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Lease Term

The industry average for lease terms is usually around 3-5 years

Nashville Office Space for Rent

Nashville, the cosmopolitan, musical capital of Tennessee, is home to nearly 700,000 residents. Centrally located within the state, Nashville offers convenient access to several interstates and the Nashville International Airport.

The number of colleges and universities within the city has earned Nashville the nickname “Athens of the South.” Nashville also serves as a hub for national businesses due to its active support for local businesses and business-friendly practices, such as being part of a right-to-work state.

However, it’s the city’s role as the home of the country music industry during the past century for which Nashville has been most famous. Tourists flock to Nashville, TN, from around the world to experience its lively atmosphere and its country music scene. Specifically, the Grand Ole Opry, Opry Land, the Bluebird Café, Ryman Auditorium, and other country music landmarks exert a powerful attraction.

The confluence of educational, cultural, and business interests in Nashville gives the city the ability to support a wide range of businesses—from boutiques, restaurants, and recording studios to large corporate offices, health care facilities, and manufacturing centers. The inventory of office space in Nashville for lease reflects this diversity and offers considerable bargains due to the COVID-19 pandemic.

Nashville Office Space — Lease Data and Trends

Economic signs point to a recovery for Nashville, along with the national recovery from COVID-19. While vacancy rates have been increasing, Cushman & Wakefield predict those rates will decrease in the coming year. In line with national trends, they predict an increase in employment, which will reverse the trend from 2020.

The most prominent new construction site in Nashville is Amazon’s million-square-foot Operations Center for Excellence. According to the company, the project provides jobs for 5,000 Nashvillians and represents an investment of $230 million in the city.

Other development projects are currently underway, including SomeraRoad’s renovation of the Vorhees Building and Downtown Antique Mall, along with new construction on the 2.6-acre site. These projects suggest confidence in the continued demand for office space for rent in Nashville, TN—a dynamic and resilient city that will continue to develop in the years to come.

How much is office space rent in Nashville?

Neighborhood Class A Class B Total
Downtown $41 $32 $38
Midtown $42.50 $30 $40.50
Airport Area – North $26 $22.50 $24.50
Airport Area – South $40 $34 $33.50
Brentwood $32 $27 $29
Cool Springs $32 $29 $31.50
Green Hills $34 $29.50 $32
Metro Center $26.50 $26 $26
Hendersonville $25 $22 $23
West Nashville $34 $30 $31.50
Nashville Total $37 $29.50 $34

*Q3 2021 data from JLL

Office space costs in Nashville vary significantly by neighborhood. Neighborhoods like Airport Area – North and suburbs like Hendersonville will cost less per square foot per year, at an average of $24.50 and $23, respectively. Nashville’s Central Business District neighborhoods will be on the costlier side at closer to $40 per square foot per year. On average, across the Nashville metro area, office space rents are about $34 per square foot per year.

What Our Brokers Say About Nashville Office Space

Nashville is a prime location for attracting up-and-coming talent in country music or the music production industry, as well as at Vanderbilt University and its medical center, both among the city’s largest employers. Nashville supports a variety of retail, health care, and telecommunications companies, providing stable sources of jobs and opportunities for economic growth as the economy recovers.

Nashville has taken concrete action to protect landlords and tenants from housing insecurity during the pandemic through the landlord risk mitigation fund. The mayor also extends grants and tax incentives to businesses that create jobs in Nashville. These programs promote a business- and community-friendly climate that is likely to help Nashville rebound.

Flexible Office Options in Nashville, TN

Flexible office opportunities are on the rise everywhere — Nashville included. If you’re not interested in a traditional office space, continue reading to learn about flexible office space solutions in Nashville.

Coworking Space

There are many options for those looking for coworking in Nashville, from household name brands to smaller boutique operators. Coworking is a great option for fledgling startups, solo entrepreneurs, or even larger companies with distributed teams. A few notable options for coworking in Nashville include:

  • WeWork, which offers locations in Downtown Nashville and in Music Row
  • Eleven Willow, a creative shared workspace with plans starting at $250/month — or opt for a day pass for $25/day
  • InDo Nashville, a coworking space designed specifically for professionals in the entertainment industry

These coworking spaces also offer options for those looking for private office space. At Eleven Willow Nashville, for example, private office spaces start at $1,050 per month and include all the amenities you’ll need to run your business. This way, you get the convenience of coworking but the privacy of your own space.

While much of Nashville’s coworking inventory is centrally located, there are operators located outside of the main business district — for example, Collective615, a female-focused coworking space in West Nashville.

In addition to coworking memberships, you can also find conference and meeting room rentals across Nashville through coworking operators, companies like Davinci Meeting Rooms, or services like Peerspace.

Office Suites

Not in need of a full traditional office, but want more privacy than coworking can offer? You might want to opt for a private office or an executive suite. Services like Intelligent Office and Regus provide small business owners access to flexible executive suite space in Nashville.

Shared Office Space

If coworking’s not quite for you, but you’re not ready for your own space, why not try looking for shared office space in Nashville? With this option, you typically share with one or two other companies and sublease a portion of the space from the main tenant. Services like PivotDesk can match you with companies looking to rent out a few desks or a private room in their office. This is a highly affordable option that can offer your Nashville business more privacy than coworking.

Top Industrial & Commercial Buildings in Nashville

520 Royal Parkway is a spacious, 11,000 square foot facility that is perfect for any large business operation. Located across Interstate 40 from Nashville’s airport, this property offers convenient access to hotels and shopping.

3600 Trousdale Drive contains 46,000 sq. ft. of space for large businesses or those that are scaling up operations. This property is located close to railway lines and Interstate 65 and is just minutes from downtown Nashville.

424 Church Street is right in the heart of downtown Nashville in a stately office building less than half a mile from the Ryman Auditorium—the former site of the Grand Ole Opry—and the Country Music Hall of Fame and Museum.

Get to Know Nashville

Downtown Nashville tends to be pricey, but it can be worth it to be part of this vibrant Nashville scene. Other neighborhoods in Nashville also have a distinct character. From the swanky boutiques and upscale restaurants of the Gulch to the artsy, creative scene in Berry Hill, each neighborhood has its distinct style.

Belle Meade, to the southwest of downtown, has spacious luxury homes and some of the highest property values in the state. It’s also home to the Belle Meade Links Golf Course. Adjacent to Belle Meade is the suburb of Green Hills, the location of the famous Bluebird Café.

Why Rent Office Space in Nashville?

One compelling reason to rent commercial office space in Nashville is to establish a brand identity that resonates with over a century of cultural tradition. Furthermore, affluent suburbs surround Nashville’s culturally vibrant center, providing economic stability and a tax base for incentives to businesses as well as grants for development and cultural projects.

In the nearly 100 years since the Grand Ole Opry first hit the radio airwaves, Nashville has come to embrace and enshrine its place as a center for country music. As long as country music remains popular among a wide swath of the American people, Nashville will have a unique and profitable economic and marketing position. A presence in Nashville can help to align your brand with an enduring vein of American culture.

Aside from country music, Nashville continues to be hospitable to a business community that shows resilience despite the pandemic. Within this community, we can help you research Nashville’s abundant small office spaces for rent to find the right place where you can thrive among other small business owners.

Neighborhoods and Nearby Cities in Which to Set Up Office Space

Here’s a breakdown of some of Nashville’s best neighborhoods and submarkets that could be great options for your team’s next office. Additionally, if you are looking for small-town charm and small office space for rent, Nashville, TN, borders several small towns that are worth researching.

Berry Hill

Berry Hill is a town in Nashville’s greater metropolitan area. A quaint area full of character, Berry Hill is home to a vast array of businesses across a variety of industries. There are also restaurants and boutiques galore, making it a great place for a retail business.


Downtown Nashville is the city’s premier business district and offers an abundance of commercial office space options. Home to a wide array of industries, this is a great area to set up your business’s next office space. In addition to traditional office space, Downtown Nashville boasts a number of flexible and coworking office solutions, such as Industrious, WeWork, Spaces, and more.

East Nashville

This beautiful, historic Nashville neighborhood’s economy skews heavily towards retail, boasting a number of hip restaurants, bars, and stores that are popular among Nashville’s younger crowds. Don’t overlook hip East Nashville if you’re targeting a modern, younger clientele.

Green Hills

Green Hills is an upscale neighborhood located just south of Downtown Nashville. Though this affluent suburb is primarily residential, commercial space is readily available. Neighborhood amenities are abundant in Green Hills.

Metro Center

This Nashville neighborhood is located along the edge of the Cumberland River. Metro Center has seen a number of major businesses set up shop there in its 50-year history.

Music Row

Just like the name suggests, Nashville’s Music Row is home to an abundance of music industry businesses, including major record labels, production houses, and recording studios. If your business is in the entertainment industry, Music Row is the place for you.

West End

Located near Vanderbilt University, West End is a vibrant Nashville neighborhood bursting with young people and creatives. There is no shortage of local amenities, from restaurants to nightlife options. West End could be a great place to set up shop if you are interested in recruiting new graduates.

Cool Springs

This notable commercial center lies within the city of Franklin, TN, which is located in the Nashville metropolitan area. Today, the Cool Springs area is home to an array of diverse businesses including hotels, big-box stories, and typical office-based companies. Notable local companies include Nissan North America, CKE Restaurants, and Tasti D-Lite.


This Nashville suburb is known for being one of the wealthiest cities in Tennessee. Brentwood is full of great restaurants, stunning parks, and hip stores. Overall, Brentwood is one of the greatest Nashville metro area suburbs to live and work.

West Nashville

West Nashville is a spacious residential suburb of Nashville. Neighborhoods of West Nashville include The Nations, Belle Meade, and West Meade. West Nashville continues to experience growth, with many exciting local amenities for residents and commuters alike.

Airport Area

Nashville’s Airport Area is located less than 10 miles east of Downtown Nashville, and is part of the Airport/Donelson/Hermitage region. It’s home to affordable hotels, historic attractions, and many options for food and drink.


A city of over 60,000 people, Hendersonville, TN is located on the shores of Old Hickory Lake, which attracts visitors who love the outdoors. Just 18 miles from downtown, Hendersonville is known for having been the home of numerous famous musicians, including Johnny Cash, Roy Orbison, and Conway Twitty. Hendersonville offers affordable office space for businesses in the Nashville metro area.


A small community with a growing population, Goodlettsville is home to Tyson Foods, a prominent employer in town. Also, the town attracts tourists and fans of the old TV show, Hee Haw, since many actors from the show made their homes in Goodlettsville.


Murfreesboro stands out as the site of the Civil War’s Battle of Stone’s River. Visitors can stop by the battlefield for talks and interpretive living history programs. Murfreesboro is also home to Middle Tennessee State University, one of the fastest-growing universities in the state, which increases the talent pool for business owners who rent office space here.


Nashville is a one-of-a-kind city. To truly tap into its potential, you need a real estate company that can find you the right private or shared office space in Nashville. Let our team at SquareFoot find your business the ideal commercial office space in Nashville — give us a call at +1 (615) 326-6752.

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