55 Washington Street

Hudson Square

New York, NY 10013

  • 92 - 14,720 sqft
  • $452 - $72,373 /mo est
  • ~$59/sqft


6th Floor - Suite 63592 sqft$452 /mo est
4th Floor200 sqft$983 /mo est
4th Floor220 sqft$1,081 /mo est
4th Floor240 sqft$1,180 /mo est
4th Floor280 sqft$1,376 /mo est
7th Floor - Suite 717350 sqft$1,720 /mo est
7th Floor - Suite 716350 sqft$1,720 /mo est
3rd Floor - Suite 313388 sqft$1,907 /mo est
4th Floor420 sqft$2,065 /mo est
4th Floor - Suite 469421 sqft$2,069 /mo est
2nd Floor - Suite 271421 sqft$2,069 /mo est
2nd Floor - Suite 267421 sqft$2,069 /mo est
7th Floor - Suite 729444 sqft$2,183 /mo est
4th Floor470 sqft$2,310 /mo est
6th Floor700 sqft$3,441 /mo est
6th Floor - Suite 661855 sqft$4,203 /mo est
5th Floor - Suite 561857 sqft$4,213 /mo est
5th Floor880 sqft$4,326 /mo est
6th Floor - Suite 659888 sqft$4,366 /mo est
6th Floor890 sqft$4,375 /mo est
7th Floor - Suite 728905 sqft$4,449 /mo est
6th Floor910 sqft$4,474 /mo est
2nd Floor920 sqft$4,523 /mo est
7th Floor1,070 sqft$5,260 /mo est
7th Floor - Suite 7081,071 sqft$5,265 /mo est
4th Floor1,090 sqft$5,359 /mo est
6th Floor - Suite 6601,213 sqft$5,963 /mo est
4th Floor1,240 sqft$6,096 /mo est
7th Floor - Suite 7401,253 sqft$6,160 /mo est
4th Floor1,570 sqft$7,719 /mo est
5th Floor1,690 sqft$8,309 /mo est
301 Floor 3 Floor1,810 sqft$8,899 /mo est
3rd Floor - Suite 3051,810 sqft$8,899 /mo est
4th Floor1,890 sqft$9,292 /mo est
5th Floor2,270 sqft$11,160 /mo est
4th Floor3,350 sqft$16,470 /mo est
6th Floor - Suite 6505,067 sqft$24,912 /mo est
5th Floor - Suite 5515,277 sqft$25,945 /mo est
5th Floor - Suite 5525,277 sqft$25,945 /mo est
3rd Floor - 312A Suite5,430 sqft$26,697 /mo est
3rd Floor - Suite 3095,430 sqft$26,697 /mo est
3rd Floor - Suite 3205,990 sqft$29,450 /mo est
6th Floor - Suite 6246,180 sqft$30,385 /mo est
6th Floor - Suite 6206,180 sqft$30,385 /mo est
6th Floor - Suite 6266,180 sqft$30,385 /mo est
5th Floor6,560 sqft$32,253 /mo est
Unit 400 Floor7,450 sqft$36,629 /mo est
6th Floor - Suite 6567,610 sqft$37,415 /mo est
5th Floor - Suite 5607,670 sqft$37,710 /mo est
6th Floor9,350 sqft$45,970 /mo est
4th Floor11,100 sqft$54,575 /mo est
4th Floor11,800 sqft$58,016 /mo est
5th Floor14,720 sqft$72,373 /mo est
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Building Details

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Hudson Square

Hudson Square, once known as the Printing District, is a neighborhood in lower Manhattan that remains a center of media-related activity like advertising, design, and communications.

At an average of $59/sqft, office space for lease in Hudson Square is considerably cheaper than its neighbor SoHo ($70/sqft). Commercial tenants will be in good company with businesses like Newsweek, Viacom, the Weinstein Company, Penguin Publishing, and PR giant Edelman calling the area home.

Positioned just south of Greenwich Village and north of Tribeca, Hudson Square offers some of the most accessbile stretches of the city's bike path. It also offers some sightly attractions in the Charlton-King-Vandam Historic District, which contains the largest concentration of Federalist and Greek Revival style row houses built during the first half of the 19th century.

With wide streets and relatively low-rise buildings, Hudson Square is a bustling center of business without overwhelming sensibility that can affect districts further north, making it one of the best kept secrets in New York commercial real estate.

Nearby Districts Include: SoHo, Greenwich Village, and Tribeca. 

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