154 Grand Street

We Work Soho

New York, NY 10013

  • 100 - 10,000 sqft
  • $441 - $44,166 /mo est
  • ~$53/sqft


Wework100 sqft$441 /mo est
Wework500 sqft$2,208 /mo est
Wework1,000 sqft$4,416 /mo est
Wework2,000 sqft$8,833 /mo est
Wework3,000 sqft$13,250 /mo est
Wework4,000 sqft$17,666 /mo est
Wework5,000 sqft$22,083 /mo est
Wework6,000 sqft$26,500 /mo est
Wework7,000 sqft$30,916 /mo est
Wework8,000 sqft$35,333 /mo est
Wework9,000 sqft$39,750 /mo est
Wework10,000 sqft$44,166 /mo est
  • 0.16 mišŸš‡NQRWCanal Street
  • 0.16 mišŸš‡6Canal Street
  • 0.16 mišŸš‡6Spring Street
  • 0.17 mišŸš‡JZCanal Street
  • 0.26 mišŸš‡JZBowery
  • 0.28 mišŸš‡RWPrince Street
  • 0.29 mišŸš‡BDGrand Street
  • 0.36 mišŸš‡ACECanal Street
  • 0.37 mišŸš‡BDFMBroadway-Lafayette Street
  • 0.43 mišŸš‡1Canal Street
  • 0.43 mišŸš‡1Canal Street
  • 0.43 mišŸš‡1Canal Street
  • 0.43 mišŸš‡1Canal Street
  • 0.44 mišŸš‡1Franklin Street
  • 0.45 mišŸš‡6Bleecker Street
  • 0.46 mišŸš‡F2nd Avenue-Lower East Side

Building Details

  • Walk ScoreĀ®100
  • Noise Index0.7

Located in a beautiful historic brick building right at the intersection of [Soho] (, Nolita, Little Italy and Chinatown, this is our first location in New York.


Little Italy

Perhaps toĀ no surprise, the mini-neighborhood of Little Italy is best known for authentic Italian food, locales immortalizedĀ by The Godfather,Ā and theĀ Festival of San Gennaro, an 11-day festivalĀ celebrating Italian culture each September.Ā Its border with Chinatown alsoĀ forms anĀ alluring intersection ofĀ Asian and Italian eats to die for.

Combined with aĀ business-friendly averageĀ rent rate of $53/sqft as well as its foodie fame, no wonder companies like Serious Eats and Blue Apron haveĀ takenĀ up Little Italy office space.

Nearby Districts Include:Ā NoHo, Chinatown, SoHo, and the Lower East Side.

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