20 Jay Street


Brooklyn, NY 11201

  • 212 - 3,191 sqft
  • ~$60/sqft


2nd Floor - 212A Suite212 sqft$1,060 /mo est
6th Floor - Suite 629520 sqft$2,600 /mo est
4th Floor - Suite 403540 sqft$2,700 /mo est
7th Floor - Suite 721540 sqft$2,700 /mo est
3rd Floor - Suite 355567 sqft$2,835 /mo est
8th Floor - Suite 815572 sqft$2,860 /mo est
Mezz. Floor Floor - M20 Suite872 sqft$4,360 /mo est
Mezz. Floor Floor - M21 Suite872 sqft$4,360 /mo est
1st Floor - Suite 1061,083 sqft$5,415 /mo est
4th Floor - Suite 4011,095 sqft$5,475 /mo est
9th Floor - Suite 9331,109 sqft$5,545 /mo est
8th Floor - Suite 8081,136 sqft$5,680 /mo est
3rd Floor - Suite 3081,136 sqft$5,680 /mo est
Office Space1,229 sqft$6,145 /mo est
5th Floor - Suite 5041,430 sqft$7,150 /mo est
7th Floor - Suite 7361,486 sqft$7,430 /mo est
9th Floor - Suite 9081,486 sqft$7,430 /mo est
6th Floor - Suite 6321,486 sqft$7,430 /mo est
3rd Floor - Suite 3051,573 sqft$7,865 /mo est
10th Floor - Suite 10051,573 sqft$7,865 /mo est
1st Floor - Suite 1051,586 sqft$7,930 /mo est
10th Floor - Suite 10171,590 sqft$7,950 /mo est
2nd Floor - Suite 2131,590 sqft$7,950 /mo est
2nd Floor - Suite 2141,741 sqft$8,705 /mo est
10th Floor - Suite 10072,200 sqft$11,000 /mo est
9th Floor - Suite 9002,200 sqft$11,000 /mo est
8th Floor - Suite 8362,254 sqft$11,270 /mo est
8th Floor - Suite 8142,291 sqft$11,455 /mo est
10th Floor - Suite 10192,458 sqft$12,290 /mo est
4th Floor - Suite 4342,550 sqft$12,750 /mo est
2nd Floor - Suite 2032,740 sqft$13,700 /mo est
4th Floor - Suite 4302,750 sqft$13,750 /mo est
6th Floor - Suite 6342,932 sqft$14,660 /mo est
Office Space2,932 sqft$14,660 /mo est
4th Floor - Suite 4322,932 sqft$14,660 /mo est
6th Floor - Suite 6282,932 sqft$14,660 /mo est
9th Floor - Suite 9342,972 sqft$14,860 /mo est
9th Floor - Suite 9362,972 sqft$14,860 /mo est
1st Floor - Suite 1072,994 sqft$14,970 /mo est
8th Floor - Suite 8303,000 sqft$15,000 /mo est
4th Floor - Suite 4383,141 sqft$15,705 /mo est
8th Floor - Suite 8023,191 sqft$15,955 /mo est
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  • 0.16 mi🚗MPG
  • 0.18 mi🚇FYork Street
  • 0.22 mi🚗Sunny
  • 0.25 mi🚗private parking lot
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  • 0.41 mi🚇ACHigh Street

Building Details

  • Attended Lobby
  • Turnstile
  • 24/7 Access✔︎



Manhattan has some serious competition from Brooklyn in the world of commercial real estate. Aggressive developments in the so-called Brooklyn Triangle, which includes DUMBO, Downtown Brooklyn (DoBro), and the Navy Yard are starting to yield fruit in the form of diverse commercial space for lease. Look no further than unicorns like Etsy taking modern, perk-filled expanses on Adams Street in DUMBO, or companies like advertising giant HUGE and dating app HowBoutWe continuing to hunker down under the bridges.

Beyond the triangle, neighborhoods like Greenpoint and Williamsburg, known for industrial space and vibrant residential life, are emerging as major players on the commercial scene as well. For companies in advertising and media, the synergies aren't surprising. Large, open spaces. Exposed brick. The Northside Media Festival, billed as the baby SXSW. More supply hitting the market and favorable rents (compared to parts of Manhattan). The ingredients are set for an upstart commercial contender. Companies like Kickstarter, Bustle and unicorn VICE got the memo long ago. Who will be next?

Venturing to Brooklyn’s southern reaches, find Sunset Park, an historically diverse residential neighborhood now inviting some surprise commercial tenants to a resurgent Industry City. Time Inc. was impressed enough to forsake the convenience of Midtown Manhattan to take up residence as Sunset Park’s leading commercial tenant. Although the Brooklyn Nets might have something to say about that.

Even neighborhoods known to be reliably appealing residential destinations are getting startup fever. Park Slope, Fort Greene, and Gowanus are springing co-working spaces left and right.

So you see: something is happening in Brooklyn.

Will you be part of it?

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