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Silver Lake Office Space for Rent

Silver Lake—Los Angeles, CA Office Space for Rent

Silver Lake is an iconic part of Los Angeles history and culture. As far back as the 1930s, Silver Lake was the site of an early Walt Disney studio and an enclave for the LGBT community. Today it is the home of many actors, activists, and other important Los Angeles residents.

Silver Lake has a high cost of living and high property values. It is close to many of LA’s ethnic communities, including Chinatown and Little Armenia. If you’re interested in Silver Lake office space for rent, keep reading to learn more about this vibrant neighborhood.

Silver Lake Office Space—Lease Data & Trends

Like most of Greater Los Angeles, Silver Lake has experienced a slowdown in economic activity and office space demand resulting from COVID-19. According to Cushman-Wakefield, the area as a whole has seen high vacancy rates and sluggish rents, but some increase in rental rates per square foot in 2021. The influx of renters entering Greater Los Angeles signals increasing confidence.

As the film industry recovers from the pandemic and the entertainment industry returns to full swing, the need for office space should increase.

Silver Lake is part of the Northeast Los Angeles submarket.

What Our Brokers Say about Silver Lake Office Space

Silver Lake is one of those gems at the cusp of recovery from COVID-19. The vibrant community around Silver Lake, nestled between Hollywood and Los Angeles, thrives on social events and community.

Its affluent residents are getting back to business. Businesses that can position themselves in Silver Lake could see limitless opportunities in the coming years.

Top Commercial Buildings in Silver Lake

2219 Aaron Street contains 1800 square office suites just a block from the Glendale Freeway. It is close to many local businesses and includes parking, appliances, and polished concrete floors.

2807 Sunset Boulevard is a historic 19th-century building with units available on the ground and top floors. This property offers an iconic street name with great value in the entertainment industry. It is close to restaurants and shopping, minutes away from Hollywood. Plenty of parking is available, and the property has had a retrofit for earthquake resistance.

Get to Know LA’s Silver Lake

Silver Lake began as the site of a viaduct supplying water to support the Pacific Electric Railway. The viaduct no longer exists, but it provided the impetus for a community that has continually reinvented and reimagined itself. As the site of one of Disney’s earliest studios and part of Hollywood’s essential support structure, Silver Lake has been a metaphorical viaduct for business insight and imagination, plus avant-garde political thought and social activism.

In terms of amenities, there’s no shortage of great and diverse restaurants in Silver Lake – check out L&E Oyster Bar for seafood, El Cochinito for Cuban food, or Bowery Bungalow for Mediterranean food. There are also a variety of other establishments and activities, including bars, the Silver Lake Reservoir, farmers’ markets, shops, art galleries, and more. Whatever you’re searching for, you’re sure to find in Silver Lake.

Ideal Office Space Location

Renting office space in Silver Lake allows you to capture the best of Southern California: a prime location with city access, name recognition, and economic muscle. In the age of video streaming, the entertainment industry is an immense engine of prosperity for many support industries. There are few locations better suited to capitalize on it than Silver Lake, CA.

Why Rent Office Space in Silver Lake—Los Angeles?

Office space in Silver Lake gives you access to a wealthy and active community. The early 2020s will likely be remembered as a time of rebuilding. Perhaps no region of the United States embodies the spirit of rebuilding as clearly and publicly as Hollywood and Greater Los Angeles.

Silver Lake exists at a cultural nexus of economic activity that will take the lead in ushering in the 2020s. Etch your company name and brand image into the public consciousness by setting up Silver Lake office space.

Nearby Neighborhoods to Set up Office Space

Echo Park was the home of early film studios during the silent film era before the rise of Hollywood. It also housed prominent counterculture writers and political activists. Over the past decade, new legislation has improved safety and increased property values.

Many celebrities live in Echo Park, a place often referenced in American films and music.

Elysian Valley, or “Frogtown”, is a diverse Los Angeles suburb. Property values are lower than in Silver Lake. Additionally, it is enhanced by the influence of nearby economic and cultural centers. It is undergoing rapid change. Elysian Valley, particularly its Dorris Place elementary school, has appeared prominently in films.

Glendale is one of the largest cities in Southern California. Glendale includes the headquarters for American companies such as International House of Pancakes, prominent commercial development, and businesses supporting the entertainment industry’s production side.

Hollywood is one of the most famous and influential towns in the United States, if not the world. Hollywood leads the region as a hub for the film and entertainment industry. It also serves as a cultural mecca for artists, actors, and creative people from a variety of industries.

Businesses supporting and thriving from the film industry vie for access to Hollywood.

Los Feliz, is the site of the classic 90s TV drama, Melrose Place. The area embodies the aspirations and challenges of Greater Hollywood life. This culturally and economically diverse area boasts close ties to the entertainment industry.

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