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Granada Hills Office Space

Granada Hills Office Space for Rent

The Granada Hills neighborhood sits in the San Fernando Valley inside the city of Los Angeles. Originally known as the Sunshine Ranch, the area originated as a dairy farm and orchard.

The ranch grew several plants, including apricots, walnuts, beans, and oranges. Today, Granada Hills residents can still enjoy various citrus groves right in their front yard or at the local park. Granada Hills office space offers employees the opportunity to benefit from this bounty.

The agricultural neighborhood sits in the Santa Susana Mountains foothills, with the Ronald Reagan Freeway crossing its southern region. Tourists enjoy visiting the Los Angeles Aqueduct and various historical landmarks in the Granada Hills neighborhood. Local businesses appreciate the high foot traffic from Downtown Los Angeles while still enjoying the quiet of Granada Hill’s natural beauty.

Granada Hills Office Space – Lease and Data Trends

Granada Hills is a part of the Greater Los Angeles submarket. Despite the ongoing challenges of the global pandemic and economic struggles, the Greater Los Angeles area is seeing a gradual increase in employment.

As businesses start to reopen and workers return to the office, the numbers are slowly yet steadily approaching pre-pandemic levels. As of Q3 in 2021, Los Angeles saw an unemployment rate of 8.2%, which is significantly lower than the prior year’s numbers. The overall unemployment rate in the U.S. sits at 5.2% as of 2021 Q3.

The reduced unemployment rate gives employers hope for the future as more and more LA residents are starting to return to work. However, despite the slow improvement, the Greater Los Angeles area met with a record-high vacancy rate of 20.6% and negative absorption of 790,061 square feet. These numbers gave the Greater Los Angeles area its sixth consecutive quarter with occupancy loss since the pandemic began in 2020.

The Q4 2021 asking price for commercial office space for rent averaged $3.75 per square foot.

What Our Brokers Say About Granada Hills Office Space

The Granada Hills neighborhood boasts historical value and unique architecture. Most buildings in the area are Mid-Century modern, with many homes being the subject of various film projects.

Granada Hills is a widely suburban area with a community sports program and several recreation centers. Many Los Angeles families take advantage of the community-focused neighborhood and send their children to one of the 24 schools in the area.

Several famous names call the Granada Hills neighborhood home, including actress Ashely Judd and professional baseball players like Garret Anderson and Steve Yeager.

Top Commercial Buildings in Granada Hills

25805 Railroad Avenue: Also known as Plaza Clarita, the multi-tenant property sits at 54,000 square feet on a 5.62-acre lot. One of the benefits of this shared office space is that it resides just down the road from the beautiful Santa Clara River.

17029 Chatsworth St: Built in 1966, this Granada Hills building neighbors the Granada Hills Recreation Center. The property is 5,034 square feet and can house real estate offices, law offices, and any other type of business office.

17040 Chatsworth Street: The Balboa Plaza is located at 17040 Chatsworth Street, with Granada Hills Recreation Center around the corner. Built in 1962, the 43,017 square feet property sits on a 1.81-acre lot. Tenants have easy access to and from the Granada Hills Building with a nearby freeway.

Get to Know Granada Hills

The Granada Hills neighborhood houses the second largest park in LA called O’Melveny Park. The park contains dozens of citrus trees, picnic areas, and a stream within its vast 672 acres.

Granada Hills residents and visitors enjoy visiting the park’s numerous hiking trails and grassy fields to escape the hustle and bustle of Los Angeles. The highest point in Granada Hills is Mission Peak, which provides an immaculate view of the neighborhood and San Fernando Valley.

Along with housing the best of LA’s natural beauty, Granada Hills hosts several athletic facilities, including baseball fields, basketball courts, tennis courts, and a dance room. In addition, the Granada Hills Recreation Center contains an auditorium and various classrooms for the community to enjoy.

Why Rent Office Space in Granada Hills?

Why find Granada Hills office space for lease or rent? Aside from the outdoor beauty and athletic community, the neighborhood houses several historical landmarks, including White Oak Avenue and San Jose Street.

The area has several local restaurants employers can choose for team lunches or outings. The various recreational centers make excellent team-bonding locations, while the river and O’Melveny Park give employees a break from the office.

With ten private schools and 14 public schools in the area, workers can send their children to a nearby school without worrying about a difficult commute. The area also has several local public services, including the Los Angeles Fire Department, the LA Public Library, and the Los Angeles Police Department.

Nearby Neighborhoods to Set Up Office Space

Whether looking for law offices, real estate offices, or a place to set up your small business office, Granada Hills office space is for lease for nearly any business entity. Curious to know what else is near the area? Check out these nearby neighborhoods that offer impressive shared office space potential.

Northridge: Located in the San Fernando Valley, the Northridge neighborhood is home to California State University. The area was initially called Zelzah in 1908; however, in 1929, it became North Los Angeles. Other notable places in the neighborhood include the Northridge Fashion Center and the Foo Fighters’ recording studio, Studio 606 West.

Mission Hills: You can find the Mission Hills neighborhood near the Golden State Freeway. Tourists love visiting its various historical landmarks, including Los Angeles’ second oldest home called Andres Pico Adobe. In addition, several famous names, including George Lopez and Scott McAfee, are native to the LA neighborhood.

Sylmar: Sylmar is a suburban neighborhood in the San Fernando Valley known for its Sylvan olive orchards. Residents appreciate LA’s northernmost neighborhood for its historical elements, including the Nethercutt Collection, which displays various classic cars. Others recognize the area as the background of the album cover for the Doobie Brothers’ The Captain and Me. It offers a great complement to Granada hills office space.

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