600 East John Carpenter Freeway

Rochelle Park

Irving, TX 75062

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Suite 216122sqft~ 1~$26 psf
Suite 220123sqft~ 1$29 psf
Suite 216126sqft~ 1$28 psf
Suite 224134sqft~ 1$27 psf
Suite 273135sqft~ 1~$26 psf
Suite 273139sqft~ 1$26 psf
Suite 272139sqft~ 1$27 psf
Suite 271139sqft~ 1$28 psf
Suite 250160sqft~ 1$22 psf
Suite 256162sqft~ 1$22 psf
Suite 254163sqft~ 1~$26 psf
Suite 250165sqft~ 1$27 psf
Suite 256167sqft~ 1$28 psf
Suite 254168sqft~ 1$26 psf
Suite 290177sqft~ 1$23 psf
Suite 288177sqft~ 1$23 psf
Suite 226179sqft~ 1~$26 psf
Suite 226184sqft~ 1$25 psf
Suite 288189sqft~ 1$25 psf
Suite 287215sqft~ 1~$26 psf
Suite 293228sqft~ 1~$26 psf
Suite 289231sqft~ 1$28 psf
Suite 293235sqft~ 1$28 psf
Suite 278238sqft~ 1$21 psf
Suite 279243sqft~ 1$27 psf
Suite 248245sqft~ 1$24 psf
Suite 266250sqft~ 1$23 psf
Suite 208253sqft~ 1$23 psf
Suite 206256sqft~ 1$23 psf
Suite 270256sqft~ 1$22 psf
Suite 266259sqft~ 1$22 psf
Suite 230259sqft~ 1$23 psf
Suite 208262sqft~ 1$22 psf
Suite 270264sqft~ 1$21 psf
Suite 212267sqft~ 1$22 psf
Suite 266267sqft~ 1$21 psf
Suite 230268sqft~ 1$22 psf
Suite 208270sqft~ 1$22 psf
Suite 210272sqft~ 1$22 psf
Suite 204275sqft~ 1~$26 psf
Suite 204283sqft~ 1$24 psf
Suite 214287sqft~ 1$22 psf
Suite 252293sqft~ 1$25 psf
Suite 291305sqft~ 2~$26 psf
Suite 292310sqft~ 2$27 psf
Suite 299311sqft~ 2$22 psf
Suite 291314sqft~ 2$26 psf
Suite 296316sqft~ 2$22 psf
Suite 296325sqft~ 2$26 psf
Suite 202358sqft~ 2~$26 psf
Suite 282358sqft~ 2$23 psf
Suite 200359sqft~ 2$26 psf
Suite 280360sqft~ 2~$26 psf
Suite 202369sqft~ 2$26 psf
Suite 283370sqft~ 2$22 psf
Suite 282382sqft~ 2$21 psf
Suite 283382sqft~ 2$26 psf
Suite 242407sqft~ 2$22 psf
Suite 240420sqft~ 2$23 psf
Suite 268432sqft~ 2$22 psf
Suite 240435sqft~ 2$23 psf
Suite 264439sqft~ 2$23 psf
Suite 281455sqft~ 3~$26 psf
Suite 238458sqft~ 3$23 psf
Suite 276459sqft~ 3$23 psf
Suite 274468sqft~ 3$22 psf
Suite 276490sqft~ 3$21 psf
Suite 258644sqft~ 4$22 psf
Suite 246646sqft~ 4$22 psf
Suite 258667sqft~ 4$22 psf
Suite 246669sqft~ 4$22 psf
Suite 258687sqft~ 4$21 psf
Suite 190741sqft~ 4~$26 psf
Suite 236797sqft~ 5$22 psf
Suite 236821sqft~ 5$21 psf
Suite 120953sqft~ 6$22 psf
Suite 3301,042sqft~ 6$19 psf
Suite 2621,286sqft~ 8$23 psf
Suite 3801,437sqft~ 9$21 psf
Suite 2601,455sqft~ 9$26 psf
Suite 3451,536sqft~ 10$22 psf
Suite 1811,760sqft~ 11$19 psf
Suite 262022,061sqft~ 13$18 psf
Suite 1102,180sqft~ 14$19 psf
351 02 Suite2,363sqft~ 15~$26 psf
Suite 1862,610sqft~ 17$19 psf
Suite 2342,641sqft~ 17~$26 psf
Suite 105022,776sqft~ 18$19 psf
120 02 Suite2,799sqft~ 18~$26 psf
Suite 2842,810sqft~ 18$26 psf
Suite 232022,890sqft~ 19$20 psf
Suite 283023,192sqft~ 21$20 psf
Suite 3333,313sqft~ 22$20 psf
Suite 282023,350sqft~ 22$18 psf
Suite 282023,574sqft~ 23$18 psf
Suite 3203,755sqft~ 25~$26 psf
Suite 1506,752sqft~ 45$19 psf
300 02 Suite7,406sqft~ 49~$26 psf
Suite 20026,578sqft~ 177$15 psf
Suite 2000126,578sqft~ 177$20 psf




Irving is a principal city in Texas named after author Washington Irving. Irving is a suburb of Dallas and includes the Las Colinas community, which is one of the country’s first master-planned developments. Multiple large, well-known companies have their headquarters in Irving, such as Michaels Stores, 7-Eleven, ExxonMobil, Kimberly-Clark, Chuck E. Cheese’s, and La Quinta Inns and Suites.

Irving Office Space | Lease and Data Trends

Suburbs of Dallas such as Irving have slightly lower rental prices than the city of Dallas. Class B spaces in the suburbs rent for about $20.87 per square foot, while they cost an average of $21.39/sqft in Dallas. The vacancy rate for both is 19 percent. Class A spaces rent for an average of $29.95/sqft in the suburbs; they rent for $30.48/sqft in the city of Dallas. The Class A vacancy rate is 17 percent for the suburbs and 18 percent for the city.

What Our Brokers Say

Irving covers about 67.7 square miles of land. It’s located about 15 minutes northwest of Downtown Dallas and 20 minutes northeast of Downtown Fort Worth. Irving is divided into neighborhoods including Lakeside Landing, Irving Lake, and Hackberry Creek.

Commuters can choose between several highways: The Airport Freeway, LBJ Freeway, John Carpenter Freeway, and the President George Bush Turnpike. The Dallas Area Rapid Transit (DART) provides both a light rail and a bus service; the Orange Line provides easy access to the DFW Airport. The Trinity Railway Express route has two stops in Irving. The Las Colinas Area Personal Transit System, or APT, runs Monday through Friday from 6 a.m. to 6 p.m.

Those planning to get out of the office for a refreshing lunch will find plenty of places to explore in Irving. Some of the best business lunch destinations are Office On Trinity, The Ranch, Via Real, and Cool River Cafe. If you need to book a hotel for a visiting business partner, check out one of Irving’s many options such as La Quinta Inn & Suites Dallas, Quality Inn DFW-Airport, and Comfort Suites DFW Airport. Businesses looking for interns or recent grads don’t have to look very far—the University of Dallas and Universal Technical Institute are right in town.

Get to Know the Neighborhood

Irving was founded in 1903 and incorporated in 1914. The Irving Heritage District functions to help preserve the area’s rich history. Visitors can explore the Heritage House, meander through the town square to find treasures in antique shops, or eat at a classic soda shop. The nearby Heritage Park offers more areas for exploration and features Irving’s first water tower, windmill, and library. Centennial Park has a history wall that outlines important happenings in the city’s history.

One of the most prominent destinations in Irving is the Irving Arts Center, a 10-acre area that houses two theaters, four galleries, rehearsal facilities, and a sculpture garden. More than 100,000 people visit the center every year to attend one of its 1,400 events, develop their own artistic skills, or just explore the grounds. The center hosts numerous family programs such as the holiday festival and even hosts summer camps for kids.

Like many area’s of Texas, Irving’s flat terrain is ideal for golf. It’s no wonder that the city contains four 18-hole golf courses and numerous others just a short drive away. Some beautiful and popular golf course options in the area include Bear Creek Golf Club, Cottonwood Valley Course, and the world-class Tournament Players Course (TPC). The Las Colinas Country Club course also hosts the Volunteers of America Texas Shootout every spring.

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