7676 Hillmont Street

Northwest Crossing Ii

Houston, TX 77040

  • 150 - 17,294 sqft~ 1 - 115 seats
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  • Walk Score®63
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  • Availability

    Cad-1 Suite173sqft~ 1$11 psf
    Suite 290229sqft~ 1$18 psf
    290-22 Suite232sqft~ 1$17 psf
    290-16 Suite237sqft~ 1$17 psf
    290K Suite242sqft~ 1$18 psf
    Suite 290244sqft~ 1$18 psf
    290-30 Suite245sqft~ 1$17 psf
    290-4 Suite275sqft~ 1$17 psf
    290-28 Suite277sqft~ 1$17 psf
    290E Suite281sqft~ 1$11 psf
    Suite 290283sqft~ 1$11 psf
    Suite 290284sqft~ 1$18 psf
    290-14 Suite292sqft~ 1$17 psf
    290-26 Suite294sqft~ 1$17 psf
    290J Suite298sqft~ 1$11 psf
    290R Suite300sqft~ 2$11 psf
    290R Suite301sqft~ 2$18 psf
    290F Suite309sqft~ 2$17 psf
    290G Suite311sqft~ 2$18 psf
    128C Suite312sqft~ 2$11 psf
    240P Suite319sqft~ 2$16 psf
    290O Suite324sqft~ 2$18 psf
    290-18 Suite328sqft~ 2$17 psf
    290M Suite331sqft~ 2$18 psf
    290L Suite335sqft~ 2$11 psf
    290D Suite339sqft~ 2$11 psf
    240N Suite340sqft~ 2$16 psf
    240H Suite369sqft~ 2$16 psf
    240G Suite369sqft~ 2$24 psf
    240O Suite386sqft~ 2$11 psf
    290-23 Suite408sqft~ 2$17 psf
    290-1 Suite412sqft~ 2$17 psf
    290P Suite417sqft~ 2$18 psf
    Suite 290421sqft~ 2$18 psf
    Suite 104443sqft~ 2$15 psf
    Suite 182546sqft~ 3$15 psf
    240L Suite584sqft~ 3$16 psf
    Suite 107593sqft~ 3$11 psf
    290-51 Suite628sqft~ 4$17 psf
    290-49 Suite630sqft~ 4$17 psf
    Suite 290642sqft~ 4$11 psf
    Suite 265643sqft~ 4$18 psf
    Suite 263645sqft~ 4$18 psf
    290-45 Suite651sqft~ 4$17 psf
    Suite 267666sqft~ 4$18 psf
    290Aa Suite667sqft~ 4$11 psf
    Suite 269679sqft~ 4$18 psf
    290Cc Suite681sqft~ 4$11 psf
    240M Suite696sqft~ 4$16 psf
    Suite 140747sqft~ 4$14 psf
    195A Suite860sqft~ 5$14 psf
    Suite 128909sqft~ 6~$19 psf
    240c 02 Suite926sqft~ 6~$19 psf
    240f 02 Suite1,107sqft~ 7~$19 psf
    Suite 2301,135sqft~ 7$14 psf
    Suite 1841,155sqft~ 7$11 psf
    Suite 1011,155sqft~ 7$15 psf
    Suite 2501,190sqft~ 7$14 psf
    Suite 1091,245sqft~ 8$18 psf
    Suite 2351,274sqft~ 8$11 psf
    Suite 3201,362sqft~ 9$12 psf
    Suite 3651,367sqft~ 9$11 psf
    290-39 Suite1,469sqft~ 9$16 psf
    Suite 2251,470sqft~ 9$11 psf
    290Dd Suite1,503sqft~ 10$11 psf
    Suite 2951,532sqft~ 10~$19 psf
    Suite 3201,555sqft~ 10$11 psf
    Suite 2021,567sqft~ 10$14 psf
    Suite 3601,624sqft~ 10$14 psf
    Suite 2391,629sqft~ 10$11 psf
    182 02 Suite1,701sqft~ 11~$19 psf
    Suite 1001,758sqft~ 11$14 psf
    Suite 1211,780sqft~ 11~$19 psf
    Space1,780sqft~ 11~$19 psf
    Suite 1251,816sqft~ 12$15 psf
    May 00 Suite1,988sqft~ 13~$19 psf
    Suite 1251,988sqft~ 13$14 psf
    Suite 1202,027sqft~ 13$13 psf
    Jul 00 Suite2,246sqft~ 14~$19 psf
    Suite 3552,309sqft~ 15~$19 psf
    Suite 230022,325sqft~ 15$13 psf
    240c 02 Suite2,402sqft~ 16~$19 psf
    Suite 1222,724sqft~ 18~$19 psf
    Suite 125022,895sqft~ 19$13 psf
    Suite 125022,897sqft~ 19$13 psf
    125 02 Suite3,237sqft~ 21~$19 psf
    Suite 1893,281sqft~ 21$11 psf
    Suite 3753,858sqft~ 25$17 psf
    Suite 2013,882sqft~ 25$15 psf
    355 02 Suite3,933sqft~ 26~$19 psf
    Suite 180024,038sqft~ 26$11 psf
    120 02 Suite4,751sqft~ 31~$19 psf
    Suite 3505,419sqft~ 36$17 psf
    Suite 261025,458sqft~ 36$13 psf
    Suite 1916,251sqft~ 41$13 psf
    210 02 Suite7,972sqft~ 53~$19 psf
    310 02 Suite10,729sqft~ 71$13 psf
    Suite 29012,110sqft~ 80$14 psf
    Suite 30013,436sqft~ 89$14 psf
    300 02 Suite17,294sqft~ 115$13 psf



    Northwest Houston

    Northwest Houston is a lively, affordable neighborhood located just outside the Inner Loop in Harris County in Houston, Texas. The 16-square mile area is also sometimes called Near Northwest. It is located within Harris County, Texas.

    According to census information from 2020, Houston has the highest population of all Texas cities and is the fourth-most populous city in the country. It is also the largest city in the United States in terms of square mileage.

    Northwest Houston Office Space – Lease Data & Trends

    Northwest Houston contains a total of 6.1 million square feet of total commercial office space inventory, and 25% of it is available to rent. On average, office space seekers in Northwest can expect to pay just under $21.50 per square foot to rent office space. As of Q1 of 2021, 2.2 million square feet of Northwest Houston’s office space was considered Class A and rented for an average of $24.60 per square foot. The vacancy rate for these spaces was very high at 34%. Northwest Houston also has 3.9 million square feet of office space that leases for an average of $18.85 per square foot. About 20% of the Class B space is vacant.

    In Houston, total vacancy has been increasing for the past five quarters. In Q1 of 2021, vacancy increased to 26.2% overall. Many tenants have been putting off making big leasing decisions. Subleasing space increased for the third quarter in a row in Q1. In mid-2021, the office sector began to experience an increase in inquiries and tours after COVID-related business capacity restrictions were lifted.

    What Our Brokers Say about Northwest Houston Office Space

    Northwest Houston is bounded by Waller to the west, Magnolia to the north, and Interstate 45 to the east. It stretches as far northwest as the intersection of State highway 290 and Loop 610. Residents and visitors can use State Highway 259, Sam Houston Tollway, FM 2920, and FM 1960 to get around. Lots of construction is underway at the 290/610 intersection, so expect to see new office buildings for lease soon. About 75 office buildings in this submarket are 70,000 square feet or larger.

    Major employers leasing offices in Northwest Houston include Hewlett Packard, Tomball Regional Medical Center, Lonestar College, and Methodist Willowbrook Hospital. Northwest Houston is located in Harris County, where some of the most important employers are Administaff, Compaq, Continental Airlines, Memorial Hermann Healthcare System, and Southwestern Bell. Academy Sports and Outdoors, Smith International, and BJ Services Company also have office presences in Harris County.

    Top Commercial Buildings in Northwest Houston

    As you look through the cream of the office space crop in Northwest Houston, our brokers recommend checking the following excellent buildings for vacancies:

    • 5600 Northwest Central Drive: 5600 Northwest Central Drive is a two-story commercial building located one block north of US 290. It’s a quiet area, but tenants can use the nearby highway to get to all kinds of amenities. There is also a metro bus stop at the corner of Tidwell Road and Northwest Central Drive. The building was renovated in 2010. 5600 Northwest Central Drive offers a wide variety of suites ranging from 143 to 5,209 square feet in size. The building has a large number of vacancies at the moment, too. Contact SquareFoot for pricing, details and touring options.
    • 13831 Northwest Freeway: 13831 Northwest Freeway is a Class B general office building located in Northwest Houston. Built in 1983, it is six floors high, and the property spans 151,831 square feet. Nagesh & Carter CPAs has leased space in this building since 2016. The building currently has a large number of vacancies. Rent a space here ranging from 204 to 14,627 square feet in size. Contact us to see the property or to ask questions.
    • 13201 Northwest Freeway: The Wells Fargo Building, located at 13201 Northwest Freeway, is a corporate building center that was constructed in 1979. It is located just off of Highway 290 and Beltway 8. The Wells Fargo Building offers on-site property maintenance, management and leasing, plenty of parking, security patrol, and a huge atrium lobby. Contact us to find out more about the many vacancies in this building ranging from 100 to 18,713 square feet in size.

    Get to Know Northwest Houston

    Northwest Houston isn’t all business. Shoppers will find delightful options in Traders Village and throughout the I-45 area. Washington Avenue provides a collection of bars and clubs to explore. Northwest Houston is also the home of Memorial Park, one of the largest urban parks in the nation.

    Why rent office space in Northwest Houston?

    Northwest Houston lies about 25 minutes (by car) from Downtown Houston. The direct average asking rent for office spaces across all classes in Downtown Houston is $40.25/sqft, while it’s just $21.45/sqft in Houston. Cutting down on rental prices won’t require you to make sacrifices when it comes to amenities, though. Northwest Houston is a multi-faceted area with plenty to offer. Many other businesses agree; technology, healthcare, education, hospitality, and entertainment are all well-represented here.

    Nearby neighborhoods to set up office space

    If you like what you see in Northwest Houston but aren’t totally sold on renting office space here, maybe you’d like to consider some nearby neighborhoods and cities also located in Harris County.

    Spring: Spring, Texas, is a census-designated place that offers a variety of office space, including flex space, coworking opportunities and retail property. Office space rents for an average of $31 per square foot across all classes. This city offers more Class A office space than Class B.

    Cypress: Cypress, Texas, is an unincorporated, family-friendly community located next to the U.S. Highway 290 (Northwest Freeway). The area used to be rural but changed in the ‘80s with the addition of a large number of residential and commercial projects. Sysco purchased a building here a few decades ago to use as a shared services facility for its distribution centers. The George Bush Intercontinental Airport is a short drive from here.

    Bellaire: Bellaire is a city in Harris County. Known as the “City of Homes,” it is a mostly residential area but has some office buildings located on the 610 Loop. South Texas Dental and AT&T Inc. have their headquarters here, and Frost Bank has its Houston-area offices in Bellaire.

    If you would like more information on Northwest Houston or Houston office space, contact us. We can help you explore your options, conduct your search, and find the right office space for your business.

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