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The industry average for lease terms is usually around 3-5 years

NoHo Office Space for Rent

NoHo, short for “North of Houston Street,” began as a botanical garden and became a haven for artists, then a popular residential area for the rich, and today a trendy, unique place to live and work. Don’t let the neighborhood’s small size lead you astray; it’s full of exciting opportunities, things to do, and people to work with.

NoHo might have a less recognizable name than its sister district SoHo, but it does have a solid reputation as an up-and-coming area to rent office space. NoHo is a primarily residential and upper-class neighborhood that covers six blocks between Broadway and Bowery.

Renting office space in NoHo means sharing space with some very successful tech and finance companies. Facebook, SeatGeek, Verizon Media, IBM, Spark Capital, Lululemon Lab, and Meetup all work in NoHo offices.

What Our Brokers Say About Noho Office Space for Lease

NoHo’s central location, loft apartments, and small size make it a desirable neighborhood to work. NoHo continues to offer relatively low prices for commercial tenants—especially those seeking Class B office spaces—and remains an excellent alternative for those who want to pay less but still have plenty of transportation and food options. Together with SoHo and Tribeca, NoHo used to be called the “Warehouse District.” It was lined with store-and-loft buildings that have been updated giving the town an edgy, bohemian style.

NoHo has a healthy mix of international recognized businesses and startups, many of which are in the tech industry. Recently, several well-known tech companies have made moves to secure office space in NoHo. Facebook increased office space at 770 Broadway by 78,000 square feet, taking over the entire third floor for a new total of 513,000 square feet in the building. Facebook has been steadily increasing its square footage in the building since 2013. J. Crew, Nielsen, and Verizon Media also have office space in 770 Broadway.

The Flatiron Building—also referred to as its address, 770 Broadway—is one of NYC’s most recognizable landmarks. Like many of the structures in this area, the building was built more than a century ago, in 1905, but has been renovated and now exudes both a historic character and modern flair. It’s a Class B building, so Facebook and the other companies working there benefit from NoHo’s very reasonable rental pricing. Currently, three units ranging from 2,500 to 10,000 square feet are available for rent at 770 Broadway. There is also one whole floor that’s 20,000 square feet in size. Tenants enjoy a vintage lobby, energy-efficient windows, and new HVAC systems. Contact our team for pricing specific to this building. See the “Top commercial real estate listings” section to read more about prime office buildings located in NoHo.

Direct marketing startup PebblePost recently began working in NoHo, having acquired 20,000 square feet at an estimated $75 per square foot, and will share a building with SeatGeek. SeatGeek is a mobile-focused ticketing service that helps people purchase and resell tickets for sports, concerts, theater events, and more.

NoHo locals enjoy a small community with big-city amenities. Businesses definitely benefit from the neighborhood’s excellent location in Manhattan. Businesses based in NoHo will enjoy excellent transportation, have access to an excellent workforce, and work in close proximity to internationally known companies and up-and-coming startups. NoHo’s neighbors, SoHo and Tribeca, house prominent businesses from a variety of industries. Tribeca is home to Two Sigma Investments, Citigroup, DigitalOcean, Warby Parker, and Edelman, to name a few. SoHo has WeWork Labs; Thrive Capital; FourSquare; and Amazon’s brick-and-mortar location, Amazon 4-star.

NoHo can be divided into three unofficial areas. Most of the chain stores are found on Broadway. Most of the restaurants and cultural institutions are on Lafayette Street. Bowery Street has more restaurants and most of the locations that are open late. Despite its small area and population, NoHo has a college and hundreds of restaurants. Businesses in the area looking for interns or new hires may look for them at NoHo-based Cooper Union College. Those looking to plan a business lunch or event outside the office can check out our team’s favorite restaurants in Soho: Mile End Delicatessen, McSorley’s, Ippudo, Gasoline Alley Coffee, Village Yokocho, Taco Box, and Ramen Misoya. In part because the neighborhood is so small, NoHo doesn’t have many open or green spaces. However, the streets generally aren’t as crowded as other parts of Manhattan.

Noho Commercial Space For Lease | By the numbers

Office Space for Rent Price per square foot
Class A $115
Class B $70

Noho Office Space | Lease Data & Trends

Notably, NoHo’s average office space rental price is well below its average Class A rental price. The average NoHo office rents for just over $79 per square foot, just below the Midtown South rental average. However, companies looking to rent space in a Class A building should expect asking prices of around $115 per square foot, among the most expensive in the city. This is largely due to the relatively low vacancy rates (around 6 percent) and limited total inventory.

Commercial real estate reports consider Greenwich and NoHo to be part of the same submarket. Together with Greenwich, NoHo has about 4.8 million square feet of total inventory, with about 30,000 more square feet under construction. Construction of new buildings is slowing down as most areas in the 20-block neighborhood have already seen new developments or restorations. Most new construction in the area is of condominiums and other residential buildings.

Getting Around: Transportation in Noho

NoHo runs from East 9th Street to East Houston Street from north to south and runs from Bowery Street to Mercer Street from east to west. NoHo’s proximity to other Midtown South neighborhoods like Union Square, Chelsea, and Soho make it convenient to get around Manhattan.

Due in part to its small size, WalkScore awards NoHo a Walk Score of 100 and ranks it as the 2nd most walkable neighborhood in New York City. A pedestrian can traverse from one end of the neighborhood to the other in less than 15 minutes. Employees who commute to the area by car will find parking garages to be reasonably accessible.

Like most other areas of New York City, NoHo enjoys convenient public transportation. Eight train lines pass through and provide transfers to Union Square station and other main transit points. The 6 stops at both Astor Place and Bleecker Street, and the N and R stop at the Eighth Street-NYU Station. The Broadway-Lafayette stop connects to Bleecker Street and the B, D, F, and M trains.

The John F. Kennedy International Airport, LaGuardia Airport, and Newark Liberty International Airport are all located close by for those who need to travel nationally or internationally.

Top Commercial Properties For Lease In Noho

Though NoHo is best known for its trendy loft apartments, it also has prime commercial real estate. Our brokers highly recommend 700 Broadway, 400 Lafayette Street, and 65 Bleecker Street. Read about these top office space picks in NoHo:

700 Broadway: Prominent architect George Post built 700 Broadway in 1891 to be a store. Ten years later, it was renovated into showrooms, offices, storage, and workshops. When the National Audubon Society chose the building as its national headquarters, 700 Broadway was updated once again into a “green” building. Weitz & Luxenberg acquired the building and added even more improvements in 2008. This location seems to have as much history and character as it does office space. This eight-story structure has 98,000 square feet of Class B space, with one 3,000 square-foot unit available for rent. Easily access 700 Broadway from stations 8th Street—NYU, Broadway—Lafayette Street, or Astor Place. Coffee lovers will likely be pleased with this location; it has four different coffee shops all within .1 miles of the building! It has a noise index of .87.

400 Lafayette Street: 400 Lafayette Street is a five-story office building at the corner of Lafayette and East 4th Streets. Two of its key tenants are tech startups—SeatGeek and DraftKings. Three floors of 400 Lafayette Street ranging from 3,400 to 27,269 square feet are available for rent. Inquire for pricing or a tour. 400 Lafayette Street is close to Cooper Union, New York University, and Washington Square Park. Nearby fitness centers include Blink Fitness NoHo and Crunch. Access this property via PATH; buses M2, M3, M5, M8, M12, M15, M21, M102, or M103; or trains 6, B, D, F, M, N, or R. This location has a noise index of .73.

65 Bleecker Street: 65 Bleecker Street, also called the Bayard-Condict Building, was constructed in 1899 and renovated in 2000. It has 13 floors and 108,000 square feet of Class B office space. Two office spaces are currently available; one is 9,310 square feet in size, and the other is 9,810 square feet in size. Ask us about pricing or schedule a tour! Access this location via the Bleecker Street Transit Stop, the Broadway-Lafayette Street Transit Stop, or the Prince Street Transit Stop, all of which are a six minute walk (or less) away. The building and its area have a Walk Score of 100. Think Coffee, Bite, and Starbucks are great coffee options within walking distance of 65 Bleecker Street.

Noho Neighborhood History

Centuries ago, the piece of land NoHo now occupies used to be a botanical garden. Swiss physician Jacob Sperry set up the garden where Lafayette Street now intersects with Astor Place. John Jacob Astor purchased the site in the early 1800s.

Throughout the 19th century, NoHo was home to wealthy families and quickly became a fashionable and architecturally diverse district. Terracotta and brick loft buildings popped up alongside marble, limestone, and cast iron, creating NoHo’s eclectic streetscape. Bond, Bleecker, and Great Jones Streets were the most expensive places to live in the area at that time.

NoHo encompasses around 125 buildings, most of which fall under the NoHo Historic District and NoHo East Historic District, dedicated in 2003. Notable landmarks include Colonnade Row, Fire Engine Company No.33, Merchant’s House Museum, and Astor Library.

Institutional, office, and commercial structures went up as NoHo transitioned in and out of industry in the 1900s. By the 1960s, more artists lived and worked out of these spaces than businesses, including Andy Warhol, Jean-Michael Basquiat, and Robert Mapplethorpe. Art and restoration were vital in reenergizing NoHo into the chic and offbeat neighborhood it is today, with a broad roster of live music, theater, trendy bars, record stores, and popular bistros to keep the locals busy. After the neighborhood was revitalized in the 1960s and ‘70s, the area got its nickname, “NoHo,” and became separated from SoHo. NoHo, SoHo, and Tribeca used to all be considered part of the warehouse district.

In 1999, the Landmarks Preservation Commission identified most of NoHo’s 125-building area a historic district. Some sources divide the already small neighborhood into the NoHo Historic District and the NoHo East Historic District. The 2000s and 2010s have brought gentrification to the neighborhood as well.

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