ 8Inquire for pricing
1-0475 Suite2,136sqft~ 8Inquire for pricing
2-0988.02 Suite2,204sqft~ 8Inquire for pricing
2 1010 Suite2,220sqft~ 8Inquire for pricing
1 1050 02 Suite2,229sqft~ 8Inquire for pricing
2 0985 02 Suite2,242sqft~ 8Inquire for pricing
2-0938 Suite2,251sqft~ 9Inquire for pricing
2 1490 02 Suite2,271sqft~ 9Inquire for pricing
2 1725 Suite2,386sqft~ 9Inquire for pricing
1-1940.02 Suite2,468sqft~ 9Inquire for pricing
2-0301.02 Suite2,566sqft~ 10Inquire for pricing
1-0572 Suite2,614sqft~ 10Inquire for pricing
2 0705 Suite2,798sqft~ 11Inquire for pricing
2-1404.02 Suite2,886sqft~ 11Inquire for pricing
2-0988.02 Suite2,930sqft~ 11Inquire for pricing
2-0530.02 Suite3,205sqft~ 12Inquire for pricing
2-0901.02 Suite3,554sqft~ 14Inquire for pricing
2 1807 Suite3,672sqft~ 14Inquire for pricing
2 1045 02 Suite3,762sqft~ 15Inquire for pricing
1-0572.02 Suite3,852sqft~ 15Inquire for pricing
2 0204 02 Suite3,928sqft~ 15Inquire for pricing
1-1010 Suite4,060sqft~ 16Inquire for pricing
2-0835 Suite4,112sqft~ 16Inquire for pricing
2 1402 02 Suite4,113sqft~ 16Inquire for pricing
1-1560.02 Suite4,474sqft~ 17Inquire for pricing
1-1500 Suite5,293sqft~ 21Inquire for pricing
2 0410 02 Suite6,234sqft~ 24Inquire for pricing
1-0515.02 Suite6,663sqft~ 26Inquire for pricing
2 0410 02 Suite6,894sqft~ 27Inquire for pricing
2 1610 Suite6,912sqft~ 27Inquire for pricing
1-1500.02 Suite7,279sqft~ 29Inquire for pricing
2-0400.02 Suite8,724sqft~ 34Inquire for pricing
1-1750.02 Suite12,970sqft~ 51Inquire for pricing
2-1800.02 Suite14,807sqft~ 59Inquire for pricing
1 0301 02 Suite15,575sqft~ 62Inquire for pricing
1-0301 Suite16,509sqft~ 66Inquire for pricing
2 1400 01 Suite20,570sqft~ 82Inquire for pricing
2-1800.02 Suite20,870sqft~ 83Inquire for pricing
Tower Two Large Block Suite60,000sqft~ 240Inquire for pricing
Tower One Large Block Suite140,000sqft~ 560Inquire for pricing



Southwest Houston

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