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Union Square at a Glance

$ 68 /ft

The average cost per square foot per year in Union Square

A historic neighborhood located near Chelsea, the Flatiron District, and Greenwich Village, Union Square first came together in the early 19th century. Named after the “union” of Broadway and Fourth Avenue, the area features a number of sites to experience, from gourmet food to fashion and luxury spas to popular retail chains. With NYU dormitories located nearby, the Zeckendorf towers on the east, and the Decker building on the west side, Union Square Park remains Union Square’s most famous attraction. First opened in 1839, Union Square Park’s design was inspired by the residential square of London. Used as a location for public meetings, parades, labor protests, and political rallies, the park remains a symbol of New York’s vibrant history and played a major role in the first Labor Day celebration. In 1997, the United States Department of the Interior named Union Square Park a National Historic Landmark.

The park itself features an impressive equestrian statue of George Washington, accompanied by statues of other notable figures such as Abraham Lincoln, Marquis de Lafayette, and Mahatma Gandhi. A welcome break from the hustle and bustle of New York City, Union Square Park allows people to play chess, read, or just enjoy the area.Of course, office spaces situated near the park enjoy the benefit of having a great location to take a break and relax, making Union Square a highly attractive location for all types of companies. Furthermore, the area is served by several different subway lines, including the 4, 5, 6, L, N, Q, and R trains - allowing anyone easy access.

Besides Union Square Park, Union Square is just a 15 minute train ride from Times Square, a popular tourist location as well as a superb place to take a lunch break. Offices in this area benefit not only from having easy access to popular locations, but also thrive from Union Square’s strong reputation as a major shopping location in Manhattan. With the plethora of markets, retail stores, and restaurants in the area, Union Square draws a large number of consumers and tourists. A few reputable local businesses include the Union Square Greenmarket - which draws in over 250,000 consumers a week - as well as the Union Square Holiday Market, and a Barnes & Noble, Staples, and Babies “R” Us. As a result, the sheer number of consumers visiting the area alone can help any business grow.

With the arrival of many new construction buildings and converted factories in the area, companies now have the opportunity to purchase a variety of office spaces in Union Square. TheSquareFoot can help established companies or new businesses find office space in this historic neighborhood - check out the website and contact a TheSquareFoot employee to make the process more efficient!

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