9950 Westpark Drive

Park Centre I

Houston, TX 77063

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Suite 60646sqft~ 1Inquire for pricing
420G Suite175sqft~ 1Inquire for pricing
420H Suite181sqft~ 1Inquire for pricing
420K Suite195sqft~ 1Inquire for pricing
420E Suite218sqft~ 1Inquire for pricing
Suite 622225sqft~ 1Inquire for pricing
420D Suite229sqft~ 1Inquire for pricing
Suite 623235sqft~ 1Inquire for pricing
Suite 316239sqft~ 1Inquire for pricing
Suite 624239sqft~ 1Inquire for pricing
Suite 310240sqft~ 1Inquire for pricing
Suite 311245sqft~ 1Inquire for pricing
Suite 626254sqft~ 1Inquire for pricing
Suite 309255sqft~ 1Inquire for pricing
420A Suite258sqft~ 1Inquire for pricing
Suite 314260sqft~ 1Inquire for pricing
Suite 338260sqft~ 1Inquire for pricing
Suite 313260sqft~ 1Inquire for pricing
Suite 106279sqft~ 1Inquire for pricing
Suite 434282sqft~ 1Inquire for pricing
Suite 121282sqft~ 1Inquire for pricing
420J Suite288sqft~ 1Inquire for pricing
420F Suite290sqft~ 1Inquire for pricing
Suite 448351sqft~ 1Inquire for pricing
Suite 317357sqft~ 1Inquire for pricing
Suite 450364sqft~ 1Inquire for pricing
Suite 608365sqft~ 1Inquire for pricing
Suite 610373sqft~ 1Inquire for pricing
Suite 531381sqft~ 1Inquire for pricing
Suite 632396sqft~ 1Inquire for pricing
Suite 260396sqft~ 1Inquire for pricing
Suite 265396sqft~ 1Inquire for pricing
Suite 636401sqft~ 1Inquire for pricing
Suite 633401sqft~ 1Inquire for pricing
Suite 305406sqft~ 1Inquire for pricing
Suite 123407sqft~ 1Inquire for pricing
Suite 308408sqft~ 1Inquire for pricing
Suite 512410sqft~ 1Inquire for pricing
420I Suite411sqft~ 1Inquire for pricing
Suite 442445sqft~ 1Inquire for pricing
Suite 345445sqft~ 1Inquire for pricing
103C Suite459sqft~ 1Inquire for pricing
Suite 30902494sqft~ 1Inquire for pricing
Suite 540511sqft~ 2Inquire for pricing
Suite 12102519sqft~ 2Inquire for pricing
103B Suite552sqft~ 2Inquire for pricing
Suite 225565sqft~ 2Inquire for pricing
103A Suite585sqft~ 2Inquire for pricing
Suite 270605sqft~ 2Inquire for pricing
Suite 524606sqft~ 2Inquire for pricing
Suite 245622sqft~ 2Inquire for pricing
Suite 550659sqft~ 2Inquire for pricing
Suite 230686sqft~ 2Inquire for pricing
Suite 644710sqft~ 2Inquire for pricing
Suite 62202719sqft~ 2Inquire for pricing
Suite 62402733sqft~ 2Inquire for pricing
Suite 271751sqft~ 3Inquire for pricing
Suite 105840sqft~ 3Inquire for pricing
Suite 205863sqft~ 3Inquire for pricing
5th Floor - Suite 520872sqft~ 3Inquire for pricing
Suite 615880sqft~ 3Inquire for pricing
Suite 446886sqft~ 3Inquire for pricing
Suite 291902sqft~ 3Inquire for pricing
Suite 220922sqft~ 3Inquire for pricing
6th Floor - Suite 612928sqft~ 3Inquire for pricing
Suite 602972sqft~ 3Inquire for pricing
Suite 30902978sqft~ 3Inquire for pricing
Suite 1001,010sqft~ 4Inquire for pricing
Space1,010sqft~ 4Inquire for pricing
Suite 4241,057sqft~ 4Inquire for pricing
Suite 1021,130sqft~ 4Inquire for pricing
Suite 6201,166sqft~ 4Inquire for pricing
Suite 2901,376sqft~ 5Inquire for pricing
Suite 105021,401sqft~ 5Inquire for pricing
Suite 6141,460sqft~ 5Inquire for pricing
Suite 5181,581sqft~ 6Inquire for pricing
103A.02 Suite1,596sqft~ 6Inquire for pricing
Suite 2101,606sqft~ 6Inquire for pricing
Suite 0303021,628sqft~ 6Inquire for pricing
Suite 105021,638sqft~ 6Inquire for pricing
Suite 1011,852sqft~ 7Inquire for pricing
Suite 215021,965sqft~ 7Inquire for pricing
Suite 447021,991sqft~ 7Inquire for pricing
Suite 3502,072sqft~ 8Inquire for pricing
Suite 6042,082sqft~ 8Inquire for pricing
Suite 3302,096sqft~ 8Inquire for pricing
Suite 260022,148sqft~ 8Inquire for pricing
Suite 290022,278sqft~ 9Inquire for pricing
Suite 350022,437sqft~ 9Inquire for pricing
Suite 446022,526sqft~ 10Inquire for pricing
Suite 6062,799sqft~ 11Inquire for pricing
Suite 101022,982sqft~ 11Inquire for pricing
Suite 602023,054sqft~ 12Inquire for pricing
Suite 602023,100sqft~ 12Inquire for pricing
Suite 606023,537sqft~ 14Inquire for pricing
Suite 200023,556sqft~ 14Inquire for pricing
Suite 326023,610sqft~ 14Inquire for pricing
Suite 604025,619sqft~ 22Inquire for pricing
Suite 602025,853sqft~ 23Inquire for pricing
Suite 602026,591sqft~ 26Inquire for pricing




In a city known for its petroleum, Westchase is known for the companies that manage and distribute oil. Chevron was one of the first businesses to establish operations in Westchase, and other companies in the industry soon followed suit. Today, the business-management district – which was officially established in 1995 – is home to more than 1,500 businesses; some of the most recognizable tenants are frontrunners in the national and global energy industries.

However, a number of major corporations in separate fields – including several Fortune 200 companies – have their headquarters here. In addition to energy-related companies, there are engineering and construction businesses, all of which put Westchase on the map as a diverse space for cross-industrial leaders.

The Westchase Management District provides branding, urban planning, and public safety functions for the businesses within its special district boundaries.

Westchase Office Space | Lease Data & Trends

Westchase is a standalone sector of the Energy Corridor, counting over 13 million square feet of inventory. It has an overall direct vacancy rate of 20%, almost exactly equal to the Houston citywide average. Nearly 9 million of the square feet available in Westchase is Class A space; this space has a 21% direct vacancy rate, and an average direct asking rate of $31 per square foot. This is considerably lower than the average direct asking rate for other Class A space in the city, which goes for just over $35 per square foot.

The remaining 4 million square feet of available inventory is Class B space, which has an 18% direct vacancy rate. Despite this being lower than the Houston direct vacancy rate average for Class B space of 20%, prices in Westchase are lower than average; $20 per square foot, compared to $22 per square foot across the city.

There is currently no development underway in Westchase.

The district also has more than 1 million square feet of service-center and warehouse spaces and 2 million square feet of retail space.

What Our Brokers Say About Westchase Office Space

The Beltway 8 runs right down the middle of Westchase, making it easy to get to surrounding areas like Chinatown to the south, and Memorial to the north. Commuting without a car may prove difficult in and around Westchase, which ranks a 54 Walk Score, 46 Transit Score, and 45 Bike Score. However, construction is underway on the Brays Bayou Connector, intended to link Richmond Avenue and Bellaire Boulevard via a nearly 2-mile pedestrian and bike trail. The district also counts a number of well-maintained trails along the Brays Bayou, which runs through its center.

Westchase boasts an impressive roster list of Fortune 200 companies, including Kroger, Bank of America, Phillips 66, Target, Cisco, MetLife, Honeywell, National Oilwell Varco, and Office Depot, all of whom are based here. Others count Westchase as their corporate HQ, including CGG, BMC Software, Cardtronics, Tailored Brands, and Phillips 66. Chevron, one of the first businesses to locate to Westchase, and Schlumberger, are major local leaders in the energy fields. The engineering and construction companies based in Westchase include ABB, Aker Solutions, D.E. Harvey Builders, and Lockwood Andrews & Newnam. Two noteworthy companies expanding their Westchase presence include Costello, Inc., a preeminent civil engineering and surveying firm, that recently moved its offices to a 35,000-square-foot space on 2107 CityWest Boulevard. The other is SABIC, the Saudi Basic Industries Corp., which is slated to open its American HQs at CityWest Boulevard by the end of the year; the company plans to invest over $2 million for office space upgrades.

The University of Houston is just over 20 minutes away by car, an ideal proximity for companies looking to recruit from the campus, including interns from the renowned Wolff Center for Entrepreneurship.

As far as dining establishments go, Westchase is home to a number of lauded lunch spots and a handful of dinner restaurants. No singular ethnicity dominates the culinary scene in Westchase; it’s a healthy blend, ranging from the French of Bistro Le Cep, Cajun at Jenivi’s Seafood Shoppe, Vietnamese at Pho Van, to Hawaiian at North Shore Poke.

Westchase has seen an increase in hotel properties; between 2014 and 2016, the market grew by 9%. The Marriott Westchase and the Houston Hilton Westchase are both full-service, flagship locations.

Get to Know Westchase, Houston  

Situated between Alief, Greater Sharpstown, Chinatown in the International District, and the Royal Oaks Country Club, Westchase boasts the perks of proximity to diversity but provides a flavor that’s uniquely its own. The district counts an impressive 80,000 workers; yet there’s also a suburban flair to the area. A weekly farmers market boasting over 30 local vendors takes place every Thursday on Westheimer, an indication of community interest beyond the corporate.

Residents are a diverse blend, both economically and ethnically; families are drawn to the area for public schools in the Alief and Houston Independent School Districts, which count 10 elementary, three middle- and three public high schools. The area also has around five miles of off-road trails, and plans are underway to start construction in 2019 on a four-acre park on Wilcrest Drive.

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