909 Fannin Street

2 Houston Center

Houston, TX 77010

  • 826 - 53,452 sqft~ 5 - 356 seats
  • inquire for pricing

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Building Details

  • Floors40
  • Walk Score®91
  • Year Built1974

Houston Center is retail and office complex in Houston and its owned and operated by subsidiaries of Crescent Real Estate Equities Co. The three towers in Houston Center have almost 3,400,000 square feet (320,000 m2) of Class A office space. Opened in 1974, this building has 40 floors with Class A office space. It is the 19th tallest building in the city. It was planned to be the center of a master-planned “city within a city” that would have included a tram system that would have tied in with U.S. Highway 59and run into the tower itself, and a four-story 40,000 car parking garage. It currently has six levels of parking for 495 cars. Several levels of this building extend across Fannin Street and connect to 1 Houston Center. They include an x bracing where the proposed tramway would have been and a patio. It sits on top of Houston’s six-mile tunnel system.
In 2008 Crescent and the nonprofit Environmental Defense Fund worked together for 10 weeks to cost-effectively upgrade 2 Houston Center. As a result, Crescent will install new lighting, mechanical, and office equipment systems that will reduce the building’s total electricity usage by 11%. The new systems may save Crescent and the tenants of 2 Houston Center $400,000 combined each year, and dioxide emissions would be reduced by over 1,300 tons per year. Crescent plans to reduce 2 Houston Center’s electricity usage by 20% over a 10-year period beginning in 2008. The company anticipates that the reduction will save the company $700,000 per year.
The United States Postal Service operates a center in 2 Houston Center. The Houston Downtown Management District is headquartered in Suite 1650 and The Consulate is located in Suite 3000.

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  • Availability

    Space826sqft~ 5~$40 psf
    Space989sqft~ 6~$40 psf
    P-100 Suite989sqft~ 6~$40 psf
    16th Floor1,134sqft~ 7$42 psf
    Suite 16251,134sqft~ 7~$40 psf
    Space1,134sqft~ 7~$40 psf
    16th Floor - Suite 16251,134sqft~ 7~$40 psf
    Suite 38301,212sqft~ 8$42 psf
    1st FloorBROKER INSIGHT1,230sqft~ 8Inquire for pricing
    Space1,319sqft~ 8~$40 psf
    Suite 38451,319sqft~ 8~$40 psf
    38th Floor - Suite 38451,319sqft~ 8~$40 psf
    Suite 38751,428sqft~ 9~$40 psf
    Space1,428sqft~ 9~$40 psf
    Space1,795sqft~ 11~$40 psf
    Suite 16451,795sqft~ 11~$40 psf
    Suite 38381,818sqft~ 12~$40 psf
    Space1,818sqft~ 12~$40 psf
    21st Floor - Suite 21102,004sqft~ 13$42 psf
    Suite 21102,033sqft~ 13~$40 psf
    Space2,033sqft~ 13~$40 psf
    21st Floor2,033sqft~ 13$42 psf
    38th Floor - Suite 38102,259sqft~ 15$42 psf
    38th Floor - Suite 38503,000sqft~ 20Inquire for pricing
    33rd Floor - Suite 33503,584sqft~ 23$42 psf
    33rd Floor3,732sqft~ 24$42 psf
    Suite 33503,732sqft~ 24~$40 psf
    Space3,732sqft~ 24~$40 psf
    32nd Floor - Suite 33503,732sqft~ 24~$40 psf
    33rd Floor - Suite 33503,732sqft~ 24~$40 psf
    Space3,926sqft~ 26~$40 psf
    Suite 24523,926sqft~ 26~$40 psf
    24th Floor - Suite 24523,926sqft~ 26~$40 psf
    Space4,157sqft~ 27~$40 psf
    Suite 26504,157sqft~ 27~$40 psf
    26th Floor - Suite 26504,157sqft~ 27~$40 psf
    31st Floor - Suite 31504,326sqft~ 28$42 psf
    Suite 31504,523sqft~ 30~$40 psf
    Space4,523sqft~ 30~$40 psf
    31st Floor - Suite 31504,523sqft~ 30~$40 psf
    Suite 32204,605sqft~ 30~$40 psf
    Space4,605sqft~ 30~$40 psf
    32nd Floor - Suite 32204,605sqft~ 30~$40 psf
    32nd Floor - Suite 32204,729sqft~ 31$42 psf
    12th Floor - Suite 12504,796sqft~ 31$42 psf
    Space4,822sqft~ 32~$40 psf
    Suite 12504,822sqft~ 32~$40 psf
    12th Floor - Suite 12504,822sqft~ 32~$40 psf
    Suite 30205,497sqft~ 36~$40 psf
    Space5,497sqft~ 36~$40 psf
    30th Floor - Suite 30205,497sqft~ 36~$40 psf
    Space6,020sqft~ 40~$40 psf
    Suite 32556,020sqft~ 40~$40 psf
    32nd Floor - Suite 32556,020sqft~ 40~$40 psf
    24th Floor - Suite 24526,558sqft~ 43$42 psf
    12th Floor7,434sqft~ 49$42 psf
    28th Floor - Suite 28508,126sqft~ 54~$40 psf
    Space8,126sqft~ 54~$40 psf
    Suite 28508,126sqft~ 54~$40 psf
    28th Floor - Suite 28508,174sqft~ 54$42 psf
    16th Floor8,362sqft~ 55$42 psf
    28th Floor8,371sqft~ 55$42 psf
    Space12,405sqft~ 82~$40 psf
    Suite 180012,405sqft~ 82~$40 psf
    18th Floor - Suite 180012,405sqft~ 82~$40 psf
    21st Floor - Suite 210013,670sqft~ 91$42 psf
    21st Floor13,750sqft~ 91$42 psf
    Space13,750sqft~ 91~$40 psf
    Suite 210013,750sqft~ 91~$40 psf
    21st Floor - Suite 210013,750sqft~ 91~$40 psf
    9th Floor - Suite 90022,681sqft~ 151$42 psf
    10th Floor - Suite 100022,681sqft~ 151$42 psf
    8th Floor - Suite 80022,681sqft~ 151$42 psf
    8th Floor22,924sqft~ 152$42 psf
    Suite 80022,924sqft~ 152~$40 psf
    10th Floor - Suite 100022,924sqft~ 152~$40 psf
    10th Floor22,924sqft~ 152$42 psf
    Suite 90022,924sqft~ 152~$40 psf
    Suite 100022,924sqft~ 152~$40 psf
    9th Floor22,924sqft~ 152$42 psf
    Space22,924sqft~ 152~$40 psf
    9th Floor - Suite 90022,924sqft~ 152~$40 psf
    15th Floor - Suite 150022,976sqft~ 153$42 psf
    Suite 150023,226sqft~ 154~$40 psf
    Space23,226sqft~ 154~$40 psf
    Suite 190023,226sqft~ 154~$40 psf
    19th Floor - Suite 190023,226sqft~ 154~$40 psf
    36th Floor - Suite 360023,737sqft~ 158$42 psf
    36th Floor23,885sqft~ 159$42 psf
    Suite 360023,885sqft~ 159~$40 psf
    Space23,885sqft~ 159~$40 psf
    36th Floor - Suite 360023,885sqft~ 159~$40 psf
    6th FloorBROKER INSIGHT52,174sqft~ 347Inquire for pricing
    7th FloorBROKER INSIGHT52,174sqft~ 347Inquire for pricing
    Suite 60052,174sqft~ 347Inquire for pricing
    5th Floor - Suite 50052,511sqft~ 350$42 psf
    5th Floor52,967sqft~ 353$42 psf
    Suite 50052,967sqft~ 353~$40 psf
    Space52,967sqft~ 353~$40 psf
    Suite 50053,452sqft~ 356~$40 psf




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