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Lease Term

The industry average for lease terms is usually around 3-5 years

Office Space for Lease in Upper Manhattan

Upper Manhattan Office Space for Rent

Upper Manhattan, or “Uptown”, represents the northern section of the borough of Manhattan. Generally considered to stretch from 96th Street to the northern tip of Manhattan, some people put the boundary of Upper Manhattan as far north as 125th Street. If you’re interested in office space for lease in Upper Manhattan, you can learn more here.

Upper Manhattan contains many neighborhoods, including Washington Heights, Harlem, and Marble Hill. The neighborhood was considered relatively rustic until the construction of the IRT Ninth Avenue Line in the later years of the 19th century. The community has seen recent changes due to gentrification, though it is not gentrifying at the same rate as surrounding areas.

Generally considered a residential area, Upper Manhattan still offers some impressive deals for office space. The neighborhood also has several attractions, including Grant’s Tomb and the Apollo Theater. You can visit Riverside Park or Fort Tyron Park while checking out available office space throughout the area.

Upper Manhattan Office Space – Lease Data & Trends

Real estate professionals treat Upper Manhattan as part of the general Manhattan area. This area has seen a growing gap that separates net-effective rents and starting rents. Starting rents reached 22 percentage points above net-effective rents in Q3 2020.

The difference in rent costs can be attributed partially to concession packages offered by landlords. Many landlords have offered these allowances due to the uncertain condition of the economy caused by the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic.

However, landlords began offering higher concession packages long before the pandemic. While starting rents may appear high at the moment, you may be able to secure office space for a more reasonable rate by working with a landlord willing to offer a concession package.

What Our Brokers Say About Upper Manhattan Office Space

Most of the Upper Manhattan area offers small office spaces suited to private offices or small businesses and boutiques. A few areas – such as the Upper East Side – contain more space for larger office buildings.

Many large companies maintain an officer in the Upper Manhattan area. Walking through the streets, you may pass offices operated by National Geographic, Time Warner, ABC, Aetna, French Bull, and more.

Individuals who work in many different markets call Upper Manhattan home. The area appeals to healthcare professionals as well as those who work in the legal industry. We also see firms from the tech, communications, and architecture fields.

Experts report a current availability rate of 18.3% throughout Manhattan, allowing you to find a spot for your business in this lovely and historic area. The region also has a healthy lease renewal rate, so you can feel confident about your choice to base your business in Upper Manhattan.

Top Commercial Buildings in Upper Manhattan

801 Madison Avenue: Located on the Upper East Side, this building offers high-quality spaces that come with direct elevator access and outdoor space.

43 West 65th Street: This Class B Upper West Side office building was built in 1928 and spans 7 stories. It’s close to Fordham Law School and Central Park.

464 Amsterdam Avenue: You can look into lower-level office space at 464 Amsterdam Avenue. This 5-story building was constructed in 1910. The building contains a total of 14 units, some of which are already occupied.

Get to Know Upper Manhattan

You can easily access office space located in Upper Manhattan. While driving through New York can lead to frustration if you get caught in traffic, you can easily navigate the Upper Manhattan area through several public transportation options, including the Metro-North Railroad and the MTA Regional Bus.

Once you enter the Upper Manhattan neighborhood, you have options to explore the area’s unique culture. You may visit Columbia University or stop by the Lincoln Center. Many visitors also enjoy the experience of visiting the Metropolitan Museum of Art.

The area also contains a wealth of restaurants and pubs to visit after a long day in the office. You may visit Marlow Bistro to enjoy Mediterranean food or restaurants like Clay that offer New American fare. Smaller restaurants and bars provide you with additional options.

When you want to explore more of New York, you can easily cross the George Washington Bridge from Upper Manhattan to Fort Lee in New Jersey. The bridge holds the record for the busiest bridge for motor vehicles, so get ready for a rush if you decide to cross.

Why Rent Office Space in Upper Manhattan?

Looking for office space that allows you to operate right in the thriving heart of New York? You can find the location you want in Upper Manhattan. You can take advantage of the area’s excellent public transportation options to easily reach your office and help customers locate you.

The area also features numerous restaurants to visit for lunch or after a hard day at the office. You can take a new client for drinks or invite them to join you in Central Park for a walk as you discuss business or more of the sites to see in the city.

Nearby Neighborhoods to Set Up Office Space

You have many options if you’re interested in office space in the areas surrounding Upper Manhattan, including:


Located further to the south, you may consider properties in the Brooklyn borough for your business. Home to hip, bustling neighborhoods like Williamsburg, Bedford-Stuyvesant, and Greenpoint, this burgeoning office submarket is home to major corporations like VICE and Etsy.


The Bronx offers many options for businesses looking for office and industrial space. Its location is ideal for those commuting from the Westchester area.

Jersey City

More interested in moving your business out of New York? You can cross the river and find office space in Jersey City. It’s easy to get to, comfortably walkable, and bursting with cultural and historical attractions.

Looking for office space for lease in Upper Manhattan? Our team at Square Foot can help you find the location that’s right for you. Find out more by contacting us today.