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Harlem at a Glance

$ 45 /ft

The average cost per square foot per year in Harlem

Harlem is one of the most famous ethnic enclaves of Manhattan. The neighborhood is a major African-American residential, cultural and business center. Harlem is located near two colleges, Columbia University and the City College of New York. Columbia University and the City College of New York both have beautiful campuses. Be sure to plan a lunch break or even a small trip to each of these campuses if you are located in Harlem. Additionally, Harlem is ideal for businesses selling a product. One of the busiest streets in Manhattan, 125th Street, is located in Harlem. Harlem is home to many smaller neighborhoods in Manhattan. West Harlem, Central Harlem and East Harlem are all located within Harlem. Furthermore, Harlem has a lot of attractions, largely due to the African American culture. Some of the main attractions are the world-famous Apollo Theater, President Grants Tomb, the Cathedral of St. John the Divine, and the Studio Museum for African American Art. The Apollo Theater is one of the most famous theaters in America and recently added a memorial dedicated for Michael Jackson. Additionally, the world famous Magic Johnson Theater is also located in Harlem. The theater commemorates many African Americans that were influential in American History. There are plenty of attractions in Harlem to help businesses attract customers, but also for workers to take advantage of during lunch breaks and free time.