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Greenwich Village at a Glance

$ 65 /ft

The average cost per square foot per year in Greenwich Village

Greenwich Village is home to New York University, which gives it a young, vibrant feel because of the many college students that are constantly around the neighborhood. The college students could be beneficial for businesses interested in marketing towards consumers. Furthermore, the village (as it is popularly known as) is home to many famous artists, actors/actresses and newscasters. Also, Greenwich Village is home to upper and middle class families. One of the main attractions is Washington Square Park, which sits in the middle of the Village. Washington Square Park is one of the best known of New York City’s 1,900 public parks. One of the most famous items in the park is the Washington Arch, which is located on the park’s northern edge. The park is an ideal spot for lunch breaks, especially when the weather is nice in New York. Additionally, the other prominent feature of the park is a large fountain. Washington Park also has many statues and monuments of George Washington, Giuseppe Garibaldi and Alexander Lyman Holley. Greenwich Village is also home to many Off Broadway and Off Off Broadway theaters. The famous Blue Man Group performs in the Astor Place Theater. Furthermore, there are many comedy clubs around the Village, which serve home to where many stand-up comedians started off their career. Lastly, if your business is located in this neighborhood be sure to check out New York’s Village Halloween parade, which is the largest Halloween activity in the country.