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Lease Term

The industry average for lease terms is usually around 3-5 years

Office Space for Rent in Cypress, TX

Cypress, TX Office Space for Rent

The community of Cypress grew along the major stretches of U.S. 290 and State Highway 249 that extend northwest of Houston in Harris County, TX. Often referred to as Cy-Fair or Cypress-Fairbanks, this unincorporated area began as rural and expanded into one of Houston’s largest suburban communities.

The commercial and residential development in Cypress makes this community ideal for new businesses, growing families, and people from all walks of life. The majority of the residential building in Cypress is recent or current, meaning incoming homeowners face little to no renovation costs for modern conveniences. Office space for rent in Cypress, TX, is accommodating and affordable, offering business owners a chance to get a head start when setting up shop in the community.

Cypress offers all newcomers great reasons to invest their time and lives. Residents and business owners will fit in easily in this thriving community that guarantees access to a highly educated workforce, fantastic education systems, historic parks, and more.

Cypress Office Space – Lease Data & Trends

Sitting just a scant 25 miles to the northwest of Houston proper, Cypress or the Cypress-Fairbanks community is part of Houston’s Northwest submarket. Like many communities, the ongoing pandemic and other economic conditions have impacted office occupancy in Cypress and the surrounding area. The majority of submarkets in the Houston area and Harris County experienced negative absorption rates in Q2 of 2021, with Cypress being no exception.

In Q3 of 2021, Cushman & Wakefield reported that, in the Northwest Houston submarket, the overall average asking rent across all building classes sat at approximately $21 per square foot per year, with Class A space at just over $26 per square foot per year. This provides Houston businesses with a cheaper alternative to office space in Houston’s CBD, which runs at around $40 per square foot per year.

Despite consecutive reports of negative absorption rates, occupancy losses in Houston submarkets, including Cypress, have begun to slow. Trends indicate slow returns to in-office work, as well as office space adaptation to health concerns. This data suggests an uptick in the need for quality office space. Businesses seeking to expand or increase in-office workforce occupancy numbers are encouraged to adapt workspaces and provide stress-free yet professional working environments.

What Our Brokers Say About Cypress Office Space

At the heart of every Houston suburban community is Houston itself. Houston is a massive and diverse city, offering outlying communities culture, entertainment, employment, and more.

With only a short commute into the heart of Houston, Cypress has become home to many college-educated adults, the majority of whom find exceptional employment opportunities in Houston’s tech companies such as Microsoft, Apple, FlightCom, and more.

As these industries grow and expand outward from Houston, communities like Cypress offer meaningful options for affordable, flexible workspaces. Flexible workspaces outside of crowded city environments help workers return to work without compromising safety or personal values.

Negative growth in leasing during previous quarters means opportunity abounds for flexible, unique office space for rent in Cypress, TX. Expanding small businesses or tech firms looking for remote office space can tap into Cypress’s educated and diverse family-minded community to develop a brand presence in outlying communities.

Top Commercial Buildings in Cypress, TX

Memorial Hermann Cypress Medical Plaza 1

This commercial space is a Class A multi-tenant medical leasing office in Cypress, Texas, located near the Northwest Freeway. With multiple floors, a professional appearance, and office views, this building offers professional clients a range of available square footage and fast access to Houston.

Cypress Waters

Well-furnished and visible in the community, this business center offers flexible and efficient workspace solutions for various businesses. Workers making a transition back into the office will enjoy quick access to scenic parks and trails that allow time for stress-free work as well as improved focus.

1451 W Cypress Creek Rd

Emerging in the flexible workspace market, this business center offers a professional corporate environment that provides affordability and remote flexibility for all workers. Service and coworking rates are flexible, and the space offers privacy, health, safety, and focus.

Get to Know Cypress, TX

As one of the largest suburban communities supporting bustling Houston, TX, Cypress is home to workers from Houston’s major industries, especially tech and marketing. Median incomes in Cypress are high, with the average family of four bringing in just under 150k a year. This community thrives because of the educated and hardworking professionals who call it home. Businesses looking for office space in Cypress, TX, and the Cypress area benefit from this knowledgeable and dedicated workforce.

Beyond the working community, Cypress offers its residents and commuting workers access to stunning historic parks as well as live theatre, concerts, sports events, and more through the famous Berry Center.

Cypress is also home to the Cypress-Fairbanks Independent School District. As the third-largest school district in Texas, this dedicated school system offers innovative educational opportunities for students of all grade levels. With the addition of several prestigious private schools, Cypress offers growing families an impressive array of choices for academic growth.

Why Rent Office Space in Cypress?

As a bustling unincorporated community located a short commute to the northwest of Houston, Cypress offers easy access to regional entertainment, outdoor activity, culture, and more.

The Cypress community itself offers the true ideal when it comes to flexible workspaces. Cypress office space for lease sits right beside gorgeous scenic parks, accessible walking and hiking trails, excellent cuisine, and more. Hold meetings indoors or out, take focus walks, set up remote spaces, establish a professional yet communal working environment, and more.

Average office space rent in Cypress, Texas, is affordable and reasonable, giving businesses of all sizes options for renting office space.

Nearby Submarkets to Set Up Office Space

The Northwest submarket outside of Houston is massive, offering business owners a range of choices regarding available office space. If you’re interested in office space for rent in Cypress, TX, and the surrounding communities, nearby neighborhoods may have a lot to offer.

Katy Freeway submarket: Bordering Houston’s Northwest submarket and Cypress itself, this office submarket offers businesses an opportunity to be closer to the Houston action without comprising flexible workspace options or community perks.

East/Northeast submarket: The East/Northeast submarket in Houston is another massive section of the real estate market in Houston, just a short drive from Cypress and central Houston. Like the surrounding office space submarkets, Houston’s East/Northeast market has unique attractions for residents and business owners alike, providing a thriving community and flexible spaces to work from.

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