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Lease Term

The industry average for lease terms is usually around 3-5 years

Office Space in Berry Hill, TN

Berry Hill, TN, Office Space for Rent

Despite being part of Nashville’s Metropolitan area, Berry Hill was incorporated in 1950 and is known for its many small businesses. When you need office space, Berry Hill has a large selection of commercial real estate listings regarding office spaces for rent. If you’re looking to take the opportunity to rent office space in Berry Hill, there’s no better time to do it!

Art is predominant throughout the quaint community, with murals of famous singers, music studios such as the House of Blues Studios, and many small businesses. Berry Hill’s mainstream shopping options are just a short walk away from the residential part of the neighborhood.

Berry Hill Office Space – Lease Data & Trends

The average cost per square foot in Berry Hill, TN, is $22.47 per square foot, with the average size for office space around 6,403 square feet. During the pandemic, rent in Berry Hill sat at around $33 per square foot. In Q2 of 2021, Berry Hill’s vacancy remained low at 7.4% but still had a negative absorption rate, resulting in a decrease in submarket value. Nashville’s overall vacancy rate was 15.4%, an all-time high due to struggles from the pandemic.

As pandemic market trends wear out, data predicts Nashville’s Berry Hill to have exponential growth in the upcoming months. Leasing is picking up again in Nashville, with subleases becoming a popular option. Berry Hill’s many office spaces are an attractive and relatively affordable option that will increase in popularity as Nashville implements new developments and new businesses arrive in the neighborhood.

What Our Brokers Say About Berry Hill Office Space

Considering the neighborhood’s size, office space for rent in Berry Hill, TN, is everywhere. Office space in Berry Hill is as plentiful as the many shops and activities the neighborhood has. Though only one square mile in size, there are over 400 businesses in Berry Hill. Performance art studios, retail shops, law firms, photography studios, and more fill Berry Hill’s whimsical streets.

Berry Hill’s shopping and entertainment industries are most notable, as they take up such a predominant part of the neighborhood. While the community may look primarily like a residential area, many small businesses are inside these homes, where whole floors serve as office spaces. Berry Hill also has several commercial businesses off of Berry Road and near Melrose and East Nashville, including a pet salon and a secondhand store.

Top Commercial Buildings in Berry Hill

658 Grassmere Park Drive: With spaces 21,500 square feet in size, this building is a top contender for larger companies looking to rent in Berry Hill. It’s also close to the Nashville Zoo and Interstate 440.

193 Polk Avenue: One of the current availabilities in this building is the 1st Floor – B Suite. It features three conference rooms, a wet pantry, carpeted floors, significant natural lighting, and ample parking space. This 12,000 square foot office space also comes with additional furniture and is available for sublease. The building has an attended lobby and 24/7 access.

3011 Armory Drive: This building is right off the I-65 in Nashville. Among its availabilities is an 11,351 square foot, direct lease space with 2 conference rooms, great natural lighting, and a flexible lease term. 3011 Armory Drive boasts 24/7 access and an attended lobby.

Get to Know Berry Hill

Considered a funky neighborhood in Nashville, Berry Hill is easily accessible by I-440, and commuting across the district to available office spaces takes no time. The nearby community of Melrose is a 5-minute drive away, where you have access to even more shopping options. Business owners will find Berry Hill an ideal place to set up a small business in the entertainment industry or a boutique.

Some of Berry Hill’s most popular offerings for dining and drinking include the Stay Golden Restaurant & Roastery and Hugh-Baby’s, ideal locations for grabbing a bite before or after work. Enjoy Southern food with simplicity or sip a brew and relax. If you find Berry Hill’s culture fascinating, you can take a guided art tour around the neighborhood.

Why Rent Office Space in Nashville’s Berry Hill?

When renting an office space, Berry Hill, TN, may not be the initial location you think of, but its many large offices and offbeat characteristics make it an exciting choice if you are looking to rent an office building. Berry Hill’s untraditional atmosphere gives the neighborhood an inviting quirkiness found nowhere else in Nashville. For business owners with more uncommon commercial aspirations, the feeling of Berry Hill’s colorful street art and hidden offices make it a mysterious place that draws in visitors.

Office space in Berry Hill comes at a very reasonable price per square foot compared to other neighborhoods such as Midtown or West End. If your goal is to save money while starting your business, Berry Hill is an optimal location to achieve this. Because of its small area, walking or taking the bus is a viable mode of transportation.

Nearby Areas to Set Up Office Space

Not sure if Berry Hill is for you? Nashville has several other neighborhoods with a more traditional feeling and towering office buildings rather than residential conversions.

Melrose: Berry Hill’s adjacent neighborhood, Melrose, is less sleepy and features many recreational activities, including many fine bars and shopping centers. This community gets considerably more retail activity due to its lively nightlife options.

8th Avenue South: In the area between Melrose and the Gulch, you’ll find 8th Avenue South, an older, tiny neighborhood featuring famous shops and new establishments, including an antique mall and Zanies Comedy Club.

SoBro: More traditional and modern than Berry Hill is SoBro, meaning South of Broadway. Contrary to popular belief, SoBro is near Downtown Nashville but is its own highly-developed neighborhood.

Don’t hesitate to reach out and contact us for assistance with choosing a property for your Berry Hill, TN, office. We will find an office space for rent in Berry Hill, TN, that fits your commercial needs.