437 Madison Avenue


New York, NY 10022

  • 598 - 30,790 sqft
  • $3,637 - $187,305 /mo est
  • ~$73/sqft


P 1st Floor (Ground Floor) Floor - Suite 5598 sqft$3,637 /mo est
1st Floor600 sqft$3,650 /mo est
P 1st Floor (Ground Floor) Floor - Suite 41,069 sqft$6,503 /mo est
1st Floor1,070 sqft$6,509 /mo est
33rd Floor1,430 sqft$8,699 /mo est
36th Floor2,000 sqft$12,166 /mo est
Partial 35th Floor3,189 sqft$19,399 /mo est
35th Floor3,190 sqft$19,405 /mo est
34th Floor - 34c Suite3,468 sqft$21,097 /mo est
34th Floor3,468 sqft$21,097 /mo est
35th Floor3,501 sqft$21,297 /mo est
19th Floor3,592 sqft$21,851 /mo est
19th Floor - 19b Suite3,592 sqft$21,851 /mo est
Partial 27th Floor3,978 sqft$24,199 /mo est
27th Floor3,978 sqft$24,199 /mo est
27th Floor3,980 sqft$24,211 /mo est
27th Floor4,090 sqft$24,880 /mo est
Partial 27th Floor4,090 sqft$24,880 /mo est
27th Floor4,090 sqft$24,880 /mo est
Partial 27th Floor4,575 sqft$27,831 /mo est
27th Floor4,575 sqft$27,831 /mo est
27th Floor4,580 sqft$27,861 /mo est
Partial 19th Floor4,805 sqft$29,230 /mo est
19th Floor4,810 sqft$29,260 /mo est
Partial 22nd Floor5,036 sqft$30,635 /mo est
22nd Floor5,036 sqft$30,635 /mo est
22nd Floor - C Suite5,040 sqft$30,660 /mo est
19th Floor - 19a Suite5,261 sqft$32,004 /mo est
22nd Floor - B Suite5,490 sqft$33,397 /mo est
Partial 22nd Floor5,493 sqft$33,415 /mo est
22nd Floor5,493 sqft$33,415 /mo est
27th Floor6,007 sqft$36,542 /mo est
Partial 27th Floor6,007 sqft$36,542 /mo est
27th Floor6,010 sqft$36,560 /mo est
34th Floor - 34a Suite6,042 sqft$36,755 /mo est
34th Floor - 34d Suite6,402 sqft$38,945 /mo est
Partial 22nd Floor10,529 sqft$64,051 /mo est
22nd Floor10,530 sqft$64,057 /mo est
21st Floor17,250 sqft$104,937 /mo est
17th Floor17,750 sqft$107,979 /mo est
Entire 18th Floor17,750 sqft$107,979 /mo est
17th Floor17,750 sqft$107,979 /mo est
Entire 21st Floor17,750 sqft$107,979 /mo est
18th Floor17,750 sqft$107,979 /mo est
Entire 17th Floor17,750 sqft$107,979 /mo est
27th Floor18,650 sqft$113,454 /mo est
Entire 25th Floor18,650 sqft$113,454 /mo est
26th Floor18,650 sqft$113,454 /mo est
26th Floor18,650 sqft$113,454 /mo est
25th Floor18,650 sqft$113,454 /mo est
Entire 27th Floor18,650 sqft$113,454 /mo est
Entire 26th Floor18,650 sqft$113,454 /mo est
39th Floor19,089 sqft$116,124 /mo est
Entire 39th Floor19,089 sqft$116,124 /mo est
40th Floor19,089 sqft$116,124 /mo est
Entire 40th Floor19,089 sqft$116,124 /mo est
14th Floor30,790 sqft$187,305 /mo est
  • 0.18 mišŸš‡651st Street
  • 0.22 mišŸš—Alpha Garage
  • 0.22 mišŸš‡EM53rd Street-5th Avenue
  • 0.26 mišŸš‡EM53rd Street-Lexington Avenue
  • 0.31 mišŸšŒbus m101
  • 0.32 mišŸš‡BDFM47th-50th Streets - Rockefeller Center
  • 0.38 mišŸš—Hippodrome Parking
  • 0.39 mišŸš‡S456742nd Street-Grand Central
  • 0.41 mišŸš—Hippodrome Parking
  • 0.41 mišŸšŒNew York Airport Service
  • 0.43 mišŸš‡75th Avenue
  • 0.46 mišŸš—Icon

Building Details

  • Floors40
  • Walk ScoreĀ®97
  • Year Built1967
  • Noise Index0.53

Standing 40 floors high in the heart of Midtown, 437 Madison Avenue features concierge service with a personal request system, 24/7 uniformed security guards, on-site parking, and a freight elevator. The building, also known as the ITT-American Building, was constructed in 1967.437 Madison Avenue is surrounded by New York landmarks. Rockefeller Center, St. Patricks Cathedral, and the Museum of Modern Art are all located within a few blocks. Looking for a break from the big city? Head over to Bryant Park for a breath of fresh air without in hassle of having to actually leave. Transportation is especially convenient in this area given the proximity of 437 Madison Avenue to Grand Central Terminal.



Midtown is the epicenter of businessĀ in New York City, the beating heart of everyday professional life in Manhattan, the "Big Apple" everyone's talking about. Ā In many ways, it's a microcosm of the city -Ā its own ecosystem of interconnected businesses and neighborhoods. While it's most commonly associated with the modern marvel that is Times Square, there's more to Midtown than jam-packed sidewalks, throttling skyscrapers, and honking taxis.

This is the home of coolĀ districts likeĀ Koreatown and Rose Hill, theĀ patron of fine cultural institutions likeĀ the Museum of Modern Art (MoMA), the Scandanavian House, PierPont Morgan Library, and the Japan Society. Some of the bestĀ restaurants in the world hail from Midtown, like Thomas Keller's Per Se,Ā Takayama's Masa, and Eric Ripert's Le Bernardin.Ā Famed venues like the Ziegfeld Theatre movie palace, Carnegie Hall, and Radio City Music Hall never fail to charm. And we haven't even gotten to the shopping on 5th Avenue or the "Hamilton" craze on Broadway taking the world by storm. So you see, Midtown isn't all work and no play, but it does excel at work when you get down to it.

Midtown office spaceĀ drives theĀ commercial market in New York City. ItĀ isn'tĀ exactly cheap, comingĀ at an averageĀ of $73/sqft,Ā but itsĀ unbeatable public transit options and well-laid infrastructure still make itĀ top dog for big businesses in need of office space for rent. As for the neighbors, take your pick. It's the media and advertising and financial capital of the world.

Nearby Districts Include:Ā The Garment District, the Upper West Side, and the Upper East Side.Ā 

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