750 Lexington Avenue

International Plaza

New York, NY 10022

  • 1,285 - 17,250 sqft
  • ~$72/sqft

Building Details

  • Floors30
  • Height473 feet
  • ArchitectMurphy/Jahn, Inc. Architects
  • Walk Score®100
  • Year Built1988
  • Noise Index0.53

International Plaza is located on 750 Lexington Avenue, New York, NY 10022, between 59th and 60th Street. The structure was completed in 1988, tops out at 30 stories, reaches a height of 473 feet, and contains over 362,000 square feet of office space for rent. Since 750 Lexington Ave is a larger structure, it is well suited for organizations looking for premium commercial real estate and large blocks of contiguous office space. Many of the newer buildings that are springing up around Midtown and the Financial District have large vacancies that have yet to be filled. These kinds of spaces are ideal for large firms that are looking up to open a base of operations in New York City. The International Plaza has been renovated at numerous time throughout its tenure. The improvements have served to improve the office space to modern standards as well as keep building lobby and infrastructure functional and up-to-date. 750 Lexington Avenue is located in Midtown, which is Manhattan’s premier business district. Midtown Manhattan features a huge amount of commercial real estate and is one of the most densely populated pieces of land in the world. There are a huge number of skyscrapers, hotels, restaurants, retailers, bus stops, and train stations that saturate the neighborhood with high quality tenants and both native and tourist foot traffic. The result is a great selection of office space for tenants, and huge foot traffic numbers for retailers. The International Plaza is highly accessible thanks to New York City’s extensive bus and train network. The Metropolitan Transit Authority (MTA) features a huge bus network which make nearly all portions of the city accessible. In addition, the building lies in close proximity to the MTA’s orange and blue subway lines. These transportation options help make the building easily accessible.

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  • Availability

    17th Floor1,285 sqft$7,710 /mo est
    17th Floor1,285 sqft$7,710 /mo est
    17th Floor1,290 sqft$7,740 /mo est
    15th Floor2,270 sqft$13,620 /mo est
    15th Floor2,273 sqft$13,638 /mo est
    23rd Floor2,375 sqft$14,250 /mo est
    23rd Suite2,375 sqft$14,250 /mo est
    23rd Floor2,650 sqft$15,900 /mo est
    23rd Floor2,654 sqft$15,924 /mo est
    23rd Floor2,654 sqft$15,924 /mo est
    17th Floor3,300 sqft$19,800 /mo est
    17th Floor3,300 sqft$19,800 /mo est
    23rd Floor3,700 sqft$22,200 /mo est
    Partial 16th Floor6,700 sqft$40,200 /mo est
    16th Floor6,760 sqft$40,560 /mo est
    Entire 10th Floor10,100 sqft$60,600 /mo est
    10th Floor10,100 sqft$60,600 /mo est
    20th Floor11,350 sqft$68,100 /mo est
    20th Floor11,700 sqft$70,200 /mo est
    12th Floor13,500 sqft$81,000 /mo est
    Entire 12th Floor13,500 sqft$81,000 /mo est
    Partial 4th Floor15,359 sqft$92,154 /mo est
    Entire 7th Floor17,250 sqft$103,500 /mo est
    Entire 6th Floor17,250 sqft$103,500 /mo est
    Entire 9th Floor17,250 sqft$103,500 /mo est
    8th Floor17,250 sqft$103,500 /mo est
    Entire 4th Floor17,250 sqft$103,500 /mo est
    7th Floor17,250 sqft$103,500 /mo est
    Entire 8th Floor17,250 sqft$103,500 /mo est
    9th Floor17,250 sqft$103,500 /mo est
    6th Floor17,250 sqft$103,500 /mo est
    • 0.02 mi🚇45659th Street
    • 0.04 mi🚇NRW59th Street-Lexington Avenue
    • 0.09 mi☕️Starbucks
    • 0.1 mi☕️Starbucks
    • 0.11 mi☕️pick a bagel
    • 0.11 mi🥘Chipotle
    • 0.13 mi🥘CoolMess
    • 0.14 mi🥘Palace
    • 0.14 mi☕️Starbucks
    • 0.15 mi☕️Juan Valdez
    • 0.15 mi🥘The Fitz
    • 0.17 mi☕️Juice Press
    • 0.17 mi🚇F QLexington Avenue-63rd Street
    • 0.18 mi☕️Ninth Street Espresso
    • 0.18 mi☕️Little Collins
    • 0.18 mi🥘Serendipity 3
    • 0.2 mi🥘Le Botaniste
    • 0.2 mi🥘Serendipity 3
    • 0.2 mi🥘Little Collins
    • 0.24 mi🥘Tony's
    • 0.24 mi🥘Aquavit
    • 0.25 mi🥘P.J. Clarke’s
    • 0.26 mi🥘Harry Cipriani
    • 0.27 mi🥘Le Pain Quotidien
    • 0.28 mi🚇NRW5th Avenue – 59th Street
    • 0.29 mi🥘Daniel
    • 0.3 mi☕️Starbucks Coffee
    • 0.3 mi🍺Bill's Gay Nineties
    • 0.31 mi☕️Starbucks
    • 0.31 mi☕️Dunkin' Donuts
    • 0.32 mi🚇EM53rd Street-Lexington Avenue
    • 0.33 mi🥘Hillstone
    • 0.33 mi☕️Starbucks
    • 0.34 mi🌲Fourteen Honey Locusts Park
    • 0.35 mi☕️FIKA 52 & LEX
    • 0.36 mi🚌bus m101
    • 0.37 mi🚗Alpha Garage
    • 0.37 mi🥘Four Seasons
    • 0.37 mi☕️Dancing Crane Cafe
    • 0.37 mi🥘Hudson Malone
    • 0.37 mi💪Equinox
    • 0.38 mi🥘Angelo Bellini
    • 0.38 mi☕️Daily Bagel
    • 0.39 mi🥘Burger Heaven
    • 0.39 mi☕️Le Pain Quotidien
    • 0.39 mi🥘Neely's
    • 0.4 mi🥘Joe's Shanghai
    • 0.4 mi🥘Ritz Diner
    • 0.41 mi🥘Cafe Joul
    • 0.41 mi🍺Dangerfields
    • 0.42 mi🍺Nall's Irish Pub & Restaurant
    • 0.42 mi🚇EM53rd Street-5th Avenue
    • 0.42 mi🚇668th Street - Hunter College
    • 0.43 mi🚇651st Street
    • 0.43 mi☕️FIKA 58th Street
    • 0.43 mi🥘Anatolia
    • 0.44 mi🥘Mangia
    • 0.44 mi🥘Baker Street Pub
    • 0.44 mi🥘Five Guys
    • 0.44 mi🥘Betony
    • 0.46 mi🥘La Bonne Soupe
    • 0.47 mi🥘New York Luncheonette


    Upper East Side

    The Upper East Side, comprising Lenox Hill, Carnegie Hill, and Yorkville, has a long history of affluence in New York City. Notable American families with homes here have included the Kennedys, Roosevelts, Rockefellers, and Carnegies.

    Compared to the hustle and bustle of Manhattan neighborhoods further south, the Upper East Side moves at a slower, more relaxed pace. The large number of schools, playgrounds, and community centers make the neighborhood feel a bit more suburban. And of course, Central Park and Museum Mile are two of the most popular family destinations in all of the city.

    The Upper East Side is also the scene of the newly opened Second Avenue Subway, much to the delight of residential and commercial tenants. The Q-line runs along Second Avenue from 72nd Street up to 96th Street, and has alleviated much of the pressure from the 4,5,6 lines.

    Rents for commercial real estate spaces in the Upper East Side fall right at the city-wide average of $72/sqft. For this price you can join the midst of companies such as Dylan’s Candy Bar and Agata & Valentina.

    Nearby Districts Include: Midtown, and the Upper West Side.

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