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Rosslyn-Ballston Corridor is a region in Arlington County, Va. It includes neighborhoods Rosslyn and Ballston, as well as Courthouse, Clarendon, and Virginia Square. Rosslyn contains most of Arlington’s skyscrapers, while some people call Ballston the “new downtown” of Arlington. Clarendon, an urban village, is known for its upscale businesses and well-kept community, and Courthouse is the county seat. Virginia Square is home to both George Washington University and George Mason University.

Though Rosslyn-Ballston Corridor is still dominated by office buildings, it is gradually converting to more of a mixed-use area and attracting young professionals. In particular, its convenient proximity to D.C. and its easy access to the metro make it an ideal location for both businesses and residents.

Rosslyn-Ballston Corridor is home to a thriving collection of businesses, including Nestle, BAE Systems, Politico, Washington Business Journal, Rosetta Stone, and Cannon Design.

What Our Brokers Say About Rosslyn-Ballston Corridor Office Space

Rosslyn-Ballston Corridor includes five very different neighborhoods. Read more about them to see which area of the Corridor might suit your business the best.

    • Rosslyn:

Rosslyn is an unincorporated area in the northeastern corner of Arlington County right across the Potomac River from Washington, D.C. It houses more than 9.5 million square feet of office space. A large number of federal agencies operate here, such as the Trade and Development Agency, the Bureau of Overseas Buildings Operations, and the Bureau of Conflict and Stabilization Operations.

    • Clarendon:

Clarendon is an upscale neighborhood that rests between Rosslyn and Ballston. Together with Courthouse and Virginia Square, it has more than six million square feet of office space. It is known for its excellent dining and nightlife.

    • Virginia Square:

The neighborhood Virginia Square is located next to the eponymous station of the Metro. George Mason University, the Arlington Arts center, and the Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation are all here.

Rosslyn-Ballston Corridor was developed with successful transit in mind. For the most part, the area is very walkable and bikeable. It also has excellent public transportation. In particular, each part of the Corridor has access to the Washington Metro with service along the Orange and Silver lines. The Rosslyn Metro stop, which is closest to DC, is also served by the Blue line.  Interstate 66, Route 50, Route 29, and the George Washington Parkway are the most easily accessible highways. Those who need to fly can use the Ronald Reagan Washington National Airport, Dulles International Airport, or Baltimore/Washington International Thurgood Marshall Airport.

Once you decide to start or move your company to Rosslyn-Ballston Corridor, it’s time to see what the area has to offer. Although it’s known for its quality commercial spaces and fantastic public transportation, it has a lot of other great amenities, too. Schedule a business lunch or meeting at one of the following Yelp-recommended lunch spots: True Food Kitchen, Stageplate Bistro, Ted’s Bulletin, Quinn’s On The Corner, or Tom Yum District. The Arlington Chamber of Commerce offers BizLaunch, an organization that consults, assists, and supports entrepreneurs and small businesses in the area. The chamber put together a list of frequently asked questions about starting a business in Arlington. It covers everything from building permits to signage to licenses.


Rosslyn-Ballston Corridor Commercial Space For Lease | By the numbers

Price per square foot Class A
Class B
Rosslyn $55 $43
Ballston $47 $41
Clarendon/Courthouse/Virginia $43 $43


Office Space | Rosslyn-Ballston Corridor Lease Data & Trends

Rosslyn-Ballston Corridor has more than 23.2 million square feet of office space throughout the region. Commercial real estate rental rates differ among Rosslyn-Ballston’s neighborhoods: Rosslyn, Ballston, and Clarendon/Courthouse/Virginia Square. The Clarendon/Courthouse/Virginia Square area has the cheapest rent, averaging $42 per square foot with a 15 percent vacancy rate. In Rosslyn, office spaces rent for an average of just under $46 per square foot, with a 24 percent vacancy rate. In Ballston, office spaces rent for slightly less, at an average of $45 per square foot.

Overall, Rosslyn-Ballston Corridor contains more Class A spaces than Class B. The difference in pricing between Class A and Class B is pretty steep, with the exception of Clarendon/Courthouse/Virginia Square—both Class A and Class B spaces in that area cost about $43 per square foot to rent. In Rosslyn, Class A spaces rent for an average of $55 per square foot and Class B for $43. In Ballston, Class A spaces rent for an average of $47 per square foot and Class B for just over $41. Rosslyn-Ballston Corridor does not have many Class C office spaces, but there are a few.


Rosslyn-Ballston Corridor History

Most of Rosslyn-Ballston’s history and development relates to the growth of its top-notch transportation network. “The leadership in Arlington recognized the potential power of a subway system very early, when other jurisdictions in the suburbs did not express interest in transit planning,” Zachary Schrag, a history professor at George Mason University, observed.

Rosslyn-Ballston Corridor gained traction as a major center for commercial activity in the 1960s with the addition of the underground Orange Line metro. Adding this form of transportation not only allowed easier travel to the area but also freed up space for mixed-use buildings around each station. Developers employed a strategy called The Bull’s Eye, which involves putting a lot of businesses and amenities near the transportation sites then tapering them off toward the residential areas.

Today, Rosslyn-Ballston is a successful business and residential community with five unique neighborhoods. Its transportation system serves as an example to other growing communities. Actually, Arlington County as a whole has an impressive transportation setup as well. Urban planning experts frequently cite it as an example of success.