153 East 53rd Street

Citigopup Center

New York, NY 10022

  • 12,470 - 29,989 sqft
  • inquire for pricing

Building Details

  • Owner/Leasing ManagerBoston Properties
  • Floors59
  • ArchitectThe Stubbins Associates, Inc.
  • Walk Score®98
  • Year Built1977
  • Noise Index0.53

The Citigroup Center is located 153 East 53rd Street in [Midtown of Manhattan] ( The height of the Citigroup Center is 915 feet and has 59 floors. The building contains 1.3 million square feet of office space and is one of the most imposing and distinctive high-rises in New Yorks skyline. The main architect behind the building was Edward Larrabee Barnes Associates and The Stubbins Associates, Inc. The architects were recognized with an Honor Award from the American Institute of Architects in 1979.
The tower’s base is cut away at the four corners, leaving it standing on a cross shaped footing, extending from the core to the center of each side. Citigroup’s pitched roof causes it to stand out among other building, making it a powerful symbol of its namesake corporation. The roof is at a 45degree angle because it was intended to have solar panels installed, but the idea was dropped because the position of the roof meant that the panels would not face the sun directly.
The building uses Double decker elevator cars because it reduces the area devoted to the vertical circulation core, creating more available space for offices. A computer driven load mass damper ensures stability for the building because of the reduced number of vertical supports.
Citigroup Center was the first skyscraper in the U.S. to be built with a tuned mass damper. The overhanging corners were designed after St. Peter’s Lutheran Church, which occupied one corner, insisted on keeping its lot and its separate identity. A new church was however built in place of the old one.
At one point the tower was considered capable of collapsing in a strong wind. When news came that a storm was coming to the city, emergency crews worked around the clock to reinforce the tower with two inch thick steel plates that were welded over each of the buildings 200 bolted.
To help with stabilization, a tuned mass damper was placed in the mechanical space at the top. The damper is designed to counteract any swaying motions because of wind on the building and it reduced the building’s movement due to wind by as much as 50%

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    59th Floor - A Suite12,470 sqftInquire for pricing
    Entire 20th Floor29,989 sqftInquire for pricing
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    Midtown East

    Midtown East, an area of Midtown, is a popular office space location, especially for consulting firms, financial services firms, media companies, and hedge funds. Located near many of Manhattan’s most iconic landmarks, the area is not only a business center but also a well-traveled tourist destination. Midtown East encompasses several unique neighborhoods including the Plaza District, Park Avenue, Madison Avenue, and Grand Central Station.

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    Midtown East Office Space | Lease Data & Trends

    Office space rental prices vary greatly based on location, building class, and lease terms and length. On the high end of the spectrum, Class A office space in the Plaza District or on Madison Avenue can cost $100 per square foot. Conversely, Class B office space for lease in the Garment District or near Grand Central Station goes for closer to $60 per square foot.

    In general, Midtown East submarkets are more expensive than the average asking rent for NYC office space $72 per square foot, or the average Brooklyn office space rent of $42 per square foot.

    To help decide what kind of space you’re looking for, read about the differences between Class A and Class B office spaces. What about gross lease, triple net leases, and tenant improvement allowance? If you want to learn more about renting office space in Midtown East, one of our licensed tenant brokers would love to answer your questions.


    What Our Brokers Say About Midtown East Office Space

    The borough of Manhattan south of Central Park is traditionally divided into Midtown, Midtown South, and Lower Manhattan. Midtown East is the Eastern half of Midtown that is bordered by Fifth Avenue to the west, the East River to the east, 59th St. to the north, and 42nd Street to the south. The area is home to the Chrysler Building, Rockefeller Center, and the United Nations Headquarters, and visitors will notice a lot of areas that look familiar because they’ve appeared on postcards and in TV shows.

    Midtown East is primarily a business district and is relatively quiet during the evenings. Traveling around the area and getting to and from nearby districts is easy, especially with the convenient juxtaposition of Grand Central Station, which is not only one of the biggest hubs for public transportation in NYC but also a historic landmark. Nearby subway lines include: 4, 5, 6, N, Q, R, B, D, F, M, E, and 7. If visiting business partners need a place to stay, book rooms in The Langham, The Bernic Hotel, Fitzpatrick Grand Central, or Pod 39.


    Popular Neighborhoods in Midtown East

    Each neighborhood located within Midtown East has unique character and features.

    Grand Central Station: Whether you call it by its official name, Grand Central Terminal, or its nickname, Grand Central, this neighborhood is known for housing Grand Central Station, one of the biggest transportation hubs in NYC. Securing office space here means working alongside companies such as Salesforce, YES Network, Oracle, Metlife, and New York Life Insurance.

    Madison Avenue: Madison Avenue, one of the most well-known streets in America, is home to some of the nation’s most influential businesses. Named after the United States’ fourth President, James Madison, Madison Avenue is clean, beautiful, and graffiti-free. Though no longer the center of the advertising world, Madison Avenue is still an area in high demand.

    Plaza District: The Plaza District houses some of the most premier commercial real estate in NYC. A 10% vacancy leaves potential tenants with plenty of options to join the district’s current tenants, which include Colgate-Palmolive, Bloomberg, and NBC Studios.

    Park Avenue: Park Avenue, originally called Fourth Avenue, houses some of the nation’s most expensive real estate, and some of NYC’s richest CEOs live there. Fortune 500 companies such as Citigroup, Mutual of America, JP Morgan, and Metlife have Park Avenue addresses from here.

    photo of the metlife building and grand central station

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