27240 Grand Central Parkway


New York, NY 11005

  • 2,001 - 16,350 sqft
  • ~$40/sqft

Building Details

  • Walk Score®57
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  • Availability

    Partial 40th Floor2,001 sqft$6,670 /mo est
    Partial 40th Floor2,006 sqft$6,686 /mo est
    Partial 20th Floor2,495 sqft$8,316 /mo est
    Partial 15th Floor2,819 sqft$9,396 /mo est
    Partial 20th Floor2,995 sqft$9,983 /mo est
    Partial 11th Floor3,255 sqft$10,850 /mo est
    11th Floor3,260 sqft$10,866 /mo est
    Partial 11th Floor3,355 sqft$11,183 /mo est
    Entire 30th Floor3,721 sqft$12,403 /mo est
    Partial 2nd Floor4,035 sqft$13,450 /mo est
    2nd Floor4,430 sqft$14,766 /mo est
    Partial 2nd Floor4,465 sqft$14,883 /mo est
    Partial 14th Floor4,686 sqft$15,620 /mo est
    Partial 14th Floor4,894 sqft$16,313 /mo est
    Partial 14th Floor5,016 sqft$16,720 /mo est
    Partial 11th Floor5,016 sqft$16,720 /mo est
    Entire 30th Floor5,053 sqft$16,843 /mo est
    Entire 37th Floor5,230 sqft$17,433 /mo est
    Partial 37th Floor5,294 sqft$17,646 /mo est
    15th Floor5,710 sqft$19,033 /mo est
    Partial 15th Floor5,714 sqft$19,046 /mo est
    Partial 11th Floor5,803 sqft$19,343 /mo est
    5th Floor5,860 sqft$19,533 /mo est
    Partial 23rd Floor6,803 sqft$22,676 /mo est
    Entire 32nd Floor7,593 sqft$25,310 /mo est
    Entire 2nd Floor8,500 sqft$28,333 /mo est
    Partial 28th Floor8,851 sqft$29,503 /mo est
    10th Floor16,000 sqft$53,333 /mo est
    Entire 12th Floor16,000 sqft$53,333 /mo est
    Entire 29th Floor16,350 sqft$54,500 /mo est
    Entire 28th Floor16,350 sqft$54,500 /mo est
    Entire 33rd Floor16,350 sqft$54,500 /mo est
    Entire 30th Floor16,350 sqft$54,500 /mo est

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