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Chevy Chase Office Space for Rent

Chevy Chase rests on the border between Maryland and Washington, D.C. proper. Residents who live on the D.C. side of Chevy Chase are adamant in pointing out they are urban dwellers, despite the area being known as the charming suburb of the city. This spot is a perfect balance between beautiful suburban lawns and commercial presence.

The eclectic homes in this neighborhood date back to the early 20th century, when styles such at bungalows, Victorians, and four squares were popular. The Washington Post quotes this area to have “classic yet varied architecture, good schools, and old-growth trees.” Chevy Chase has a significant presence of law offices, local businesses, and large chains. The neighborhood’s primary commercial road is Connecticut Ave, which is home to a range of companies and institutions, such as suburban malls and a regional branch of the D.C. public library. The affluent neighborhood of D.C. is keen to host small businesses, such as Magruder’s Supermarket established in 1875, to protect the home-town feel of this suburban pocket of the city.

Chevy Chase Office Space│Lease Data & Trends

The Chevy Chase office space market is currently stagnant with no new developments underway. However, there is approximately 3 million square feet of commercial real estate inventory, nearly 15% of which is available for direct leasing. Offices are often located in the same eclectic style buildings as residential properties; however, some suites resemble business parks.

Class A office space is renting for just under $52 per square foot, while Class B space is renting for slightly less than $42 per square foot. Due to the calm and affluent nature of this city suburb, many law offices have found a home here. The area is also known for excellent schools, such as Lafayette Elementary, making it an excellent place to harvest educational services.

There is just under 1 million square feet of Class A inventory, just under 1.3 million square feet of Class B space, and a few thousand square feet of Class C office space available for rent. The American University is near central Chevy Chase, so there is a wealth of young talent to recruit, hire, and develop.

What Our Brokers Say About Chevy Chase Office Space for Rent

Although this area is not huge for nightlife or chic shopping, it is noted as one of the hottest areas for families in D.C. It makes it a more quiet place to live just steps from the city. According to interviews from the Washington Post, a resident said that “everybody is really friendly” and described her move as if she had ” landed in a Disney movie.” Chevy Chase is a great place to find a bit of greenery in the big city. Residents are not known to praise their neighborhood’s proximity to the heart of D.C.; instead, they love the establishments that have been in the area for ages; some of the most popular include Magruder’s Supermarket, the Avalon Theatre, and the American City Diner.

Just beyond the neighborhood’s western border, is the Friendship Heights commercial strip which is less down-to-earth and family-friendly, but is home to high-end shopping and chain restaurants. The American University is a renowned university that is sure to have a wealth of college students looking for part-time work, and highly educated graduates entering the workforce.

This area was initially built up to be a sanctuary from the noise of the city. In the center of the neighborhood, Lafayette has plenty of open space with playgrounds, tennis courts and ballfields. The Lafayette farmers market is a lovely place to get fresh fruits, vegetables, and artisan delights. There are often annual events and festivals that take place here, making it a convenient location for a growing business, particularly law offices, and Mom-and-Pop shops, to get involved in the community.

Getting Around Chevy Chase

One of the drawbacks of Chevy Chase is that the metro is beyond walking distance. The closest metro station into central Washington D.C. is in Friendship Heights, and a trip on the Red Line will only take about 15 minutes to Metro Center. Bus lines running through Metro Center also run through Chevy Chase and, on average, run every 10-15 minutes. Connections between bus lines and Driving into central Washington D.C. is a straight shot down Connecticut Avenue, with Rock Creek Parkway as a scenic alternative route that is closeby. The Walk Score for Chevy Chase is 64, making it the 37th most walkable city in the Washington D.C. area.

According to Area Vibes, the number of people who take public transport in D.C. is 617% higher than the national average. There are two airports and nine Amtrak stations within 30 miles of the city. The average commute of residents of Chevy Chase is 30 minutes into D.C., and 6.3% of residents can walk to work.

Chevy Chase Neighborhood & History

In the 1880s, the farmland in Chevy Chase and southern Montgomery County was acquired by Francis G. Newlands in the interested of developing a residential streetcar suburb in Washington. Chevy Chase, D.C. (not to be confused with Chevy Chase, Maryland!) was established in the early 1900s after construction was completed on the Chevy Chase line. These farmlands were transformed to middle-class housing in just decades, partially due to the convenient service called “Sears Catalog Homes” that allowed residents to source materials by mail and build their own homes.

Connecticut Avenue is still home to businesses from the late 1800s, which gives the neighborhood it’s local charm. The Avalon Theatre opened in 1923 as a silent film house and was renovated and reopened in 2003 as a non-profit movie theater. The area’s parks include Rock Creek Park, Lafayette Park, and Livingston Park.

It is a great neighborhood to raise a family or retire but is not considered a town with a lot of nightlife for college students and the like.