17 Battery Place

Whitehall Building

New York, NY 10004

  • 2,987 - 200,000 sqft
  • ~$53/sqft


Partial 12th Floor2,987 sqft$13,192 /mo est
12th Floor - 1226 1236 Suite2,987 sqft$13,192 /mo est
Office Space2,987 sqft$13,192 /mo est
9th Floor3,000 sqft$13,250 /mo est
13th Floor3,380 sqft$14,928 /mo est
Office Space3,380 sqft$14,928 /mo est
13th Floor3,380 sqft$14,928 /mo est
12th Floor3,550 sqft$15,679 /mo est
3rd Floor3,890 sqft$17,180 /mo est
3rd Floor6,750 sqft$29,812 /mo est
Office Space6,754 sqft$29,830 /mo est
3rd Floor6,754 sqft$29,830 /mo est
12th Floor7,080 sqft$31,270 /mo est
13th Floor7,470 sqft$32,992 /mo est
13th Floor7,720 sqft$34,096 /mo est
6th Floor7,770 sqft$34,317 /mo est
Office Space7,772 sqft$34,326 /mo est
6th Floor - 636 660 Suite7,772 sqft$34,326 /mo est
Partial 6th Floor7,772 sqft$34,326 /mo est
Partial 13th Floor9,465 sqft$41,803 /mo est
13th Floor10,850 sqft$47,920 /mo est
Office Space13,025 sqft$57,527 /mo est
Entire 12th Floor13,025 sqft$57,527 /mo est
12th Floor13,030 sqft$57,549 /mo est
Partial 8th Floor13,316 sqft$58,812 /mo est
Office Space13,316 sqft$58,812 /mo est
8th Floor - Suite 80013,320 sqft$58,830 /mo est
9th Floor13,530 sqft$59,757 /mo est
9th Floor - 920 936 Suite13,532 sqft$59,766 /mo est
Partial 9th Floor13,532 sqft$59,766 /mo est
Office Space13,532 sqft$59,766 /mo est
11th Floor13,990 sqft$61,789 /mo est
Office Space13,994 sqft$61,806 /mo est
Entire 11th Floor13,994 sqft$61,806 /mo est
7th Floor19,720 sqft$87,096 /mo est
Partial 7th Floor19,723 sqft$87,109 /mo est
Office Space19,723 sqft$87,109 /mo est
Office Space20,000 sqft$88,333 /mo est
Entire 10th Floor22,000 sqft$97,166 /mo est
Full Floor Floor23,000 sqft$101,583 /mo est
10th Floor23,340 sqft$103,085 /mo est
3rd Floor23,340 sqft$103,085 /mo est
6th Floor23,340 sqft$103,085 /mo est
Partial 3rd Floor23,343 sqft$103,098 /mo est
3rd Floor23,343 sqft$103,098 /mo est
Entire 10th Floor23,343 sqft$103,098 /mo est
4th Suite23,343 sqft$103,098 /mo est
Office Space23,343 sqft$103,098 /mo est
6th Floor23,343 sqft$103,098 /mo est
5th Suite23,343 sqft$103,098 /mo est
Office Space23,343 sqft$103,098 /mo est
Office Space23,343 sqft$103,098 /mo est
Partial 6th Floor23,343 sqft$103,098 /mo est
Entire 15th Floor23,609 sqft$104,273 /mo est
Office Space23,609 sqft$104,273 /mo est
Office Space23,609 sqft$104,273 /mo est
Office Space23,609 sqft$104,273 /mo est
Entire 14th Floor23,609 sqft$104,273 /mo est
Entire 16th Floor23,609 sqft$104,273 /mo est
15th Floor23,610 sqft$104,277 /mo est
14th Floor23,610 sqft$104,277 /mo est
16th Floor23,610 sqft$104,277 /mo est
Full Floor Floor36,000 sqft$159,000 /mo est
10th Floor36,790 sqft$162,489 /mo est
Office Space200,000 sqft$883,333 /mo est
  • 0.12 mi🚇45Bowling Green
  • 0.19 mi🚇1Rector Street
  • 0.2 mi🚇RWWhitehall Street - South Ferry
  • 0.22 mi🚇RWRector Street
  • 0.29 mi🚇JZBroad Street
  • 0.29 mi🚇1South Ferry
  • 0.31 mi🚇45Wall Street
  • 0.32 mi🚇1Old South Ferry
  • 0.38 mi🚇23Wall Street
  • 0.46 mi🚇1Cortlandt Street

Building Details

  • Attended Lobby✔︎
  • Turnstile✔︎
  • 24/7 Access✔︎
  • Floors31
  • Height261 feet
  • Walk Score®100
  • Year Built1902
  • Noise Index0.32

Located across the street from New York Harbor and Battery Park, 17 Battery Place North & South offer unobstructed views of the Statue of Liberty and Ellis Island. These buildings total nearly a million. The North and South buildings offer flexibility, with an abundance of natural light. Equipped to satisfy the most demanding tenants, they offer high ceilings, superior electrical capacity and high-speed telecommunications capability. There's even a gourmet market and Duane Reade located at street level, where tenants and visitors can find convenient food, beverages, shopping and dining options.


Financial District

Home to many of Manhattan’s major financial institutions, the aptly named Financial District is located towards the southern end of the island. Two of Manhattan’s major streets, Wall Street and Broad Street, can be found in the area. Some must-see places for businesses include the New York Stock Exchange and the Federal Reserve Bank. The South Street Seaport outdoor mall has a number of shops for employees to explore.  Furthermore, Stone Street, a pedestrian-only, cobblestone street is home to numerous restaurant and bar options.  When the weather permits, take advantage of the outdoor seating areas for optimal people-watching.  

Attractions in the area include The New York City Police Museum and the Museum of American Finance. Additionally, during times of celebration, the city comes alive for the ticker-tape parade whose route is known as the Canyon of Heroes.

For workers who put in long hours at the office and want to live nearby, the Financial District may be the perfect option for you. In terms of average rent for office space, you will be hard-pressed to beat the Financial District’s $53/sqft.  It’s no wonder companies from a number of industries have joined the likes of Goldman Sachs, Deutsche Bank, and American Express as office neighbors in the Financial District.

Nearby Districts Include: Tribeca, and Chinatown. 

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