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The industry average for lease terms is usually around 3-5 years

Office Space for Rent in Brentwood, TN

Brentwood, Tennessee Office Space For Rent

Brentwood, Tennessee, is one of the wealthiest cities in the United States, with a booming economy and strong business community. Tucked into Tennessee’s bucolic, rolling hills, Brentwood sits just south of Nashville, the city with the third fastest growing economy in the country. This proximity provides economic stability to the region, supporting a wide range of businesses.

As the “Music City,” Nashville has created a major cultural and business hub for the music industry niche. This influence is strong in Brentwood, the home of Brave New Records headquarters. Many musicians, celebrities, and corporate CEOs are now flocking to Brentwood for the available economic benefits and open office spaces.

Residents of Brentwood enjoy visiting the impressive and gorgeous John P. Holt Brentwood Library and strolling through the city’s many pastoral parks. Crockett Park is a local favorite, with tennis courts, baseball fields, an amphitheater, and an indoor arena all within the park’s 170 acres of land. Brentwood also has a top-ranking education system for its growing population of families.

As a rapidly growing center for culture and business with idyllic residential neighborhoods, Brentwood is an excellent location for corporate office spaces. If you are looking for space for your business, we can help you find the perfect Brentwood office for your needs.

Brentwood, TN Office Space – Lease Data & Trends

Economic trends show Nashville and the surrounding suburbs are making a speedy recovery from the effects of the pandemic. As with much of the country, suburban submarkets have shown a negative absorption coinciding with increased vacancies. However, experts expect this not to last long as trends show an uptick in lease signings and employment rates, indicating a suburban recovery within the following year.

Brentwood is also home to several major companies, including Delek US Holdings, Kirkland’s, Tractor Supply Company, and more. There are a diverse array of businesses with corporate headquarters in the area, from retail to healthcare. Brookdale Senior Living, a company with over 700 retirement and senior living communities across the United States, has been based in Brentwood since its establishment in 1978.

What Our Brokers Say About Brentwood Office Space

As Nashville explodes in population size and commercial occupancy, more businesses are searching for offices in less congested areas. Brentwood is the ideal location for any business looking to rent office spaces in Tennessee. Its rapid economic growth and cultural history support a wide variety of companies in healthcare, music, manufacturing, and much more.

Brentwood is also perfect for companies looking for better rates on office spaces. On average, traditional office spaces in Nashville range from $30 to $40 per square foot, whereas the average office in Brentwood has a rate of about $29 per square foot. Specific rates vary based on the location, square feet, floor plans, and amenities.

Top Commercial Buildings in Brentwood, TN

101 Westpark Drive is a square feet Class A office building located in Maryland Farms, ideal for small businesses. This convenient location sits right across the street from a Publix Super Market and is down the road from the YMCA gym.

7100 Commerce Way, also known as Cool Springs Common is a spacious 301,570 square feet commercial facility located off of Interstate 65. There are several restaurants in the area that are perfect for company dinners.

5120 Virginia Way is a smaller office building with a total square footage of 16,944 square feet. It is an ideal location for small businesses looking to start in Brentwood, TN.

Get to Know Brentwood, Tennessee

Nestled in the countryside hills of Tennessee, Brentwood is one of the wealthiest cities in the country, with a thriving community and ever-growing economy. Located just south of Nashville, Brentwood shares much of its cultural vibrancy with its larger neighbor, allowing for a diverse group of businesses in the community. From the White Rose Gallery to the Towne Center Theater, Brentwood has a rich history and an appreciation for the arts.

Brentwood is also home to some of the best restaurants in Tennessee. Whether you’re looking for traditional Mexican cuisine at Uncle Julio’s, or authentic, fresh sushi at Hanabi, you will find a delicious restaurant that suits your tastes in Brentwood.

As one of the wealthiest cities in America, it comes as no surprise that Brentwood has a great selection of luxury real estate. There are many affluent neighborhoods with scenic views of the surrounding countryside in Brentwood. In fact, Brentwood is home to many CEOs and celebrities for the excellent quality of life and economic opportunities.

Why Rent Office Space in Brentwood, TN?

One of the many reasons businesses are leasing office spaces in Brentwood is that the rates are more competitive than the surrounding areas. Offices in Nashville have an average rate that starts at $30 per square foot. Brentwood office spaces average $26 per square foot depending on location and amenities, making them an economical choice.

As a close neighbor to Nashville and an affluent community on its own, Brentwood benefits from the region’s rapid economic growth. Since the pandemic, Brentwood has bounced back faster than most cities in the surrounding areas. This resilience has long attracted many companies to Brentwood, making it a secure location for local businesses.

If you are looking for corporate offices, we can help you search through Brentwood’s listed office spaces for rent to find the right place for your business.

Nearby Neighborhoods to Set Up Office Space

Brentwood, Tennessee, is centrally located in the greater Nashville area with several towns and cities around its border. If you are looking for a countryside town or city near Brentwood for your corporate office, check out these suggested locations:

Nashville: Nashville is the most populated city in Tennessee, home to many companies, including AT&T. It is a vibrant cultural hub with a strong economy and rich history.

Franklin: Franklin is a rapidly growing city with many historic buildings. It is home to the headquarters of Community Health Systems, a healthcare business that is also Franklin’s top employer.

La Vergne: La Vergne is a beautiful waterfront suburb of Nashville with a growing population and economy. Their top employer is Ingram Book Company, a service provider to the book publishing industry with headquarters in La Vergne.

Brentwood is a great location for all types of businesses. Its proximity to Nashville makes it a significant corporate and cultural hub with a stable and growing economy. To find the best office space for your business, look no further than SquareFoot.


At SquareFoot, our team will help your business research and find the perfect location that suits all of your needs at competitive prices. Email us at contact@squarefoot.com. We’d be happy to answer any questions you may have.