9896 Bissonnet Street

9896 Bissonnet

Houston, TX 77036

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This atrium building has substantial upgrades, including a marble lobby, double pane windows, and above standard wall finishes throughout. The building also features recently replaced HVAC chillers, separate 80-ton A/C for the 6th level, SWB fiber optics line to the building, switch rooms, battery back-up, and computer rooms, CAT-5 cabling throughout, perimeter fence and security system including a guardshack at the parking entry, state-of-the-art conference rooms, kitchens on most levels, and classrooms.

The property is conveniently located just off Bissonnet between the West Sam Houston Parkway and the Southwest Freeway, and has excellent access to Sugar Land, Westchase, Loop 610, and the Galleria near numerous restaurants and other major retail and residential areas.

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350H Suite126sqft~ 1$18 psf
350B Suite252sqft~ 1$15 psf
Suite 131306sqft~ 1$13 psf
350C Suite363sqft~ 1$12 psf
350A Suite363sqft~ 1$12 psf
350E Suite363sqft~ 1$11 psf
350G Suite368sqft~ 1$11 psf
Suite 144374sqft~ 1$11 psf
Suite 148374sqft~ 1$13 psf
Suite 146374sqft~ 1$13 psf
Suite 128382sqft~ 1$11 psf
Suite 152393sqft~ 1$11 psf
Suite 150402sqft~ 1$11 psf
Suite 155406sqft~ 1$16 psf
Suite 140441sqft~ 1$13 psf
Suite 124442sqft~ 1$11 psf
Suite 134463sqft~ 1$11 psf
Suite 465464sqft~ 1$11 psf
Suite 310489sqft~ 1$11 psf
Suite 435495sqft~ 1$11 psf
Space495sqft~ 1~$17 psf
Suite 102495sqft~ 1$11 psf
Suite 154497sqft~ 1$11 psf
Suite 315498sqft~ 1$12 psf
Suite 101510sqft~ 2$13 psf
Suite 330531sqft~ 2$11 psf
350F Suite538sqft~ 2$11 psf
Suite 425562sqft~ 2$11 psf
Suite 128585sqft~ 2$8 psf
Suite 127593sqft~ 2$15 psf
Suite 320594sqft~ 2$11 psf
Suite 335616sqft~ 2$11 psf
Suite 380639sqft~ 2$11 psf
Suite 385644sqft~ 2$11 psf
Suite 120647sqft~ 2$11 psf
Suite 340671sqft~ 2$12 psf
Suite 103748sqft~ 2$11 psf
Suite 410758sqft~ 3$15 psf
Suite 142793sqft~ 3$11 psf
Suite 235847sqft~ 3$11 psf
Suite 365863sqft~ 3$11 psf
Suite 360882sqft~ 3$13 psf
Suite 114896sqft~ 3$11 psf
Suite 440938sqft~ 3$11 psf
Suite 375940sqft~ 3$15 psf
Suite 325954sqft~ 3$11 psf
Suite 1041,005sqft~ 4$11 psf
Suite 4051,085sqft~ 4$11 psf
Suite 3901,096sqft~ 4$11 psf
Suite 2001,161sqft~ 4$40 psf
142 02 Suite1,167sqft~ 4~$17 psf
Suite 3451,168sqft~ 4$11 psf
Suite 3701,321sqft~ 5$11 psf
Suite 4001,413sqft~ 5$10 psf
Suite 320021,548sqft~ 6$11 psf
Suite 148021,666sqft~ 6$11 psf
Suite 385021,740sqft~ 6$11 psf
Suite 2401,788sqft~ 7$15 psf
Suite 330021,818sqft~ 7$15 psf
Suite 3251,898sqft~ 7$6 psf
Suite 452021,935sqft~ 7$12 psf
Suite 370022,261sqft~ 9$15 psf
Suite 5002,405sqft~ 9$11 psf
Suite 335022,455sqft~ 9$11 psf
Suite 320022,492sqft~ 9$11 psf
Suite 4702,624sqft~ 10$11 psf
Suite 2102,660sqft~ 10$11 psf
350A.02 Suite2,877sqft~ 11$13 psf
Suite 2203,028sqft~ 12$11 psf
Suite 375023,319sqft~ 13$11 psf
Suite 320023,366sqft~ 13$11 psf
Suite 2503,430sqft~ 13$11 psf
Suite 4453,452sqft~ 13$11 psf
Suite 5503,784sqft~ 15$11 psf
Suite 315023,864sqft~ 15$15 psf
Suite 360024,006sqft~ 16$11 psf
Suite 400024,037sqft~ 16$11 psf
400 02 Suite4,037sqft~ 16$10 psf
350A.02 Suite4,369sqft~ 17$11 psf
Suite 440024,390sqft~ 17$11 psf
440 02 Suite4,390sqft~ 17$13 psf
Suite 400024,501sqft~ 18$11 psf
Suite 2004,591sqft~ 18$11 psf
Suite 370024,640sqft~ 18$15 psf
Suite 435024,885sqft~ 19$11 psf
Suite 240025,218sqft~ 20$15 psf
Suite 365025,503sqft~ 22$11 psf
131 01 Suite5,608sqft~ 22$14 psf
Suite 131015,608sqft~ 22$14 psf
Suite 210025,688sqft~ 22$15 psf
Suite 400025,880sqft~ 23$11 psf
350A.02 Suite6,001sqft~ 24$11 psf
Suite 200026,379sqft~ 25$15 psf
350A.02 Suite6,748sqft~ 26$15 psf
Suite 200028,021sqft~ 32$11 psf
Suite 2000210,279sqft~ 41$11 psf
Suite 51011,563sqft~ 46$11 psf
Suite 2000213,709sqft~ 54$11 psf
Suite 5000213,968sqft~ 55$11 psf
Suite 5000217,752sqft~ 71$9 psf



Southwest Houston

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