4 Times Square

Garment District

New York, NY 10036

  • 12,558 - 817,000 sqft
  • $54,418 - $3,540,333 /mo est
  • ~$52/sqft


Partial 12th Floor12,558 sqft$54,418 /mo est
12th Floor15,166 sqft$65,719 /mo est
Partial 7th Floor24,248 sqft$105,074 /mo est
12th Floor- Partial Floor28,664 sqft$124,210 /mo est
7th Floor - Partial Floor31,396 sqft$136,049 /mo est
Office Space36,524 sqft$158,270 /mo est
Office Space37,768 sqft$163,661 /mo est
Office Space37,924 sqft$164,337 /mo est
Office Space37,925 sqft$164,341 /mo est
Office Space41,160 sqft$178,360 /mo est
Office Space41,192 sqft$178,498 /mo est
Office Space41,221 sqft$178,624 /mo est
Office Space44,131 sqft$191,234 /mo est
Office Space44,263 sqft$191,806 /mo est
Office Space47,756 sqft$206,942 /mo est
Office Space55,644 sqft$241,124 /mo est
Office Space55,663 sqft$241,206 /mo est
Floors 4-23 Floor817,000 sqft$3,540,333 /mo est
  • 0.03 mi๐Ÿš‡S42nd Street -Times Square
  • 0.1 mi๐Ÿš‡12342nd Street - Times Square
  • 0.1 mi๐Ÿš‡12342nd Street - Times Square
  • 0.11 mi๐Ÿš‡12342nd Street - Times Square
  • 0.11 mi๐Ÿš‡12342nd Street - Times Square
  • 0.11 mi๐Ÿš‡742nd Street - Times Square
  • 0.13 mi๐Ÿš‡BDFM42nd Street - Bryant Park
  • 0.13 mi๐Ÿš‡NQRW42nd Street - Times Square
  • 0.17 mi๐Ÿš—Hippodrome Parking
  • 0.18 mi๐Ÿš—Hippodrome Parking
  • 0.23 mi๐Ÿš‡ACE42nd Street - Port Authority Bus Terminal
  • 0.25 mi๐Ÿš‡75th Avenue
  • 0.32 mi๐Ÿš—Quik Park
  • 0.33 mi๐Ÿš‡NRW49th Street
  • 0.33 mi๐Ÿš‡BDFM47th-50th Streets - Rockefeller Center
  • 0.37 mi๐Ÿš—Icon
  • 0.38 mi๐Ÿš‡150th Street
  • 0.43 mi๐Ÿš‡12334th Street - Penn Station
  • 0.43 mi๐Ÿš‡12334th Street - Penn Station
  • 0.43 mi๐Ÿš‡12334th Street - Penn Station
  • 0.43 mi๐Ÿš‡12334th Street - Penn Station
  • 0.44 mi๐Ÿš‡CE50th Street

Building Details

  • Floors3
  • Walk Scoreยฎ100

Midtown is home to 4 Times Square, an exquisite commercial space featuring the famous NASDAQ market site tower facility, a modern exterior, and a beautiful, glass-enclosed cafeteria area. The building, also known as the Cond Nast Building, was constructed in 1999. It stands 48 floors high and offers great views of the surrounding area.Moving to 4 Times Square means you will never run out of food to eat, art to appreciate, or people to meet. Grand Central is just blocks away, ensuring easy transportation to just about anywhere in the city. Local attractions include the Museum of Modern Art, Christies Auction House, and Saint Patricks Cathedral. For a great steak head over to Mortons Steakhouse. Some of our favorites at TheSquareFoot also include Bouchon Bakery for buttery croissants and Hatsuhana Sushi for authentic Japanese cuisine.


Garment District

The Garment District, also known as the Fashion District, is home to the majority of New Yorkโ€™s showrooms and major fashion labels. The industry here generates $14 billion in annual sales and is arguably the fashion capital of the world. The one-square-mile that the Garment District inhabits caters to every aspect of the fashion process, from design and production to wholesale selling. No other city in the world has a comparable concentration of fashion business and talent in a single district. But there's more to the neighborhood than fashion.ย 

Office space for rent in the Garment District is advantageous for a number of reasons. It offers some of the lowest rents in the city at an average of $52/sqft as well as delicious, affordable eats in Koreatown. Additionally, it's within walking distance of major public transit hubs in Penn Station and Grand Central Terminal, which means an accessible commute for those living in the greater tri-state area.

Businsses seeking office space for lease in the Garment District will find neighbors in Hautelook, Microsoft, and Ebay.

Nearby Districts Include:ย Chelsea, Midtown, and the Flatiron District.

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