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55 Washington Street


Brooklyn, NY 11201

  • 200 - 14,718 sqft
  • $1,000 - $73,590 /mo est
  • ~$60/sqft


4th Floor - 419c Suite200 sqft$1,000 /mo est
4th Floor - 419g Suite224 sqft$1,120 /mo est
4th Floor - 419f Suite236 sqft$1,180 /mo est
4th Floor - 419b Suite277 sqft$1,385 /mo est
4th Floor - Suite 424310 sqft$1,550 /mo est
4th Floor - Suite 419388 sqft$1,940 /mo est
3rd Floor - 312a Suite388 sqft$1,940 /mo est
4th Floor - Suite 464421 sqft$2,105 /mo est
4th Floor - Suite 467421 sqft$2,105 /mo est
4th Floor - Suite 471421 sqft$2,105 /mo est
4th Floor - Suite 469421 sqft$2,105 /mo est
4th Floor - 419e Suite472 sqft$2,360 /mo est
3rd Floor - 312e Suite472 sqft$2,360 /mo est
3rd Floor - Suite 317550 sqft$2,750 /mo est
3rd Floor - 317a Suite557 sqft$2,785 /mo est
4th Floor - 419d Suite580 sqft$2,900 /mo est
6th Floor - Suite 602695 sqft$3,475 /mo est
6th Floor - Suite 632750 sqft$3,750 /mo est
7th Floor - Suite 725791 sqft$3,955 /mo est
6th Floor - Suite 661855 sqft$4,275 /mo est
5th Floor - Suite 502855 sqft$4,275 /mo est
2nd Floor - Suite 258857 sqft$4,285 /mo est
2nd Floor - 253c Suite857 sqft$4,285 /mo est
5th Floor - Suite 561857 sqft$4,285 /mo est
4th Floor - 453a Suite870 sqft$4,350 /mo est
6th Floor - Suite 638879 sqft$4,395 /mo est
5th Floor - Suite 554879 sqft$4,395 /mo est
6th Floor - Suite 610888 sqft$4,440 /mo est
6th Floor - Suite 616888 sqft$4,440 /mo est
6th Floor - Suite 614888 sqft$4,440 /mo est
6th Floor - Suite 612888 sqft$4,440 /mo est
6th Floor - Suite 659888 sqft$4,440 /mo est
6th Floor - Suite 608905 sqft$4,525 /mo est
2nd Floor - Suite 259915 sqft$4,575 /mo est
6th Floor - Suite 604919 sqft$4,595 /mo est
6th Floor - Suite 653999 sqft$4,995 /mo est
6th Floor - Suite 6331,002 sqft$5,010 /mo est
7th Floor - Suite 7101,071 sqft$5,355 /mo est
7th Floor - Suite 7061,072 sqft$5,360 /mo est
4th Floor - Suite 4171,093 sqft$5,465 /mo est
4th Floor - Suite 4181,093 sqft$5,465 /mo est
7th Floor - Suite 7031,100 sqft$5,500 /mo est
2nd Floor - 260b Suite1,140 sqft$5,700 /mo est
2nd Floor - 260b Suite1,140 sqft$5,700 /mo est
4th Floor - Suite 4601,157 sqft$5,785 /mo est
5th Floor - Suite 5621,171 sqft$5,855 /mo est
6th Floor - Suite 6601,213 sqft$6,065 /mo est
4th Floor - Suite 4521,236 sqft$6,180 /mo est
7th Floor - Suite 7401,253 sqft$6,265 /mo est
2nd Floor - Suite 2061,358 sqft$6,790 /mo est
4th Floor - 459a B Suite1,563 sqft$7,815 /mo est
4th Floor - Suite 4161,571 sqft$7,855 /mo est
3rd Floor - Suite 3351,629 sqft$8,145 /mo est
5th Floor - Suite 5001,686 sqft$8,430 /mo est
4th Floor - Suite 4581,714 sqft$8,570 /mo est
4th Floor - Suite 4581,714 sqft$8,570 /mo est
5th Floor - Suite 5631,775 sqft$8,875 /mo est
3rd Floor - Suite 3011,810 sqft$9,050 /mo est
2nd Floor - 260a Suite1,885 sqft$9,425 /mo est
2nd Floor - 260a Suite1,885 sqft$9,425 /mo est
4th Floor - Suite 4151,886 sqft$9,430 /mo est
3rd Floor - Suite 3011,943 sqft$9,715 /mo est
7th Floor - Suite 7422,140 sqft$10,700 /mo est
5th Floor - Suite 5042,265 sqft$11,325 /mo est
2nd Floor - 260c Suite2,270 sqft$11,350 /mo est
2nd Floor - 260c Suite2,270 sqft$11,350 /mo est
3rd Floor - 302a Suite2,286 sqft$11,430 /mo est
7th Floor - Suite 7422,468 sqft$12,340 /mo est
6th Floor - 620 622 Suite2,516 sqft$12,580 /mo est
6th Floor - Suite 6262,549 sqft$12,745 /mo est
7th Floor - Suite 7132,550 sqft$12,750 /mo est
6th Floor - Suite 6522,558 sqft$12,790 /mo est
7th Floor - Suite 7123,008 sqft$15,040 /mo est
4th Floor - Suite 4533,350 sqft$16,750 /mo est
7th Floor - Suite 7023,430 sqft$17,150 /mo est
6th Floor - 652 653 Suite3,557 sqft$17,785 /mo est
5th Floor - 558 559 Suite4,030 sqft$20,150 /mo est
5th Floor - Suite 5604,271 sqft$21,355 /mo est
3rd Floor - Suite 3254,397 sqft$21,985 /mo est
3rd Floor - Suite 3204,539 sqft$22,695 /mo est
3rd Floor - Suite 3204,539 sqft$22,695 /mo est
5th Floor - Suite 5726,327 sqft$31,635 /mo est
5th Floor - Suite 5016,556 sqft$32,780 /mo est
4th Floor - Suite 4517,315 sqft$36,575 /mo est
6th Floor - Suite 6069,350 sqft$46,750 /mo est
4th Floor - Suite 42011,100 sqft$55,500 /mo est
4th Floor - Suite 40011,800 sqft$59,000 /mo est
5th Floor - Suite 51214,718 sqft$73,590 /mo est
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  • 0.15 mi🚗MPG
  • 0.17 mi🚇FYork Street
  • 0.18 mi🚗Park Kwik
  • 0.25 mi🚇ACHigh Street
  • 0.34 mi🚗Sunny
  • 0.4 mi🚇23Clark Street

Building Details

  • 24/7 Access✔︎
  • Turnstile
  • Attended Lobby
  • Walk Score®98
  • Year Built1908



Manhattan has some serious competition from Brooklyn in the world of commercial real estate. Aggressive developments in the so-called Brooklyn Triangle, which includes DUMBO, Downtown Brooklyn (DoBro), and the Navy Yard are starting to yield fruit in the form of diverse commercial space for lease. Look no further than unicorns like Etsy taking modern, perk-filled expanses on Adams Street in DUMBO, or companies like advertising giant HUGE and dating app HowBoutWe continuing to hunker down under the bridges.

Beyond the triangle, neighborhoods like Greenpoint and Williamsburg, known for industrial space and vibrant residential life, are emerging as major players on the commercial scene as well. For companies in advertising and media, the synergies aren't surprising. Large, open spaces. Exposed brick. The Northside Media Festival, billed as the baby SXSW. More supply hitting the market and favorable rents (compared to parts of Manhattan). The ingredients are set for an upstart commercial contender. Companies like Kickstarter, Bustle and unicorn VICE got the memo long ago. Who will be next?

Venturing to Brooklyn’s southern reaches, find Sunset Park, an historically diverse residential neighborhood now inviting some surprise commercial tenants to a resurgent Industry City. Time Inc. was impressed enough to forsake the convenience of Midtown Manhattan to take up residence as Sunset Park’s leading commercial tenant. Although the Brooklyn Nets might have something to say about that.

Even neighborhoods known to be reliably appealing residential destinations are getting startup fever. Park Slope, Fort Greene, and Gowanus are springing co-working spaces left and right.

So you see: something is happening in Brooklyn.

Will you be part of it?

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