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Lease Term

The industry average for lease terms is usually around 3-5 years

Office Space in Green Hills, TN

Green Hills (Nashville) Office Space for Rent

Living up to its name, Green Hills is a Nashville neighborhood with lush hills, large residential properties, and notable buildings such as the Mall at Green Hills. First developed in the 1930s, Green Hills’ first buildings were a movie theater and the Green Hills Market, one of the first grocery stores in Nashville. The wealthy Green Hills neighborhood has many boutiques and luxury brands for shopping and is also home to Lipscomb University.

Looking for office space in Green Hills, TN? The wealthy retail market of Green Hills makes it a perfect location for business opportunities. Despite being a small neighborhood (it’s only 4.402 square miles), it has a few lovely local amenities. Green Hills is known for one gem in particular: the famous Bluebird Cafe.

Green Hills Office Space – Lease Data & Trends

During Q2 of 2021, Nashville’s job market remains strong despite unemployment challenges, and leasing activity is rising. The Green Hills area experienced some negative absorption through the quarter while low vacancy rates stayed around the same rate as the previous quarter, 6.8%. The pandemic reduced demand for office space in Green Hills, resulting in leases ending without renewal.

Rent for Class A office buildings averaged around $37.46, making rent in this part of Nashville the second most expensive per square foot, with the Midtown submarket’s rent coming in first at $43.53.

In Green Hills, investment opportunities have been more popular during Q2 of 2021. Investments in the property at 11 Music Circle South and significant developments with the 227,000 square foot Moore Building will give the city of Nashville the adequate office space its citizens need in this part of town.

What Our Brokers Say About Green Hills Office Space

Boutique companies thrive in Green Hills and are at the forefront of the neighborhood’s submarkets in the retail industry. Businesses such as H. Audrey at the Hill Center in Green Hills and White’s Mercantile are frontrunners in the area’s retail industry aside from the other upscale offerings at the Mall at Green Hills. Nashville’s most prominent private healthcare equity firm, Cressey & Company LP, also has an office in Green Hills, reflecting the area’s suitability for investment offices and similar office spaces.

As Nashville’s unemployment rate goes down again, office space is becoming more of a wise investment for opening up a retail business or attempting a similar endeavor. As shopping returns to its normal level, there is plenty of opportunity for new small businesses in Green Hills, indicating possible growth in the way of office space.

Top Commercial Buildings in Green Hills

40 Burton Hills Boulevard: This office building has suites that are the perfect size for solo entrepreneurs or new startups. Such office space is ideal for a variety of industries, from finance to retail.

3201 Belmont Boulevard: This single-story building is in a top area for retail opportunities and features a sizable parking lot. Its simple layout and large windows make it ideal for retail or office space.

4400 Harding Place: This building has availabilities ranging from 7,000 to 12,500 square feet and is great for medium-sized businesses.

Get to Know Green Hills

The lifestyle and retail industry of Green Hills attracts those in the middle to upper classes of society, from business professionals to Hollywood celebrities. This area of Nashville is slightly less diverse due to the economic distance from other neighborhoods but still offers plenty of activities. Until the expansion of Nashville’s light rail system allows travel to offices in Green Hills, cars are your best transportation method through Green Hills’ expansive environment.

Shopping centers such as the Mall at Green Hills boast over one million square feet across two floors, featuring high-end retailers ZARA and Gucci and boutiques such as Colt’s Chocolates. Green Hills’ renowned Bluebird Cafe offers excellent dining options and has been a significant venue for famous musicians over the years.

Why Rent Office Space in Nashville’s Green Hills?

Thanks to significant investments in property, Green Hills is a rising location for opening up a retail business or financial office. While the cost is high, renting a Green Hills office in Nashville, TN, offers a variety of benefits in addition to a large selection of shopping centers.

Southern homestyle cooking is available at nearly every corner, as well as innovative twists on traditional meals. The neighborhood exudes an upscale feeling, with jazz and Music City’s classic country tunes popular in this part of town. In addition to the cultural benefits, Green Hills is located just off the interstate and easily accessible by taking Hillsboro Pike.

Nearby Neighborhoods to Set Up Office Space

Are you interested in another area of town? Nashville’s many neighborhoods give business owners a generous selection of locations to set up the perfect office space throughout the city. Properties are abundant in regions outside of Green Hills, too.

Downtown Nashville: The heart of Nashville, downtown is a bustling place full of shops and live music. Entertainment companies, retailers, athletes, and others frequent the downtown area for work and play. Its even higher price tag for leasing square footage makes it a contender among those who want a luxurious office space Green Hills, TN, has to offer.

Midtown: Midtown in Nashville is a hub for nightlife and has a relaxed atmosphere compared to other places in the city. By renting office space here, companies can take advantage of the retail opportunities and expand their businesses.

Sylvan Park: The Sylvan Park neighborhood has a tight-knit atmosphere and encourages an active lifestyle with many fitness centers and small businesses, making this area ideal for integrating your company with the community. Additionally, Sylvan Park is within walking distance of Nashville’s West End.


If you are interested in office space in or around Green Hills, TN, contact us for assistance in finding the ideal space for your needs.