111 West 33rd Street

112 W 34th

New York, NY 10001

  • 80 - 44,661 sqft
  • inquire for pricing

Building Details

  • Attended Lobby✔︎
  • Turnstile✔︎
  • 24/7 Access✔︎
  • Walk Score®100
  • Noise Index0.57

Located over two floors of a totally transformed former manufacturing building, the 112 W 34th St Center offers first-rate accommodation in this convenient and vibrant Midtown West business district. From the energy efficient glass curtain wall of the exterior to the upgraded interior marble and stone lobby, this center can’t fail to impress. The 26story building features offices with wide windows offering excellent views of Manhattan. The center is in an excellent location across from Macy’s flagship store and its business neighbors include marketing leaders, national airlines, publishers and IT corporations. It is also superbly accessible, being positioned in the heart of the Herald Square transportation hub. The center is a short walk from Grand Central Terminal, Pennsylvania Station, the Port Authority Bus Terminal and PATH. It’s also close to every kind of amenity.

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    17th Floor80 sqftInquire for pricing
    17th Floor150 sqftInquire for pricing
    17th Floor250 sqftInquire for pricing
    17th Floor450 sqftInquire for pricing
    Suite 202972 sqftInquire for pricing
    19th Floor - Suite 19001,336 sqftInquire for pricing
    Space1,910 sqftInquire for pricing
    15th Floor2,932 sqftInquire for pricing
    Space5,000 sqftInquire for pricing
    19th Floor - Suite 19108,299 sqftInquire for pricing
    Space8,307 sqftInquire for pricing
    25th Floor10,569 sqftInquire for pricing
    14th Floor - Suite 141013,853 sqftInquire for pricing
    15th Floor14,214 sqftInquire for pricing
    6th Floor - Partial Suite15,751 sqftInquire for pricing
    Office Space19,998 sqftInquire for pricing
    6th Floor25,897 sqftInquire for pricing
    6th Floor26,134 sqftInquire for pricing
    Suite 60026,335 sqftInquire for pricing
    16th Floor30,486 sqftInquire for pricing
    9th Floor39,000 sqftInquire for pricing
    5th Floor41,835 sqftInquire for pricing
    7th Floor41,836 sqftInquire for pricing
    4th Floor44,620 sqftInquire for pricing
    3rd Floor44,620 sqftInquire for pricing
    3rd Floor44,661 sqftInquire for pricing
    4th Floor44,661 sqftInquire for pricing
    • 0.05 mi🚇BDFMNQRW34th Street-Herald Square
    • 0.06 mi☕️Cafe R
    • 0.07 mi🚇PATH33rd Street
    • 0.09 mi☕️Starbucks
    • 0.12 mi🥘Friedman's
    • 0.12 mi🍺Jack Demsey's
    • 0.13 mi☕️Intelligentsia
    • 0.13 mi🍺O'Reileys
    • 0.13 mi🥘Kang Suh Restaurant
    • 0.13 mi🥘Gaonnuri
    • 0.13 mi🍺O'Reilly's Pub
    • 0.14 mi🥘Seoul Garden
    • 0.14 mi🚇12334th Street - Penn Station
    • 0.14 mi🥘Cho Dang Gol
    • 0.14 mi🚇12334th Street - Penn Station
    • 0.14 mi🚇12334th Street - Penn Station
    • 0.15 mi🥘Izakaya Mew
    • 0.15 mi🚇12334th Street - Penn Station
    • 0.15 mi☕️Dunkin' Donuts
    • 0.15 mi🚗Central Parking
    • 0.16 mi🥘Hana Michi
    • 0.17 mi☕️Andrews Coffee Shop
    • 0.17 mi🥘New WonJo
    • 0.17 mi🥘Hyo Dong Gak
    • 0.17 mi☕️Starbucks
    • 0.17 mi🍺Foley's
    • 0.17 mi🥘Keens Steakhouse
    • 0.18 mi🥘Woorijip
    • 0.19 mi☕️Starbucks Coffee
    • 0.19 mi☕️Chalait
    • 0.2 mi☕️Cafe Bene
    • 0.21 mi🍺Pig n' Whistle
    • 0.21 mi🥘Minar
    • 0.21 mi🚇New York Penn Station
    • 0.21 mi🚇New York Penn Station
    • 0.22 mi🍺Heartland Brewery
    • 0.22 mi☕️Starbucks
    • 0.22 mi☕️Tim Hortons
    • 0.22 mi🥘Five Guys
    • 0.23 mi🥘VLife NYC
    • 0.24 mi🥘Bon Chon Chicken
    • 0.24 mi☕️Pret A Manger
    • 0.25 mi🥘Kyo Chon Chicken
    • 0.25 mi🥘Izumi
    • 0.25 mi🥘John Dory Oyster Bar
    • 0.26 mi💪Throwback Fitness
    • 0.26 mi☕️Best Bagels And Coffee
    • 0.26 mi🥘The Breslin
    • 0.26 mi☕️Starbucks
    • 0.27 mi🥘Waldy's Woodfire Pizza & Penne
    • 0.28 mi🍺American Whisky
    • 0.28 mi🍺Rattle n Hum
    • 0.28 mi🥘Ichiumi Japanese Buffet
    • 0.28 mi🚇128th Street
    • 0.28 mi🍺Local
    • 0.29 mi🚇RW28th Street
    • 0.29 mi☕️GG Cafe
    • 0.29 mi☕️Starbucks
    • 0.29 mi🥘Mulberry & Vine
    • 0.3 mi🥘The Australian
    • 0.3 mi🍺Blaggards Pub
    • 0.3 mi🍺The NoMad Hotel Library Bar
    • 0.3 mi🥘Hee Korean BBQ Grill
    • 0.3 mi🥘Jimmys Burger Shack
    • 0.3 mi🥘Take31
    • 0.31 mi🍺EVR NYC
    • 0.31 mi☕️Starbucks
    • 0.31 mi☕️Starbucks
    • 0.31 mi🥘Her Name is Han
    • 0.31 mi🚇ACE34th Street - Penn Station
    • 0.31 mi🚌Penn Station
    • 0.31 mi🥘Brother Jimmy's BBQ
    • 0.31 mi🥘Ravagh Persian Grill
    • 0.31 mi🥘L & W Oyster Company
    • 0.32 mi🍺The Ginger Man
    • 0.32 mi🍺Tir Na Nog
    • 0.32 mi🥘Stage Door
    • 0.32 mi☕️Mangia Organic
    • 0.32 mi🍺The Nomad
    • 0.32 mi🍺The Molly Wee Pub
    • 0.32 mi🥘Sweetgreen
    • 0.32 mi🥘Tick Tock Diner
    • 0.33 mi🍺Cooper's Tavern
    • 0.33 mi🥘Ben & Jack's Steakhouse
    • 0.33 mi🥘Heartland Brewery
    • 0.33 mi☕️Idea Coffee
    • 0.34 mi🍺John Doe Bar & Kitchen
    • 0.34 mi🍺District Tap House
    • 0.34 mi🥘Bella Napoli
    • 0.34 mi💪Evolution Muay Thai
    • 0.34 mi☕️Koffeecake Corner
    • 0.34 mi🥘Pio Pio Riko
    • 0.34 mi🥘Pita Grill
    • 0.34 mi🍺The Houndstooth Pub
    • 0.34 mi🥘Pad Thai
    • 0.34 mi🥘Melt Shop
    • 0.34 mi🍺Tempest Bar
    • 0.34 mi☕️Starbucks Coffee
    • 0.35 mi🥘Uncle Nick's Restaurant
    • 0.35 mi🍺The Flatiron Room
    • 0.35 mi🍺Grey Bar & Restaurant
    • 0.35 mi🥘Pondicheri
    • 0.35 mi☕️Le Pain Quotidien
    • 0.35 mi🍺Hog Pit NYC
    • 0.35 mi🥘The Smith
    • 0.35 mi🥘Maui Onion
    • 0.35 mi🥘ilili
    • 0.35 mi💪PopPhysique
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    • 0.36 mi🥘Latin American Restaurant
    • 0.36 mi🍺Carragher's
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    • 0.36 mi🚇NQRW42nd Street - Times Square
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    • 0.36 mi🥘Go!Go! Curry
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    • 0.41 mi🚇12342nd Street - Times Square
    • 0.41 mi🚇12342nd Street - Times Square
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    • 0.42 mi🚇12342nd Street - Times Square
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    • 0.45 mi☕️Piccolo Cafe
    • 0.45 mi🚇BDFM42nd Street - Bryant Park
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    • 0.46 mi🍺The Shakespeare
    • 0.46 mi🥘Lizette Restaurant
    • 0.47 mi☕️Starbucks
    • 0.47 mi🍺Beer Authority
    • 0.47 mi🚇75th Avenue
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    • 0.47 mi🥘Hudson Station Bar and Grill
    • 0.47 mi☕️Andaz
    • 0.47 mi🥘Carbone
    • 0.48 mi🚇S42nd Street -Times Square
    • 0.48 mi🍺Silverleaf Tavern
    • 0.49 mi☕️Starbucks Coffee
    • 0.5 mi🥘The Heavenly Burger
    • 0.51 mi🍺BXL Cafe
    • 0.52 mi🥘Tony's


    Garment District

    The Garment District deserves its designation as the Fashion District and the fashion capital of the world. After all, this Manhattan neighborhood’s impressive fashion industry generates about $14 billion in sales every year and employs around 11,000 workers. The Garment District is a unique place to do business because it offers opportunities for fashion moguls, young entrepreneurs, and recent immigrants alike.

    The Garment District is widely known as the ultimate destination for designers, stylists, wholesale buyers, students and, of course, shoppers from all over the world. Calvin Klein, Donna Karan, Mood Fabric Store, Carolina Herrera, Liz Claiborne, and Andrew Marc represent some of the top-notch fashion labels that have Garment District office space and production facilities.

    More than six thousand businesses operate in the Garment District. Not all of them are fashion companies. Architecture firms, tech companies, and ad agencies have been moving in. The economy’s diversification has even led to some conversations about changing the district’s name. Especially in recent years, the Garment District’s tech startup community has grown. For example, pet supply delivery company PetFlow and coworking space Techstars both have their headquarters in the Garment District.

    SquareFoot's NYC Market Report


    What our brokers say about Garment District

    Despite its small size, the Garment District is home to more than 27,000 people. It’s a popular place to live, work, eat, visit, and, of course, shop. The Garment District “offers modern office towers, classic loft buildings, a central Midtown location, and the best transit network of anywhere in the city,” according to a Garment District Alliance report.

    The Garment District is conveniently located near Times Square and other popular destinations. Locals can walk to both Penn Station and Grand Central Station to easily access other areas of Manhattan and the city. See the transportation section to see how the Garment District earned nearly perfect Public Transportation and Walk Scores.

    The neighborhood attracts not only those who work in the fashion industry but also shoppers and tourists. Tourism has risen by 12 million people every year since 2013. As the Garment District’s name suggests, the neighborhood is an excellent place to shop for clothes and the materials to make them. Here are just a few of the most renowned places to shop in the Garment District: M&J Trimming, Louis Vuitton, Urban Outfitters, Mood Designer Fabrics and Lord & Taylor.

    In part because of the increase in tourism to the area, the hotel industry has been on the rise. Today, there are 81% percent more hotel rooms in the Garment District than there were in 2013. Clients, partners, and visitors can choose among some of the city’s best hotels. Some top-rated hotel options in the Garment District include Refinery Hotel, Wyndham New Yorker, and Crowne Plaza HY36 Midtown Manhattan.

    The Garment District is home to the Fashion Walk of Fame, which celebrates the influence of various American designers. Seventh Avenue in the Garment District is called Fashion Avenue because of the high number of famous designers who work or used to work there.

    The Garment District includes plenty of restaurants, coffee shops, and gym options. Looking for a delicious and convenient place for a business lunch or meeting? Check out Casa Nonna, Ai Fiori, Savory, and Parker & Quinn. To work in the 21st century, all you need is Wifi and great office space, right? Well, some office workers also require a daily dose of great coffee. The Garment District won’t disappoint coffee lovers. Visit some of Foursquare’s top-rated coffee shop recommendations in the neighborhood: La Colombe Torrefaction, Blue Bottle Coffee, Culture 36, Culture Espresso, and Cafe Grumpy. A lot of employees might be interested in finding a local gym as well. Classpass recommends the following gyms in the Garment District: Killer Bodies, Crunch Gym, Fluid Fitness, and Yoga & Fitness Herald Square.

    Garment District commercial space for lease | By the numbers

    Office Space for RentPrice per square foot
    Class A$104
    Class B$60

    Garment District Office Space | Lease data & trends

    The Garment District is part of the Midtown Manhattan submarket, which combines the Garment District’s commercial real estate numbers with that of Penn Plaza. Together, the Garment District and Penn Plaza house nearly 47.7 million square feet of total inventory, and almost 6 percent of it was open to new tenants as of Q1 of 2019. Developers are also adding almost 12 million more square feet to the two neighborhoods.

    Those seeking office space in the Garment District can expect to pay an average of just over $82 per square foot for rent. That pricing is comparable with other popular New York City neighborhoods, such as Greenwich Village, Times Square, and World Trade Center. The Garment District average is also almost equal to the overall NYC office market rental average, which is just over $81 per square foot.

    Penn Plaza/Garment office spaces are pretty evenly split between Class A and Class B, but the area has slightly more Class B options. Class A office space in Penn Plaza and the Garment District costs just over $104 per square foot to rent, and right now almost 4 percent of it is vacant and available to new renters. Class B office space in Penn Plaza/Garment costs an average of $60 per square foot to rent, and just over 7 percent of it is available to new tenants.

    Getting around: Transportation in Garment District

    The Garment District spans the area between Fifth and Ninth Avenue and between 34th to 42nd Streets. It is close to the Theater District, Times Square, the Flatiron District, and Hell’s Kitchen. The Garment District is very walkable with a Walk Score of 99. More than 30,000 pedestrians walk through the district every day. Locals enjoy excellent public transportation.

    Travel quickly to and from Times Square and other popular destinations using one of the many transportation options for city and suburban residents. Access convenient nearby transportation locations at Penn Station and Grand Central Station—both of which are within walking distance!—and Port Authority. Among these three transit hubs, commuters can access New Jersey Transit, Amtrak, Long Island Railroad, PATH, and Greyhound.

    The Garment District has five subway stations: 34th Street—Herald Square, 34th Street—Seventh Avenue, 34th Street—Eighth Avenue, Times Square—42nd Street/Port Authority Bus Terminal, and 42nd Street—Bryant Park/Fifth Avenue. City residents can access the Garment District via the 1, 2, 3, 7, A, C, E, N, Q, R, and W trains.

    Because of its proximity to Times Square and Port Authority, Garment District has some of the worst traffic in NYC. Like most areas of NYC, Garment District streets are in a grid pattern, which makes it easier to navigate. The Garment District isn’t a particularly bike-friendly area.

    Nearby airports include the John F. Kennedy International Airport, LaGuardia Airport, and Newark Liberty International Airport.

    Top Commercial Properties For Lease In Garment District

    Those scouting office space in the fashion capital of the world should first check out these prime locations in the Garment District. With some of the best transportation in the city, plenty of units to choose from, and well-known tenants to work alongside, these options are some of the best in the district.

    214 West 39th Street: Built in 1910, 214 West 39th Street is a 12-story building located near the corner of West 39th Street and 7th Avenue. Currently, this location has three units available for rent ranging from 1,000 to 3,000 square feet in size. Chief tenants include Experience Clothing Company, Taylor Vintage, Triple Fashions, Triple Fashion, and Flag & Anthem. The area around 214 West 39th Street has a Walk Score of 98 and a noise index of .41. Easily access 214 West 39th Street from nearby stations 42nd Street—Times Square or 34th Street—Penn Station on trains 1, 2, 3, 7, A, C, E, N, Q, R, or W.

    1415 Broadway: 1415 Broadway is highly sought-after location for not only fashion center tenants but also retail and banking tenants. Jones New York, Kellwood, Levi Strauss Co., Chase Manhattan Bank, and ATM facility work out of this location. This 40-story Class A building was first built in 1970 and renovated in 1999. Tenants and visitors of 1415 Broadway can enjoy relaxing views of the Hudson River. Easily get to this property from 42nd Street—Times Square, 34th Street—Penn Station, or 42nd Street—Penn Station. 1415 Broadway has two partial suites, one suite, and fifteen floors available for rent. Inquire for pricing or request a tour of 1415 Broadway.

    241 West 37th Street: This Class C office building was built in 1913 and has 12 stories and 65 units. Notable tenants working here include biotechnology company Viome and tour agency Tour America. Those seeking office space will find plenty of availability at 241 West 37th Street. Right now, 29 different units, suits, and floors are available ranging from 685 to 21,760 square feet in size. Inquire for tours and pricing. 241 West 37th Street has a Walk Score of 98 and a Transit Score of 100. Easily access this location via trains 1, 2, 3, 7, A, C, E, N, Q, R, or W.


    Garment District History: A Global Hub for Fashion

    The Garment District began influencing what people wear and how they obtain their clothing back in the 1800s. Before the streets were lined with high fashion boutiques, it used to be home to a large collection of factories. Actually, the garment industry originated in the Lower East Side, where Jewish immigrants lived and worked. Updated workplace standards eventually inspired these workplaces to move near Fifth Avenue.

    Middle-class Americans used to make their own clothing, and only rich people hired tailors to sew for them. During the Civil War, these tailors began collaborating to sew clothing in bulk for the soldiers. At the same time, skilled immigrants began moving to New York City, creating a labor force that could work in clothing factories. By 1910, approximately 70 percent of women’s clothing came from the Garment District. By 1931, the area boasted the most garment manufacturers of anywhere in the world. By 1960, the Garment District produced more than 90 percent of the nation’s garments.
    Today, the Garment District is known as the fashion capital of the world and offers a huge variety of niche resources such as dress dying services, full production cutting and wholesale fabric manufacturers—all within one square mile.

    In the past year, the City Council has been working on a rezoning plan to help maintain the fashion manufacturing industry for which the neighborhood has long been known. “[This] marks another major milestone in a multi-year process to ensure a permanent home for garment manufacturers in New York City,” said Corey Johnson, the council’s speaker. The plan, which involves tax incentives and rules regarding the ratio from manufacturing space to office space, is intended to help preserve the Garment District’s rightful place as the hub for American fashion.

    Daytime street-level view of 37th Street and 5th AveWoman carrying mannequin across major intersection in Garment DistrictGiant Needle and Button bronze statue leaning above Fashion District Information Center

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