530 7th Avenue


New York, NY 10018

  • 100 - 30,000 sqft
  • ~$61/sqft


Mezzanine Floor Floor100 sqft$508 /mo est
Mezzanine Floor100 sqft$508 /mo est
1st Floor100 sqft$508 /mo est
12th Floor - Suite 1207850 sqft$4,320 /mo est
30th Floor - Skylark Suite900 sqft$4,575 /mo est
24th Floor - Suite 2405900 sqft$4,575 /mo est
Suite 2405900 sqft$4,575 /mo est
24th Floor - Suite 2404900 sqft$4,575 /mo est
Mezzanine Floor - 530 Common Areas Suite1,000 sqft$5,083 /mo est
Mezz Floor - Suite 5301,000 sqft$5,083 /mo est
M1 Floor - Space 530 Multiple Units Suite1,000 sqft$5,083 /mo est
Office Space1,400 sqft$7,116 /mo est
12th Floor - Suite 12091,400 sqft$7,116 /mo est
8th Floor - Suite 8091,400 sqft$7,116 /mo est
11th Floor1,400 sqft$7,116 /mo est
Partial 9th Floor - Suite 9091,400 sqft$7,116 /mo est
Suite 4091,400 sqft$7,116 /mo est
10th Floor - Suite 10091,400 sqft$7,116 /mo est
14th Floor - Suite 14091,400 sqft$7,116 /mo est
3rd Floor - Suite 3091,400 sqft$7,116 /mo est
4th Floor1,400 sqft$7,116 /mo est
7th Floor - Suite 7091,400 sqft$7,116 /mo est
8th Floor - Suite 8091,400 sqft$7,116 /mo est
28th Floor - Suite 28021,500 sqft$7,625 /mo est
Suite 11031,500 sqft$7,625 /mo est
Suite 28021,500 sqft$7,625 /mo est
11th Floor - Suite 11041,700 sqft$8,641 /mo est
Office Space1,700 sqft$8,641 /mo est
Suite 6061,700 sqft$8,641 /mo est
4th Floor1,700 sqft$8,641 /mo est
10th Floor1,700 sqft$8,641 /mo est
Suite 11041,700 sqft$8,641 /mo est
14th Floor1,700 sqft$8,641 /mo est
7th Floor1,700 sqft$8,641 /mo est
5th Floor1,700 sqft$8,641 /mo est
8th Floor1,700 sqft$8,641 /mo est
6th Floor1,700 sqft$8,641 /mo est
12th Floor1,700 sqft$8,641 /mo est
Suite 5051,700 sqft$8,641 /mo est
9th Floor1,700 sqft$8,641 /mo est
Suite 22081,800 sqft$9,150 /mo est
14th Floor - Suite 14041,800 sqft$9,150 /mo est
22nd Floor - Suite 22081,800 sqft$9,150 /mo est
28th Floor - Suite 28061,900 sqft$9,658 /mo est
24th Floor - Suite 24081,960 sqft$9,963 /mo est
12th Floor - Suite 12082,100 sqft$10,675 /mo est
4th Floor - Suite 4082,100 sqft$10,675 /mo est
6th Floor - Suite 6082,100 sqft$10,675 /mo est
Ground Floor2,100 sqft$10,675 /mo est
5th Floor2,100 sqft$10,675 /mo est
8th Floor - Suite 8082,100 sqft$10,675 /mo est
7th Floor - Suite 7082,100 sqft$10,675 /mo est
10th Floor - Suite 10082,100 sqft$10,675 /mo est
Partial 11th Floor - Suite 11082,100 sqft$10,675 /mo est
28th Floor - Suite 28012,200 sqft$11,183 /mo est
22nd Floor - Suite 22032,800 sqft$14,233 /mo est
19th Floor - Suite 19093,010 sqft$15,300 /mo est
19th Floor - Suite 19093,010 sqft$15,300 /mo est
9th Floor3,200 sqft$16,266 /mo est
22nd Floor - Suite 22063,400 sqft$17,283 /mo est
Suite 11023,400 sqft$17,283 /mo est
Office Space3,400 sqft$17,283 /mo est
4th Floor3,400 sqft$17,283 /mo est
28th Floor3,450 sqft$17,537 /mo est
Office Space3,450 sqft$17,537 /mo est
6th Floor - Suite 6013,500 sqft$17,791 /mo est
10th Floor - Suite 10013,500 sqft$17,791 /mo est
9th Floor - Suite 9023,500 sqft$17,791 /mo est
Suite 15013,508 sqft$17,832 /mo est
9th Floor - Suite 9013,600 sqft$18,300 /mo est
11th Floor - Suite 11013,600 sqft$18,300 /mo est
Suite 11093,600 sqft$18,300 /mo est
6th Floor - Suite 6023,600 sqft$18,300 /mo est
12th Floor - Suite 12013,600 sqft$18,300 /mo est
Suite 11013,600 sqft$18,300 /mo est
Suite 5013,700 sqft$18,808 /mo est
3rd Floor - Suite 3073,800 sqft$19,316 /mo est
14th Floor3,800 sqft$19,316 /mo est
5th Floor - Suite 5013,800 sqft$19,316 /mo est
1407/08 Suite3,800 sqft$19,316 /mo est
3rd Floor - Suite 3013,800 sqft$19,316 /mo est
19th Floor - Suite 19064,200 sqft$21,350 /mo est
22nd Floor - Suite 22014,800 sqft$24,400 /mo est
14th Floor - Suite 14034,900 sqft$24,908 /mo est
5th Floor - Suite 5024,900 sqft$24,908 /mo est
20th Floor5,150 sqft$26,179 /mo est
2206/2208 Suite5,200 sqft$26,433 /mo est
27th Floor5,500 sqft$27,958 /mo est
30th Floor - Suite 30015,850 sqft$29,737 /mo est
Suite 30015,850 sqft$29,737 /mo est
15th Floor6,560 sqft$33,346 /mo est
Suite 15026,600 sqft$33,550 /mo est
Suite 19026,650 sqft$33,804 /mo est
Partial 7th Floor - Suite 7017,400 sqft$37,616 /mo est
29th Floor7,500 sqft$38,125 /mo est
8th Floor - Suite 8018,900 sqft$45,241 /mo est
15th Floor - Suite 15059,000 sqft$45,750 /mo est
25th Floor10,200 sqft$51,850 /mo est
Partial 20th Floor - Suite 200111,300 sqft$57,441 /mo est
23rd Floor11,700 sqft$59,475 /mo est
21st Floor15,200 sqft$77,266 /mo est
16th Floor18,200 sqft$92,516 /mo est
2nd Floor18,500 sqft$94,041 /mo est
16th Floor21,708 sqft$110,349 /mo est
Office Space30,000 sqft$152,500 /mo est
  • 0.1 mi🚇NQRW42nd Street - Times Square
  • 0.11 mi🚇12342nd Street - Times Square
  • 0.12 mi🚇12342nd Street - Times Square
  • 0.12 mi🚇12342nd Street - Times Square
  • 0.12 mi🚇12342nd Street - Times Square
  • 0.12 mi🚇742nd Street - Times Square
  • 0.19 mi🚇S42nd Street -Times Square
  • 0.22 mi🚇12334th Street - Penn Station
  • 0.22 mi🚇12334th Street - Penn Station
  • 0.22 mi🚇12334th Street - Penn Station
  • 0.23 mi🚇12334th Street - Penn Station
  • 0.25 mi🚇ACE42nd Street - Port Authority Bus Terminal
  • 0.25 mi🚇BDFM42nd Street - Bryant Park
  • 0.27 mi🚌Penn Station
  • 0.27 mi🚇ACE34th Street - Penn Station
  • 0.31 mi🚇BDFMNQRW34th Street-Herald Square
  • 0.33 mi🚗Hippodrome Parking
  • 0.33 mi🚇New York Penn Station
  • 0.35 mi🚇75th Avenue
  • 0.36 mi🚗Hippodrome Parking
  • 0.38 mi🚇PATH33rd Street
  • 0.44 mi🚗Central Parking

Building Details

  • Attended Lobby✔︎
  • Turnstile
  • 24/7 Access✔︎
  • Floors30
  • Walk Score®98
  • Year Built1929
  • Noise Index0.41



Chelsea, known for its rich culture and diversity, is also a blooming center for business in Manhattan. Anchored by Google and Twitter's considerable presence, Chelsea has experienced a real estate boom as both established companies and startups have migrated westward for Chelsea office space.

The Chelsea neighborhood is a favorite of both locals and tourists alike, thanks to New York institutions like the High Line, a mile-long park on a disused elevated railroad, and the newly-relocated Whitney Museum. Mere steps away, Chelsea Market is home to some of New York's best artisan fare, making it a dream lunch destination. And of course, its sibling Meatpacking District lends plenty of nightlife options. Its proximity to the Hudson River also makes it both bike-friendly and highly walkable.

The average rent in Chelsea currently sits at a moderate average of $61/sq. ft, relative to the city average of $72/sq. ft - a big reason it's attractive to companies of all shapes and sizes.

Nearby Districts Include: Flatiron, Greenwich Village, and the Garment District.

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