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Midtown at a Glance

$ 73 /ft

The average cost per square foot per year in Midtown

Midtown in New York City is home to the city’s tallest and most famous buildings, such as the Empire State building and Chrysler Building. Midtown Center is located in the middle of Manhattan, hence its name. There are many attractions and reasons for businesses to make the decision of locating their offices in this magnificent neighborhood. Midtown Center is the largest central business district and is the busiest single commercial district in the United States. Most of the buildings in Midtown Center are skyscrapers. In fact the majority of New York City’s skyscrapers are located in Midtown Center. Midtown Center has a lot of commercial businesses, like bars and clubs, restaurants, and shopping centers. These attractions make Midtown Center ideal for businesses. Workers can explore the different shopping centers, including the NBA store and Virgin Megastore during their free time. Furthermore, Times Square is located within Midtown Center. Times Square is the number one tourist attraction in New York City because of everything Times Square has to offer. It is the center of American theater and has many Broadway Shows within that area. Midtown Center is a very popular and busy section of Manhattan. Another huge benefit of locating your business in Midtown Center is that most major train lines run through Times Square. Moving through the city is very easy with access to all of the major subway lines. If you are looking for office space and want to be in the heart of Manhattan make sure to consider Midtown Center.

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