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South Boston Office Space For Rent

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South Boston Office Space for Lease

South Boston, affectionately known as “Southie,” is working neighborhood with strong Irish pride. The area is best known strong industrial vibe, its Irish bars, and its cinematic grit. South Boston has a soft side to its tough, working-class core, as the neighborhood boasts unparalleled views of Pleasure Bay and Dorchester Bay. Close to the Financial District and a perfect canvas for start-up and creative entrepreneurs, Southie is one of the most desirable Boston neighborhoods for residents and businesses.

South Boston Office Space | Lease Data & Trends

The high demand for South Boston office space is largely due from the neighborhood’s low availability and its prime location. With the second lowest vacancy rate out of all Boston’s commercial neighborhoods, South Boston has less than 800,000 square feet of available office space. Seaport is one of the few Boston submarkets with ongoing redevelopment projects — the neighborhood has nearly 900,000 square feet of new inventory under construction.

If you’re looking to secure a space in one of South Boston’s coveted commercial areas, expect to pay around $51 per square foot. And for Class A office space in South Boston, expect to pay closer to $54 a square foot, unless you’re looking for space in Seaport, where prices climb closer to $65 per square foot. These prices are similar or slightly cheaper than the majority of submarkets in Boston, excluding Charlestown and Fenway, giving companies a major advantage to invest more employee benefits and other business necessities.

Notable businesses in South Boston include Gillette, Procter & Gamble, PwC, the Department of Public Works, Harpoon Brewery, and Trillium Brewing Company. The largest transaction in South Boston during Q1 of 2018 was Cengage’s 117,000 square foot lease at 140 Northern Avenue in Seaport.

What Our Brokers Say About South Boston Office Space

South Boston is bordered by a slew of neighborhoods including: Chinatown, the Leather District, Downtown Boston, Roxbury, the Financial District, South End, and Dorchester. Not far from the city center, South Boston is easily accessible by car and public transit.

South Boston has a host of endearing qualities: noise from quaint Irish pubs at every corner give the neighborhood a small-town feel; historical centers of worship dot the district’s centers and squares. And with a large collection of industrial warehouse buildings, South Boston is a welcoming neighborhood for young businesses that are ready to roll up their sleeves and enjoy hard work. Start-ups thrive in the lofty, warehouse spaces in South Boston, as the 500 square foot spaces are designed for up and coming businesses.

South Boston Neighborhood History

In addition to the area’s old Irish roots, South Boston also served as a foundational location in the Revolutionary War. South Boston’s Dorchester Heights monument marks where colonial militia and local volunteers won a major victory for Boston, and America, against the invading British troops in the Revolutionary War. As home to one of Boston’s major war victories, South Boston’s peninsula developed an integral place in the community.

In the 1800s, troops build Fort Independence on Castle Island. This 22-acre South Boston landmark is the site of an old armory that was used well into the 1800s. Eventually, as the army’s day to day presence declined, South Boston became less of a military hub and more of an industrial working class area, inhabited by a strong Irish-Catholic population.

Like other Boston areas, South Boston is an ever-evolving neighborhood, but Southie retains a strong Irish-American heritage. Today, old-school Irish pubs and taverns mingle with residential buildings and repurposed warehouse space. Old buildings are gaining new life, as empty warehouses are being repurposed into green living spaces and mixed-use developments. Though Southie’s buildings are gaining new tenants, one thing remains true: South Boston will remain a champion for small business. If you bring a good idea and a can-do attitude, your business will thrive in South Boston.

Getting Around South Boston

South Boston is easily accessible by train, car, and pedestrian footpath. If you prefer to travel by rail, use South Station: Boston’s busiest transportation hub. At South Station commuters have access to MBTA rapid transit, Amtrak trains, and MBTA commuter rail. From this station, it’s a short jaunt by bus, rail, or car to Downtown Boston. Most offices are a short bike ride or walk from Castle Island, providing a convenient space to escape from the office.

As a guide, it takes 35 minutes to travel from South Boston to Logan International Airport via the T; it’s a 25 minute ride on the T to Downtown Boston; and Boston Common is 20 minutes away from South Boston on the T.

Because of its proximity to Pleasure Bay, South Boston residents also have the option to commute by boat. Coined as “the best commute in America,” Boston residents enjoy a one hour ferry service from North Boston to South Station. Like other Boston neighborhoods, South Boston isn’t immune from gridlock and slow travels on Rt. 93. But if you have the patience for a low-stress cruise across the water, commuting by ferry to South Boston is a pleasant way to start your day.