531 5th Avenue

Bank Of The U S

New York, NY 10017

  • 165 - 19,313 sqft
  • inquire for pricing

Building Details

  • Attended Lobby✔︎
  • Turnstile✔︎
  • 24/7 Access✔︎
  • Floors43
  • Height432
  • ArchitectH. Craig Severance
  • Walk Score®98
  • Noise Index0.47
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  • Availability

    Coalition Space165 sqftInquire for pricing
    16th Floor320 sqftInquire for pricing
    10th Floor1,980 sqftInquire for pricing
    31st Floor4,600 sqftInquire for pricing
    33rd Floor4,670 sqftInquire for pricing
    22nd Floor4,800 sqftInquire for pricing
    29th Floor - Entire Suite4,826 sqftInquire for pricing
    24th Floor4,940 sqftInquire for pricing
    20th Floor4,980 sqftInquire for pricing
    25th Floor5,000 sqftInquire for pricing
    Suite 18,995 sqftInquire for pricing
    12th Floor12,860 sqftInquire for pricing
    Suite 213,467 sqftInquire for pricing
    11th Floor13,467 sqftInquire for pricing
    Office Space13,467 sqftInquire for pricing
    11th Floor13,470 sqftInquire for pricing
    2nd Floor17,630 sqftInquire for pricing
    2nd Floor - Partial Suite19,313 sqftInquire for pricing
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    Bryant Park

    Bryant Park, a rapidly growing neighborhood at the heart of Manhattan, NYC, has transformed into a highly sought-after location to live and work—and to start or grow a business. Though the park is well-known by tourists and in popular culture as the site of Bank of America Winter Village, that’s only one of the many features of Bryant Park. After all, Bryant Park is part of Midtown Manhattan, the world’s largest central business district.

    Bryant Park provides offices and coworking space for a variety of companies, such as law firms, textile companies, and software manufacturers. Notably, software company works out of Salesforce Tower New York in Bryant Park. In addition, Bank of America has offices in the Bank of America Tower – the eight tallest building in NYC – at One Bryant Park.

    What our brokers say about Bryant Park

    Bryant Park is located between Fifth Avenue and Sixth Avenue and between 40th Street and 42nd Street. Times Square lies just in the area to the west; the Garment District to the southwest; Murray Hill to the east; and the Rockefeller Center to the north. The not-for-profit organization Bryant Park Corporation manages Bryant Park, even though the park is also part of the New York City Department of Parks and Recreation. Bryant Park, the most densely populated park on the planet, boasts low crime rates, a calm and quiet vibe, and a beautiful and clean environment. It was the first area of New York City to provide free Wi-fi, and it also has access to public bathrooms for people who pass through.

    Surrounding the park is a grand collection of impressive office buildings. The aforementioned Salesforce Tower, formerly called 3 Bryant Park, was originally the headquarters for New York Telephone. Since then, insurance giant MetLife, Lloyds Banking Group, Whole Foods Market, Apollo Global Management, and Equinox Jewelry have rented or still rent space in Salesforce Tower. Along with the Bank of America Tower—the eighth tallest building in the nation—Bryant Park also houses 7 Bryant Park, a 30-story office tower at the intersection of Bryant Park and Avenue of Americas. W. R. Grace Building, located at Sixth Avenue, provides office space for Bain & Company, Cooley, and People’s Bank of China, among other tenants.

    Securing office space in this location has many perks. For one thing, if you need to escape your desk and the four walls of your office building and take a stroll for inspiration, just step outside and explore the lawn, the gardens, and the various pieces of artwork in Bryant Park. People commonly eat lunch in the park when weather allows. If you need to do research, just walk to the Main Branch of the New York Public Library right inside the park. Need a bite to eat or want to schedule a relaxed business meeting? Just check out one of these Yelp-recommended business lunch destinations: Calle Dao, Between the Bread, or Tabletime.

    Bryant Park commercial space for lease | By the numbers

    Office Space for Rent ($/sqft)AverageClass AClass B
    Midtown Manhattan $87.25$93.20$67


    Bryant Park office space | Lease data & trends

    When it comes to the commercial real estate market, Bryant Park is considered part of the Midtown Manhattan submarket. Midtown Manhattan offers more than 289.4 million square feet of office space as of Q4 of 2019. Right now, about 8% of it is vacant and available for new tenants. Developers are currently adding more than 14 million more square feet of office space in Midtown Manhattan. Businesses looking to find a new office space in the near future will have even more options in Bryant Park.

    The average asking rent for offices in Midtown Manhattan is just over $87.25 per square foot, which is more expensive than the New York City average of just under $82.50 per square foot. Midtown Manhattan has more class A space than class B. Class A office space rents are about $93.20 per square foot while class B space is significantly cheaper, at just under $67 per square foot.

    Getting around: Transportation in Bryant Park

    Bryant Park is very beautiful and pedestrian-friendly and offers plenty of public transportation options like the rest of Midtown Manhattan and New York City. Whether you want to walk down the street, access public transit such as a subway to get to work, or take a flight, Bryant Park has your business covered.

    The 42nd Street-Bryant Park/Fifth Avenue station complex is conveniently located on 42nd street in Bryant Park. Travelers can access trains 7, D, F, M, and B from this station. For access by bus, express buses to Staten Island, Brooklyn and Queens stop directly at the park. Additionally, The Port Authority Bus Terminal is located nearby at Eighth Avenue and 41st Street, providing access to points beyond New York, N.Y. 

    The closest airport to Bryant Park is LaGuardia Airport (LGA), which is located only about 20 minutes away by car. Frequent bus service to Newark Liberty International Airport and JFK also stop at the park providing quick and convenient travel options for the budget conscious business traveler.

    Top commercial real estate listings in Bryant Park

    Whether your business is searching for a small suite with shared amenities; looking to rent an entire floor equipped with conference, lounge, and meeting rooms; considering a several-desk coworking opportunity with top-notch property management services and like-minded small business neighbors; or just gathering information about different options in Manhattan or the city overall, you’re in good company. Businesses considering office space in New York City’s Bryant Park will want to search this list of offices our real estate brokers shared. Bryant Park provides excellent transit, coworking opportunities, and other amenities.

    7 Bryant Park: 7 Bryant Park is one office location you should be sure to check out. is a 30-story office property that was built in 2015. Current tenants of the property include Technology Crossover Ventures, Venrock, Orion Resource Partners, and Schroder Investment Management North America. Twelve units are available to rent ranging from 2,895 to 14,267 square feet in size. Contact SquareFoot for pricing and other information. Get to 7 Bryant Park via the 1, 2, 3, 7, B, D, F, M, N, Q, R, or W trains. Nearby coffee shops include Le Pain Quotidient, Southwest Porch, and Cofeed.

    10 Times Square: Conveniently located near Grand Central Terminal, this 34-floor office building boasts 24/7 access, a Walk Score of 98, high ceilings, and a beautiful ridged stone exterior. The Bicken Textile Building located at the street address 10 Times Square, was built in 1930. It provides wonderful views of NYC. Right now 23 units are vacant and available to new renters, with some large suites and some small offices. The open office spaces range from 100 to 13,500 square feet in size. Contact SquareFoot for more information or for general office search services. Access this building via subway lines 1, 2, 3, 7, A, C, D, N, Q, R, or W.

    475 5th Avenue: Built in 1925, 475 5th Avenue, also called the Farmer’s Loan and Trust Building, is a 24-floor office building in Bryant Park. It features the following amenities: 24/7 lobby attendance, a dedicated delivery center, multiple private terraces, and storage units. Four office spaces ranging from 3,200 to 16,029 square feet in size are available to lease in the building. Contact SquareFoot for office and suite pricing and other information. The New York Airport Service, 24nd Street—Grand Central Station, 42nd Street—Times Square Station, and 5th Avenue Station are all nearby. Restaurants in the area include Bryant Park Grill, The Heavenly Burger, Pera, and Madison & Vine.

    Bryant Park history

    Bryant Park, one of the most iconic destinations in New York, N.Y., earned its designation as a public space all the way back in 1686, when New York’s governor at the time, Thomas Dongan, deemed it so. Years later, in 1823, Bryant Park served as a graveyard for the Midtown poor. It did not become a park until 1847, when Reservoir Square, named after the adjacent Croton Distributing Reservoir, opened to the public.

    Reservoir Square got a new name in 1884—Bryant Park—after William Cullen Bryant, the editor of the New York Evening Post. Soon after, people began constructing the New York Public Library, which still stands in modern-day Bryant Park. Over the years, the park suffered neglect, experienced a partial revitalization, and even served as the site of a rally attended by 40,000 people trying to end the war in Vietnam.

    The future of the park changed in a very dramatic and permanent way with the establishment of the Bryant Park Restoration Corporation (BPRC) in 1980. Dan Biederman, together with Andrew Heiskell—who chaired Time Inc.—charged the BPRC with the task of revitalizing the park into a safe, productive, and beautiful place people would want to explore. The BPRC improved park paths, installed lights, set up gardens, added new entrances, and even added public restrooms to the area. The new and improved Bryant Park reopened in 1992.


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