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Capitol Hill Commercial Space

Washington, Dc

Capitol Hill at a Glance

While mostly known as a metonym for U.S. Congress, Capitol Hill is also known as the largest historical residential neighborhood in Washington D.C. Not only is Capitol Hill one of the city’s oldest residential neighborhoods, it’s also one of the most densely populated. Straddling two of Washington’s quadrants—Southeast and Northeast—Capitol Hill is also comprised of a large historical district dubbed the Capitol Hill historic district. The Anacostia River is located just to the east of Capitol Hill with the H Street Corridor located to the north, the Southeast/Southwest Freeway and Washington Navy Yard to the south and the National Mall to the west, as well as Washington’s central business district. While known the world over for the national landmark that is the United States Capitol building, Capitol Hill is also home to the Senate and House office buildings, as well as the Library of Congress, the Supreme Court building, Marine Barracks and Congressional Cemetery. The main non-residential area in Capitol Hill is Pennsylvania, which today is a lively commercial street, loaded with shops, hip restaurants and bars. Pennsylvania Avenue is also home to Eastern Market, an old public market dating back to 1873 where vendors can still be seen selling the freshest selection of fish, meat and produce—all out of both indoor stalls as well as outdoors in a farmer’s market kind of set up. Another of Capitol Hill’s commercial corridors—Barracks Row. Barracks Row takes its name thanks to its close proximity to the Marine Barracks and happens to be one of Washington’s oldest commercial corridors, dating all the way back to the late 18th century. On the residential side of things, Capitol Hill has a large number of row houses in a variety of styles and from different periods. Architecture aficionados will have no shortage of sights to see in historic and lovely Capitol Hill.