601 West 26th Street

Starrett Lehigh Building

New York, NY 10001

  • 1,424 - 98,843 sqft
  • $7,238 - $502,451 /mo est
  • ~$/sqft


Pt. 18th Floor - Room 1801 Floor1,424 sqft$7,238 /mo est
Pt. 17th Floor - Room 1737 Floor1,985 sqft$10,090 /mo est
Pt. 13th Floor - Room 1320 Floor2,205 sqft$11,208 /mo est
10th Floor2,268 sqft$11,529 /mo est
Pt. 13th Floor - Room 1321 Floor2,268 sqft$11,529 /mo est
14th Floor2,268 sqft$11,529 /mo est
Pt. 12th Floor Room 1245 Floor2,306 sqft$11,722 /mo est
11th Floor2,375 sqft$12,072 /mo est
Pt. 12th Floor - Room 1242 Floor2,375 sqft$12,072 /mo est
13th Floor2,375 sqft$12,072 /mo est
Partial 14th Floor - Suite 14452,584 sqft$13,135 /mo est
Partial 14th Floor - Suite 14552,594 sqft$13,186 /mo est
Pt. 2nd Mezzanine - Room M283 Floor3,234 sqft$16,439 /mo est
Pt. 17th Floor Room 1755 Floor3,459 sqft$17,583 /mo est
Pt. 12th Floor - Room 1275 Floor3,699 sqft$18,803 /mo est
Partial 13th Floor - Suite 13855,043 sqft$25,635 /mo est
Partial 4th Floor - Suite 4145,139 sqft$26,123 /mo est
Pt. 13th Floor - Room 1340 Floor5,268 sqft$26,779 /mo est
15th Floor5,268 sqft$26,779 /mo est
Partial 3rd Floor - Suite 3556,382 sqft$32,441 /mo est
Partial 14th Floor - Suite 14207,187 sqft$36,533 /mo est
Partial 3rd Floor7,464 sqft$37,942 /mo est
Partial 3rd Floor - Suite 3507,680 sqft$39,040 /mo est
Partial 4th Floor7,785 sqft$39,573 /mo est
Partial 10th Floor8,260 sqft$41,988 /mo est
Pt. 2nd Mezzanine - Room M267 Floor8,278 sqft$42,079 /mo est
Office Space8,500 sqft$43,208 /mo est
Partial 18th Floor9,666 sqft$49,135 /mo est
Partial 1st Floor10,000 sqft$50,833 /mo est
Partial 3rd Floor11,430 sqft$58,102 /mo est
10th Floor - Partial 10th Suite12,680 sqft$64,456 /mo est
Pt. 3rd Floor - Rooms 301-304 Floor12,777 sqft$64,949 /mo est
Pt. 3rd Floor Room 360 Floor17,078 sqft$86,813 /mo est
18th Floor17,078 sqft$86,813 /mo est
13th Floor17,078 sqft$86,813 /mo est
Pt. 4th Floor - Room 410 Floor17,394 sqft$88,419 /mo est
E. 19th Floor - Room 1900 Floor18,326 sqft$93,157 /mo est
Pt. 2nd Mezzanine - Room M292 Floor18,344 sqft$93,248 /mo est
Partial 8th Floor - Suite 81018,927 sqft$96,212 /mo est
Partial 17th Floor23,208 sqft$117,974 /mo est
Partial 10th Floor29,500 sqft$149,958 /mo est
Partial 5th Floor47,144 sqft$239,648 /mo est
Office Space47,144 sqft$239,648 /mo est
Partial 5th Floor70,147 sqft$356,580 /mo est
Partial 6th Floor85,526 sqft$434,757 /mo est
Partial 4th Floor98,843 sqft$502,451 /mo est

Building Details

  • Attended Lobby✔︎
  • Turnstile✔︎
  • 24/7 Access✔︎
  • Walk Score®88
  • Noise Index0.57



Chelsea, known for its rich culture and diversity, is also a blooming center for business in Manhattan. Anchored by Google and Twitter's considerable presence, Chelsea has experienced a real estate boom as both established companies and startups have migrated westward for Chelsea office space.

The Chelsea neighborhood is a favorite of both locals and tourists alike, thanks to New York institutions like the High Line, a mile-long park on a disused elevated railroad, and the newly-relocated Whitney Museum. Mere steps away, Chelsea Market is home to some of New York's best artisan fare, making it a dream lunch destination. And of course, its sibling Meatpacking District lends plenty of nightlife options. Its proximity to the Hudson River also makes it both bike-friendly and highly walkable.

The average rent in Chelsea currently sits at a moderate average of $61/sq. ft, relative to the city average of $72/sq. ft - a big reason it's attractive to companies of all shapes and sizes.

Nearby Districts Include: Flatiron, Greenwich Village, and the Garment District.

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